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With the LitRPG Adventures Workshop RPG town description generator, you can create a wide variety of locations with the click of a button! I used the GPT-3 API to create a tool that will help all sorts of gamers.

If you enjoy tabletop role-playing games like D&D or Pathfinder, keep reading. We’ve got some examples of town and city descriptions as well as overland areas too. This town description generator is something special and will definitely help with your tabletop campaign.

Town Description Generator
Town Description Generator

Starting With D&D Character Backgrounds

I first started using AI for D&D back in 2019, fine-tuning GPT-2 to generate pretty convincing character backstories for Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. As I was working on it, OpenAI announced GPT-3. I signed up right away, explaining all the work I’d been doing with GPT-2. To my surprise, they accepted me!

Being one of the first 1,000 people to access GPT-3, I set about creating a MUD-like of some sort. To do so, I began using GPT-3 to generate character backstories like I’d done with GPT-2 previously. The results were so much better! Week after week, I struggled to get a basic RPG game going that would be powered by the AI.

When I got about 80% done, OpenAI announced their pricing structure for the GPT-3 API. Knowing I had quite a bit of work to do on my game and no money from investors, I decided to pivot and release the generators I’d built as tools for tabletop roleplaying enthusiasts. Happy to have a plan, I got to work.

Re-tooling LitRPG Adventures

Over the next few weeks, I re-tooled a number of generators whenever I had time during my freelance work and publishing novels. Little by little, the site began to come together. I nervously asked OpenAI for permission to launch, and got approved within a week. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since launching LitRPG Adventures in late 2020, I’ve not become rich, but the website is currently paying for itself with a little bit of profit left over. It’s not enough to survive on yet, but I’m still plugging away, adding new features, like a random dungeon generator, for example. Which reminds me…

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Building a Village Description Generator

One of the dozens of RPG generators I built for LitRPG Adventures is one that generates village descriptions. Members can create their own with a few tokens or browse our library of hundreds of already generated villages. We’ve also got random village encounters and a lot more on the site.

If you’re planning a fantasy campaign, the tools I’ve built at LitRPG Adventures will help you generate a great world to play in. I wish I could give access away for free, but it costs every time I access the OpenAI GPT-3 API. Because of this, I charge just a few pennies over my cost.

On LitRPG Adventures, you can buy credits for around a penny each – more or less depending on how much you buy at one time. The credits allow you to generate new village descriptions, monsters, and more. Or, you can browse our growing library of TTRPG content for free – no credits needed.

Village Description Generator Examples

Here’s several examples of villages and towns generated at LitRPG Adventures.

Ronek Village



Village Description

Ronek Village is a small village in the elven forest. It is known for its rare and exotic fruits and vegetables. Among the known produce from this village is the Ronek Banana. The village is home to roughly fifty elves, and fifty humans. It is considered one of the more peaceful villages in the world.

The village is ruled by a mayor, and is governed by a town assembly. The village has a large grange building, where they gather to discuss their business. The building is made out of wood, and has large double doors that open into the room.

The room is very large, and has very large tables that the village assembly sits at. The floor is made of natural stone, and there is a large fireplace in the main room.

The village is found on the border of the elven forest, and it is surrounded by a large stone wall. The stone wall was built a hundred years ago to keep their enemies out. They also erected a large gatehouse at the front of the village, and have a small army that guards that gate.

They have a town watch, that patrols the streets of the village, and the surrounding forest to prevent any enemy forces from entering the village. The forest that surrounds the city is home to many types of animals, but more importantly is the home of the rare Ronek Banana.

Village History

The village of Ronek was founded roughly a hundred years ago by a group of people who were living in the elven cities, and had grown tired of the city life. They packed up all their belongings, and ventured into the forest.

They followed a small river, and found a glade in the forest, that was nestled between two hills. They built a small village out of wood, and called it Ronek Village. The village grew slowly over the years, and was able to remain a peaceful haven in a war ravaged world.

The village was surrounded by a large stone wall that was built, but the people soon found out that the wall wasn’t needed. They had maintained peace in their village, and they didn’t have to worry about anyone attacking them.

The only threat to the village is from wild animals and plants.


