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Village (Halflings) (Magical) (Forbidden)


Jamber is a small village located in the borderlands of the world. The village is well known for its many centaur raids, but also for its many victories. Jamber is known to be the best hunters in the world, and is also known for its ability to keep the peace in the neutral lands. The village is well renowned for its size. It is said that there are at least three hundred people living in the village, but many people estimate the number to be closer to five hundred. This village is run by a large assembly, and is also run by the elders. The village is known for its strict laws, but old traditions are kept in place because of the age of the village. The people in this village are known to be extremely resilient, and are almost impossible to hurt. They are also known to be extremely hard working, and are commonly associated with elves.


The village of Jamber was formed by a group of people that owned the land, but didn’t have anywhere to live. This group of people were nomads, and were looking for a place to settle down. They started to build the village, but were constantly harassed by the centaurs. The people of this village were constantly defending themselves from the centaurs, but were able to defeat them for the most part. Many of the centaurs were killed, and many of the people of the village were killed, but the village continues to exist to this day.


Village (Humans) (Forest) (Woods)


Morthyl is much larger than most villages, with thousands of residents. The village itself is in the woods, in a big clearing. The village is run by a mayor, and a city council, and has a police force. The police force is relatively new, and is a way for the village to maintain its peace. The village of Morthyl is a peace loving village, and is known for its good relations with the locals of the woods. The village is a wooded community, and is surrounded by trees. The village itself is a wooden village, with houses being made from trees. The way that this is done is by thinning the forest, and thinning the trees, and then using the recently thinned trees to build houses.


Morthyl is a peaceful village that was created by a group of townspeople that wanted to create a better life for themselves. They wanted a place where they could be free of the fear of violence, and a place where they could be free to be themselves. The village of Morthyl started out small, but grew quickly, and the population soon reached the thousands. The village is a new village, and its history is relatively new. The village of Morthyl is a peaceful, friendly village that hopes to see the end of wars and violence.

Korma Village

Village (Ruins) (Ancient) (Dwarves) (Mountains)


Korma Village is a small village located in the middle of the Karusk Mountains. It is home to roughly three hundred people. The village is protected by wooden guard towers that are placed at each entrance to the village. These guard towers are manned by trained guards that make sure that outsiders are not allowed into the village. The village itself is built around a public market.

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The market is surrounded by shops, taverns, and inns. The inns are usually mixed with shops, and are rented out for the night. The village is governed by a group of counselors, and is protected by the Knights of Valour. The village has a unique reputation for being the only safe location in the entire mountain range.


The village of Korma was originally inhabited by a small tribe of people that settled in the Karusk Mountains to hide from the great war of the gods. The village was in the area of the mountains, so they were able to hide from the gods in the hidden alcoves in the mountains. The people in the village were known to be peaceful, and tied with the nearby villages for protection. This way, when the nearby villages were attacked, they would send out for help, and the small village of Korma would send help in return.

This continued for many years, until eventually the nearby villages were attacked by a large force. The people of the nearby villages tried to send out for help, but when no help arrived, they decided to flee. They fled into Korma Village, where they were welcomed by the villagers. The village was able to withstand the attack of the nearby villages, but many of the villagers were killed.

The village survived the attack, even though it was in shambles. After rebuilding the village, the villagers started to make allies with nearby villages, and agreed to protect them if they were attacked. This caused the villagers to leave the hidden alcoves of the mountain, and start building the village in the valley. The village became well known for offering protection to nearby villages.

Xesta Wistar

Village (Abandoned) (Ancient) (Elves) (Magical) (Forbidden) (Forest) (Woods)


Xesta Wistar is a village near the edge of the forest. The village is surrounded by an old, forgotten city. The village itself is surrounded by a large forest, and is situated in a valley. It is said that the entire village will be destroyed by a great landslide, caused by the shaking of the earth. The villagers are constantly trying to prevent this, but are failing due to lack of resources. The village is well known for being the home of the great wizard, Xesta Wistar.


Xesta Wistar is a small, forgotten village. The village is over three hundred years old, but was abandoned by its founders. The village is now divided up between two groups, the humans, and the elves. The two groups have rebuilt the village in their own ways. Human mages have descended on the village, and have taken it over, using it as a place of study for new magecraft.

The elves have also returned to the village, and have begun to reclaim it for themselves. There is constant conflict between the two groups, but neither side has begun to use magic against the other. It is said, however, that it is only a matter of time before someone does.

In the realm of Alsace, there are two types of Castles. There are the ones that have been left by the gods, and the ones that have been built by Alsace’s inhabitants. The Castles that were left by the gods are the only ones that have a special background. The ones that have been built or reconstructed by Alsace’s inhabitants do not have a background, and were probably built because of their important locations, or because of their strategic importance.

Cottontop Village

Village (Halflings) (Peaceful) (Farmland) (Trading Hub)


Cottontop is a large village, full of happy people. The village is home to more than ten thousand people, and is full of life. People are always out and about, and always talking. It is the happiest village in the known world, and is thought of as the heart of the worlds peace.

The village sits on the edge of a small forest, and is home to many wild animals. The village is made of mostly stone buildings, although there are some wooden buildings. The village is very clean, and is quite beautiful.

The village is led by a mayor, and is governed by the village assembly. The village has many farms, and is also where many of the world’s beans come from.

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The village of Cottontop is the only known village that was built by halflings. The halflings had been on the run from the humans for a long time, a long time before bad things started to happen. They had been living in the elven forest for a long time, and had been protected by the elves. When the war happened, the elves protected them as much as possible.

The elves took the halflings into the forest, and protected them as best as they could. The halflings were determined to not let the human cities kill them, so they built a village. It was a long, grueling process, getting to this place, but now they have a place where they can live peacefully.

The village is now well established. The halflings have a lot of land, a a lot of crops, and a lot of animals. It is a very busy village, and a large trading hub. The halflings that live here are the happiest halflings in the world.

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