DND Story Generator: Random Adventure Ideas w/GPT-3.5 AI

A good DND story generator should really be a total random adventure generator. And it should spark ideas but not limit you in painting the scenario with your own set of creative brushes.

I’ve built yet another random generator that does adventures, but this one is a bit different. I’ve talked about my random dungeon generator and my random room generator already.

In this post, I’m going to share some of the adventure ideas you can create at LitRPG Adventures. (Hey, we have adventures in our name!)

DND Random Adventure Generator Examples

First, here’s some quick examples of adventure ideas generated at LitRPG Adventures.

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Chaos Caves of the Unending

Notes: (Old) (Ancient) (Old Construction) (No survivors) (World Shattering Danger ) (Major Threat) (Easy Difficulty )

Adventure Plot-Hook:

After a massive battle, the great wizard Vael finds himself alone and trapped deep within the Chaos Caves while his two companions, Sibil and Cevara, were captured by dark forces and taken to a nearby cave.

Adventure Description:

It was once said that the world would end in fire and water. It was also said that those who dwell here for too long would fall under the power of the twin sister Goddesses, Azura and Savras…though no one has ever been able to return from these caves to prove it. This place is also known as the Chaotic Caves of the Unending, or simply, the Chaos Caves.

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Here is where the twin sister Goddesses reside, and are in constant battle (both physical and otherwise) over who deserves the right to rule, but this is also where many powerful and dangerous chaotic creatures reside, making the entire place a hub of chaotic energy. Many powerful chaotic spells can be cast here.

Pyxis of Sabor

(Extreme Difficulty )

Adventure Plot-Hook:

The adventurers come across a cave in the desert, and discover a secret doorway leading to a lost city lost beneath the sands.

Adventure Description:

The city of Pyxis of Sabor has been buried under the sands for thousands of years. As the last known surviving city of the lost empire of Sabor, the city is shrouded in mystery. However, some of the city’s inhabitants have been awakened, and are now roaming the area. These abominations are completely insane and will attack anyone who ventures into their ancient home.

Kitkat Caverns

(Moderate Difficulty )


The Kitkat have been terrorizing a nearby town, and the town’s mayor has recently sent requests for aid.


The Kitkat Caverns lie nearly underground, nestled within hills and hills of rocky, barren terrain. Kitkat Caverns are the home of an insect race that call themselves the Kitkat, which is an appropriate name as the race often infests areas with a large population of cats. The Kitkat are a primitive, barbaric race that exist under the worship of cat-like gods, and use the reptiles and mammals around them to obtain food.

They live in small caves, high up on the sheer cliffs that surround the home of the more civilized region of their race. The caverns are high up, and not easily navigated. Extreme care must be taken to avoid falling. The Kitkat are incredibly territorial and are aggressive in hunting those who enter their caves (or lands), and will do their best to inflict injury or even kill any intruders. People who travel through the caves must be wary of potential attacks from the many types of creatures that live there.

The caverns themselves are deep and dark, and contain many dangerous creatures, but are also filled with treasures that are crafted by the Kitkat.

Dwarven Halls of Mirabar

The Deep Caverns is a massive, labyrinthian network of tunnels and caverns that riddle the face of the Western Heartlands, far below the surface. It is the home of many creatures, the most notable of which are the kobolds who, in recent years have been forced to share their kingdom with the stone trolls. It is also the home of a dragon rumored to be the eldest and largest dragon in all the Realms. While this dragon has lived these many centuries, he is not an evil creature. Rather the the opposite, in fact.

Because of this, he has kept many other creatures at bay, and has created a home for many other creatures that would not otherwise survive. He is a benevolent spirit that many down in the deep caverns actually fear. He does not give off a sense of being evil, but he does not welcome many onto his domain.

Any creature that has ever threatened his domain has been incinerated on the spot. Those who are wise enough to leave him be have enjoyed that peace for many years now. It is rumored that this dragon had been there when the ancient dwarves first came to the surface and built the city of Mirabar. It is even said that they freed him from an encasement of stone and let him out into the world.

He has since taken a liking to the dwarves and been seen in his lair by many travelers over the years. He is one of the oldest creatures in all the Realms.

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