Small City


Small City Description

Uderholt is a small city, it was the capital city of the elves until a few centuries ago. There were only about 1000 elves in the city. It was abandoned in the past, but was resurrected a few hundred years ago.

A dwarven king sent out an expedition and found it abandoned. He sent his entire army to the city to claim it. When the dwarves arrived, they were attacked and slaughtered by an unknown army of elves.

The dwarves were shocked at the size of the army, they had never seen an army of elves before. There were about 3000 elves in the city. Uderholt was not a hidden city, the elves lived there for years.

They had never before had to worry about the dwarves being able to find them. When the dwarves showed up, the elves have feared them. The dwarves were small, so the elves did not think they were a threat.

The dwarves were not a threat to the elves on the surface, but the dwarves were a target for the elves. The elves were not good at making weapons, and they had never been in a war with anyone. They were looking for a way to become a better army, and the dwarves had the best weapons and armor.



(Ancient) (Halflings)

Town Description

Ainslave is a town situated on the western coast of the continent. It is a large port town, home to hundreds of fishermen and merchants. The town is large and bustling. The town has an enormous harbor, with hundreds of boats bringing in goods and people every day.

The small town of Ainslave is full of many Halflings. The Halfling population is almost as large as the Human population. The Halflings are familiar with the sea, and it shows in the way they do business.

They are more comfortable at sea than on land, and work best in large groups. The Halflings have an enormous fleet of boats that are used for traveling and fishing. They trade their goods throughout the continent of Krayd, bringing both goods and people to the many small villages that dot the coastline.

Town History

The town of Ainslave was once a small village that grew in power as it was visited by many Halflings who were traveling or fishing in the area. Eventually, the village itself had grown to be a town. The town grew even larger as it became a safe harbor for all those in the area.

The halflings helped the town to grow, and the town helped the halflings. They grew in symbiotic relationship. But as more and more people traveled to the town, the town had to grow.

Over the years, the town started to expand. Instead of building inwards, the Halflings decided to build upward. They built higher and higher until they had the largest city on the continent.



(Elves) (Lakeside) (Magical) (Forest) (Woods)

Town Description

Qe’arlin is a small elvish town that is settled along the shore of a small lake in the middle of a wooded area. The town is formed from a small collection of huts and homes made out of old logs and tree branches.

The roofs of the homes are covered with leaves and moss, and are held in place by a network of vines. The landscape is flat, but has large sections of land that have been carved out and turned into farmland.

Village History

Qe’arlin was originally just a small group of log cabins and homes on the edge of a small forest. It was a peaceful place, and the inhabitants were just a small group of lumberjacks. That all changed when a group of elves stumbled upon the small town.

The elves had been on the run from the invading humans of the nearby Kingdom of Palembob, and had seen their town destroyed. They had escaped to the forest where they lived in the trees.

They would live in the trees for a small period of time until they came down and saw the small town. They decided that they would use the small town as a base to launch attacks on the nearby villages and towns.

They would place logs over the lakes in the middle of the forest and launch attacks from there.

Rainskull Village


(Dwarves) (Walls) (Mountains) (Forbidden)

Village Description Generator Example

Rainskull Village is a neutral good village. It is situated in a high mountain valley, that is surrounded by a dense pine forest. Due to its location, the village has no need for walls, as only a few people have ever made their way to the valley. The village is mostly a small, old town, with a few small shops, and a grand hotel. The village has no police force, as it has never had a problem with crime.

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The village is also home to a unique graveyard. In the graveyard, there are numerous graves that contain people that have died from the plague. It is illegal for anyone (even the family) to physically touch any graves or corpses, in this graveyard.

Some scholars believe that this is because the village is afraid of the plague, and wishes to be rid of it. Others believe that it is because the villagers wish for the spirits of the dead to remain there, and to not be reborn into the world. ~

Village History

Rainskull village has a rich history. It was founded over two hundred years ago, by a group of dwarves who wanted to live in a place away from the chaos of the world. After many years of hard work, they settled in a small valley at the foot of a mountain. The valley was in an almost perfect circle, and the dwarves built their small town in it.

