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Are you looking for D&D bard backstory ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, I’m going to share some examples created with LitRPG Adventures workshop, a set of advanced RPG generators created with GPT-3 from OpenAI. Read these great bard backstories and feel free to use them in your tabletop campaign or head over to LitRPG Adventures to create your own backstories and a whole lot more.

D&D Bard Backstory Ideas

Here’s just a few ideas for bard backstories.

Hobert Dowling

Male Human Bard

STR 15 INT 15 WIS 15 DEX 10 CON 9 CHA 17

Born in Oren’s Hamlet (Grabisco Kingdom)

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Bard Backstory:

Hobert Dowling – Male Human Bard

Hobert grew up in a small hamlet just outside of the capital. His parents were poor farmers who spent most of their free time drinking and gambling. Hobert was too young to understand the effect this lifestyle had on them, but he was smart enough to know that he did not want to be a farmer. He was a natural musician and learned to play a number of instruments over the years.

He did well in school and volunteered to be an altar boy to help his family’s finances. When not doing his chores around the house, he could always be found hanging out in the local tavern. The other patrons liked him and often took him under their wing. He learned how to hold his own in a fight and how to get information from people.

In the end, he decided that his place was in the tavern, entertaining the patrons with his music while keeping everybody informed about the latest gossip. He also found a girlfriend while hanging out in the taverns. They’d been together for a while when a traveling gypsy came into the tavern one day and promised Hobert a life of adventure.

He took the offer and has been traveling ever since, searching for whatever excitement he can find, and collecting stories to tell in the taverns for years to come.


Hobert is a charismatic individual. He can be funny and charming when he wants to be, and he has a way with people that makes it easy for him to get the information he needs. He is also notoriously dishonest and sometimes takes advantage of friendships and trust in order to get his way.


Hobert is a pretty average looking guy. He is of average height and weight and has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears whatever is comfortable when he’s traveling.

When he’s in town, he always dresses in his finest outfit, consisting of a bright orange shirt, striped pants and a bright yellow hat. He has a lute that he carries around with him wherever he goes and will even play it when he’s in a tight spot.

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Start of Character:

Hobert has decided to travel to the Grabisco Kingdom to see what kind of excitement and adventure he can find in a kingdom full of heroes and villains alike.

Olin Saend

Male Gnome Bard

STR 16 INT 7 WIS 16 DEX 17 CON 11 CHA 13

Born in Koring (Grabisco Kingdom)

Olin Saend – Male Gnome Bard

Bard Backstory:

Olin is the only child of two successful musicians in Kentor. His parents spent much of their time hanging out with other bards and musicians. Olin grew up in the company of others like him, learning to play dextrously with his hands and feet.

He took to the performance aspect of music like a fish to water. As soon as he was old enough, his parents sent him off to travel around the kingdom. Olin is currently in the midst of an adventure in the Grabisco Kingdom.


Olin is an extrovert. Two characteristics when combined, make him open and honest with others. There is no reason to hide his mistakes.

Rather than do so, Olin talks about his failures or setbacks, explaining why he did what he did, even if he feels embarrassed about it.

He likes to celebrate others accomplishments with them, even when he knows he’ll never be able to match it himself.


Olin is short and stocky. His face is filled with lines and filled with character. Most people think he is older than he is, placing him at around forty years old.

He wears baggy clothing of simple design, with the exception of the clothing he puts on for performances. He’s known to wear more flamboyant outfits on stage.

Start of Character:

Olin has decided to travel throughout the kingdom of Grabisco, putting on shows for the people of the town. He hopes to raise his fame throughout the lands.

H’phan Bimson

Female Goblin Bard

STR 14 INT 14 WIS 14 DEX 18 CON 10 CHA 15

Born in Jokol (Grabisco Kingdom)


H’phan’s clan lived in the seclusion of the Sussurian Jungle. They were peaceful and friendly to others and were not bothered by anyone. Eventually, however, the goblins found themselves in a dispute with a group of dwarves. The dwarves were intent on building a mine and cutting trees.

H’phan’s clan protested against this, but, as their protest against the dwarves turned violent, the goblin’s clan was all but wiped out. H’phan herself was horribly scarred and was banished from her clan because of this.

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She fled to the Kingdom of Grabisco, where she lives now as a rogue and a bard, using her charm and wits to make a living.


H’phan is quite charming and likable. She tends to be a bit shy at first, but she opens up quickly. She is not afraid to speak her mind and will always help those in need.


H’phan was once considered beautiful, as goblins go, as she has long green hair and fair skin. Her beautiful appearance is now marred by deep scars. It is rumored that she has tattoos all over her body, but she never allows anyone to see them.

She has a habit of wearing loose clothing that allows her to quickly pull out her daggers.

Start of Character:

Having heard stories of heroes defending the Kingdom of Grabisco, H’phan intends to go on an adventure, hoping to find her place in this brave new world.

Arazelane Martyr-Menara

Female Dark Elf Bard

STR 15 INT 12 WIS 15 DEX 15 CON 10 CHA 15

Born in Filiel (Grabisco Kingdom)


As a child, Arazelane lived in Filiel, the capital city of the Grabisco Kingdom. Her parents doted on her and spoiled her some might say, as was the custom of the city. She grew up as a princess and was taught the fine arts of music and song, as befitting of a daughter of nobility.

Her parents expected her to marry some nobleman and marry well. She had no interest in that and instead set her sights on becoming a bard. She practiced and practiced and started traveling the land, leaving home and looking for adventure and romance and music.


Arazelane is a lovely, charming girl who has an artistic nature. She loves to tell stories and knows a good play on words.


She has long black hair and big brown eyes. She is regal looking and paints her face white to hide her strange dark complexion. She is dressed in the finest clothes of the Grabisco Kingdom.

Start of Character:

Arazelane is bored of life at the court and sees the Grabisco Kingdom as a strange and strange land. She has set out on a new adventure and intends to leave a lasting impression on Grabisco and the world. Her adventure is just beginning.

Vain Rockcastle

Male Dwarf Bard

STR 10 INT 11 WIS 10 DEX 11 CON 13 CHA 15

Born in Riddle Hamlet (Grabisco Kingdom)


Jorick Vain was born into a simple peasant family. As a teenager he worked on the family farm, and had a reputation for being a bit of a prankster and a bit of a flirt. He was always willing to get up to mischief with his friends.

A traveling bard visited Riddle Hamlet, and after hearing him perform, Jorick was instantly inspired. He spent hour after hour practicing his music and tricks, and was eventually able to play and perform like the bard. He became a bard of no little renown and had a wild and exciting life.


Jorick is a bit of a showoff. He is fairly calm and easygoing, and is generally friendly with most people. He is jovial and has a fairly cheery outlook on life, though he is fairly low key about it. He is fairly friendly with his enemies, and is fairly good at making enemies when he is in a playful mood.

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Jorick is a fairly average dwarf, with a fairly large beard and a barrel-like build. He stands a bit taller than average dwarves in general, but that is because he is wearing a pair of boots that he got from a gnome.

Jorick’s clothes tend to be fairly simple, and generally have a good deal of color to them. His most prized possession is a leather bag filled with bells that he uses in his performances, which he won from a roulette machine.

Start of Character:

When not performing or making mischief, Jorick is out adventuring throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco. He has been known to make fairly long journeys to places such as the Kingdom of Nalenar.

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