Centaur Name Generator for RPG With GPT-3

I used GPT-3 from OpenAI to come up with a centaur name generator that you can access for free. It does names for other races too, including Leonin names, various types of elves, and more. On this page, I’ll give some examples of male and female centaur names and also give a bit of information about this fantasy staple. If you’re running a fantasy tabletop RPG campaign with centaurs, or you’re a writer, keep reading to learn more about centaurs and my GPT-3 RPG name generator.

Male Centaur Names

  1. Fimros Twilight
  2. Vanyar Highstep
  3. Fred Timeless
  4. Riddle Noble
  5. Bithynas Meadowbrow
  6. Hendor Highstep
  7. Robdorn Reaper
  8. Meldis Valiant-hero
  9. Stealth Moonlight
  10. Thorondor Highstep
  11. Ehliss Silverhorse
  12. Tilion Golden-haired
  13. Mann Silver-host
  14. Glorfindel Hailstorm
  15. Gip Sunrunner
  16. Harry Sunrunner
  17. Havrakh Straying-moon
  18. Moe Star-corsair
  19. Lan Thundercleaver
  20. Maedhros Meadowfoal
  21. Ossoe Shine
  22. Sunrunner Silverskin
  23. Tryn Silverskin
  24. Havrakh Fireheart
  25. Burk Wave-rider
  26. Garnet Spirestiff
  27. Sebri Breaker
  28. Hamish Hill
  29. Ester Highborn
  30. Bor Thundercleaver
  31. Querick Windrunner
  32. Sirion Highborn
  33. Morothrian Silverbrow
  34. Aredhel Craftworthy
  35. Daeron Moonrunner
  36. Fingolfin Moonbough
  37. Kadrin Starfall
  38. Maglor Stormwarden
  39. Malvegil Swiftsong
  40. Gauradan Valiant-hero
  41. Delmer Mightyhoof
  42. Dark Sundancer
  43. Tabar Theophany
  44. Eglamir Silverhoof
  45. Buzzsaw Silver-doom
  46. Enelorn Silverswift
  47. Fealar Silverbough
  48. Celembor Sylion
  49. Rune Rain-unshower
  50. Falon Shining

Female Centaur Names

  1. Taris Starbreeze
  2. Pua Starbreeze
  3. Kan Darkfern
  4. Nil Fullmoon
  5. Lucy Starborn
  6. Rua Wildfire
  7. Akira Sunstrike
  8. Kana Morningchaser
  9. Kalandri Moonflame
  10. Vatii Valleypride
  11. Rin Duskfoot
  12. Tala Starbreeze
  13. Leshi Starshadow
  14. Laia Flowingstride
  15. Kosh Fullmoon
  16. May Somberfang
  17. Kazra Fastfire
  18. Minaha Deepfire
  19. Tasiya Moonstorm
  20. Alyssa Starfall
  21. Hilary Duskblade
  22. Rana Starchaser
  23. Varesa Somberfang
  24. Tryss Darkman
  25. Tasiya Thunderhoof
  26. Mai Moonborn
  27. Zu Dreamdancer
  28. Nilaan Duskchaser
  29. Pika Fullstern
  30. Kiana Valleydancer
  31. Yuki Duskbreeze
  32. Rea Fullmoon
  33. Raesa Starbreeze
  34. Yuna Duskrunner
  35. Sharen Shadowscream
  36. Suu Moonshadow
  37. Kil Heartseeker
  38. Mira Shadowsong
  39. Minerva Dreamglade
  40. