Fantasy Spell Description Generator Examples with GPT-3.5

If you’re looking for a good fantasy spell generator, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve built one using the GPT-3 API. While it’s currently working, I’m always working on improving the set of generation tools for tabletop gamers. Currently, you can use 14 content generators at the LitRPG Adventures Workshop. Check it out today and make your DM happy.

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Fantasy Spell Generator Samples

Here’s a few examples of the output from the fantasy spell generator I created with the GPT-3 API.

Moontouched Armor

Protection spell

Created by Loretin Darksong

Cost: 1 Mana

(Passive) (Protection) (Shield) (Armor)


A clay pot filled with cactus sap is the material component of this spell.


The spell caster gains a natural armor bonus equal to 1/3 his caster level (rounded up). This spell requires the caster to use his own Magestone as an additional material component.

This spell has been called by some the greatest of the Elemental Sphere spells. The spell can be cast at no cost of mana, but the material component cannot be recovered after use and the caster is exhausted following the spell’s casting.

Mending Touch

Protection spell

Created by Crazed Cat
Cost: 60 Mana
(Passive) (Protection) (Shield) (Armor)


The caster’s Magestone, a feather from a roc, and a pair of fine silk gloves.


this spell is a powerful form of healing that restores 1 hit point for every level of the caster. The spell can be cast on the caster or on any other target within 15 yards.


Illusion spell

Created by Zannite Radoht, Wizard

Cost: 20 Mana

(Magic) (Illusion)


A flower.


This spell allows the caster to create a magical hammer, sacred to the God of Holy Deeds. The hammer is 3 feet long, and the head is about 4 inches in diameter.

The head of the hammer is solid iron, and the handle is made of a white, translucent material that can only be seen when illuminated by a bright light.

The hammer is made of the same material as the holy weapons of certain false gods. The handle of the hammer feels cold to the touch. The material that the hammer is made of is a mystery to most people.

It is known that the material is not of this plane of existence, or of the plane of the gods. The hammer will disappear after about 3 hours.

It is a belief that this material was created with divine power, and as such it will protect the caster from harm.

Zannite Binding

Necromancy spell

Created by Ealanthorn

Cost: 40 Mana

(Raise Dead) (Animate Dead) (Hittite) (Hittite Culture)


A small piece of flesh from a Zannite corpse, a piece of the caster’s flesh, and a length of rope or wire.


This spell is used to magically bind a Zannite to the service of the caster, or a loyal friend of the caster. The spell lasts for 1 day for a full-grown human, and has a casting range of 10 meters. The caster can command the Zannite to do as the caster wishes, and it will obey for the duration of the spell.

Symbol of the Dragon’s Luck

Enchant spell

Created by Q’zrer, Aemilia “Fox Eyes”
Cost: 20 Mana
(Extra Damage) (Bonus to Hit) (Symbol) (Symbolism)


The caster must draw a symbol upon the item.


The caster must draw an image of a wyvern on the item using blood. The spell works only for the caster, and enables them to do incredible damage at the cost of 50% of their hit points when they deal damage in melee combat. The spell wears off after two battles.


Charm spell

Created by Rolander, the Initiate

Cost: 20 Mana

(Persuasion) (Random)


A Level 1 Barrier Spell, a level 1 Ensnarement Spell, and a level 1 Protection from Evil Spell.


Inspiration was originally created to inspire the minds of the Initiate’s adventurers. It may be used in any way that the Initiate sees fit, but is most useful when used in our adventures. Inspiration can be used to:

Give an adventurer the ability to perform a feat of strength (physical or mental)

Give an adventurer the ability to perform a feat of intelligence

Give an adventurer the ability to perform a feat of wisdom

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Give an adventurer the ability to perform a feat of dexterity

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