The village itself has no enemies, as there is no one that dares try to enter the valley. The people here are mostly friendly, although there is a small percentage of people that are more reserved. The mountains, and the valley, are mostly covered in trees. Outside of the village there are few people that live in the mountains, but they are mostly shepherds and farmers.

There are few animals in the mountains that the villagers can use for food. As a result, the villagers tend to be friendly with the shepherds and farmers. The low population in the mountains has allowed the dwarves to live in peace for well over two hundred years. This village is not part of the kingdom of Rainskull.

Pawnee Village (Kingdom of Pawnee)


(Desert) (New Construction) (Forbidden) (Modern)

Village Description

The village of Pawnee is a large, desert village. The wall that surrounds the village is a massive stone wall, with a few small watchtowers. The village was founded by a wealthy local merchant. Upon his death, he left a large amount of money to the town.

With the money, the town was able to slow the effects of time and maintain it’s former glory. The town itself is large, and is home to around twenty thousand people.

The village is home to multiple shops, ranging from grocery stores to blacksmiths. The village is home a strong military force, but is not incorporated into the local military.



(New Construction) (Farmland) (Walls) (Ancient)

Village Description

Nogardin is a new village that was formed by the many refugees of the great orc war. the village is small with only a few hundred inhabitants, but it is the only safe haven for many refugees. The current leader of the village is an orc named Agonor, and is hated by the villagers.

With the permission of the new EEC, the orcs are allowed to live in the village unharmed, and they are free to do whatever they want. Throughout the village, there are many places where walls have been erected. The orcs, who constructed the village, used these walls to help protect the village from outside threats.

Outside the village walls, there are a few farms that are tended to by the non-orcs who live in the village. The village is currently battling against bandits and Orcs.

The people of Nogardin want to remain neutral, but with the rise of the orcs in favor of Agonor, it may be impossible for them to remain neutral for much longer. It is rumored that the EEC has plans for this village, and that they hope to turn it into a new empire.



(Good) (Modern) (Fortified) (Walls)

Village Description

Gondokoro is a large village that is built in the center of a large plain. The village is enclosed by large stone walls, that were built to protect the people of the village. The village is a peaceful community that trades with several other villages around it.

The village is governed by an elected mayor, and the mayor has a council to help him with the issues in the village. The village is known for its abundance of soil, which has made the village fertile ground for growing crops.

The village is consisted of several smaller buildings that are made out of clay and stone. Many of the farming tools are made out of the clay and stone.

The village has recently started to grow larger, and has become more popular among those that have been known to have lost everything in the past two hundred years of war.



(Ancient) (Lakeside) (Peaceful) (Trading Hub)

Town Generator Description

Agrum is a town situated on the shore of a lake. It is surrounded by high mountains, which the city built up the sides of. It is a peaceful place, where people do not harm each other. The people of the town have an ancient tradition of using their own blood to fight the monsters that live in the woods around the town. They are very good at fighting, and are capable of holding their own against most monsters that they come into contact with.

The villagers are also skilled at fishing, and are very good at catching fish. The people are mainly involved in fishing, fowling, and trade. They trade with the nearby villages, receiving goods in return. They are also skilled farmers, growing crops on the fertile land near the lake. The people of Agrum do not go to war, but they are very skilled at fighting, and will fight to protect their home if they are faced with a threat.


Agrum was once a thriving metropolis, but it was destroyed through a series of natural disasters. The people of the town rebuilt the city on the other side of the lake, and the rebuilt city is the current city. They have no contact with the outside world, and do not look to the world. They live in their own secluded world, and live off of the land. They do not pray to any gods, and do not worship any gods. They just live, and that is it.



(Halflings) (Peaceful) (Farmland)

Town Generator Description

Olera is a small, peaceful farming community. It is a community of halflings who have fled the world of war and violence for a life of peace and tranquility. They have a population of roughly 250 halflings. They have rich farmland that the halflings have worked hard to cultivate. The halflings farm a variety of crops such as wheat and corn. They also raise a large amount of livestock, such as cows and pigs.

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Olera was once a much larger community. Now, it is much smaller than it was. The reason for its decline is because of something that happened in the recent past. The leader of the village was a female halfling named Otwella. She was known for her beauty and charisma, and was well loved by the people. One day, she was given a mysterious gift.

It was a small chest, and inside of it was a beautiful necklace made out of exotic gems. The necklace was so beautiful, and so delicately made, that it was clear that no human could have made such a masterpiece. Inside the chest, also, was a letter. The letter was written by a small half-elf who simply wanted to apologize for the actions of the people of his village.

The name of the village was Yondor, and it was a village that Otwella had heard about before. She knew that the people of the village were savages and barbarians, and she was weary of them. She was wary of the gift and the letter, and was suspicious of the people of the village. She decided to give the necklace of to another person to wear.

She selected her most trusted of friends, a bard who had become friends with the halflings. The bard took the necklace and was more than happy to wear it. However, unbeknownst to Otwella, the necklace was cursed. The more that the bard wore the necklace, the more that he began to give into the lure of the power that the necklace had.

Eventually, he was corrupted by the power of the necklace, and began to behave in ways that were uncharacteristic of him. He became cruel. He became evil. He turned his back on Otwella and on the village, and began to destroy it. He had always had a somewhat dark heart, and he had kept it buried deep inside of him. But with the necklace, he allowed the darkness to take over him, and he moved his hand against the people he once loved.



(Elves) (Magical) (Forest) (Woods)

RPG Town Description

Ea’kas is a town in the Greenbelt where the population consists mostly of elves. The town is a center of trade and a central point for the elves of the Woodlands. The town is a walled city, and is home to a small number of human merchants who have been allowed to live in the city.

The city is known for its large number of taverns and inns, and the amount of food and drink the elves consume. It is a small city, with a population of 3500 people currently, give or take a few souls.

Town History

Ea’kas was founded by a group of elves who were tired of the elven city of Nal’Athelant’na, and were tired of the leadership of the elves. The leader of the group was a powerful spell-caster, and a master of magic. He was a powerful wizard who set out to found a town in the Greenbelt that would have a large market for spell-casting.

During the time of the founding of the town, the population of elves in the Greenbelt was booming, and the small group of elves who founded the town. In time, the elves in the area expanded outwards from the town.

Random RPG Town Generator
Random RPG Town Generator



(Dwarves) (Fortified) (Mountains)

Town Generator Description

Jokasury is a small dwarven town in the Callarri Mountains. It is in the center of the range, and is surrounded by many mountains. It is in a state of constant war with the few human villages that surround it. The town has a population of only 400 people, and is well fortified with large stone walls around the perimeter. The entrance to the town is guarded by two large towers, each with a draw bridge that can be raised in order to keep residents safe.

The center of the town has a large courtyard in the middle, with small buildings surrounding it. The buildings are fortified, and are designed to be defensible in the event of an attack by invaders. The buildings are all connected via a series of underground tunnels, which are for the most part blocked off by heavy wooden doors.

The center of the courtyard has a large stone statue that faces toward the entrance of the town. The statue has the head of a dwarf, the body of a bear, and the wings of an eagle. The statue is said to have power to protect the town, and is considered holy by the residents.

Town History

Jokasury was originally a large human village. It was originally the northernmost human settlement in the Callarri Mountains, and was located very close to the top of the mountain range. The village was in a constant state of war with the nearby dwarves, who lived in the mountains. The dwarves were notorious for stealing supplies from the village, and the villagers felt that it was their duty to protect the supplies that they had.

The villagers were determined to fight off the dwarves, and spent all their time training to be able to fight the dwarves off. The dwarves eventually grew tired of the constant attacks from the villagers, and devised a plan to steal their supplies and solve the problem once and for all. The dwarves ambushed the villagers as they were leaving their town one day, and were able to kill most of the villagers before the remaining villagers were able to escape to the town.

The dwarves were unable to enter the town without suffering too great a cost, and were forced to retreat. The dwarves were so embarrassed by the failure of the ambush that they decided to abandon their town and move to another mountain range.

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The dwarves built a new settlement on the other side of the mountain range, and eventually the original town grew back and attracted new residents. The dwarves were eventually wiped out by a large group of monsters that had come into the mountains.

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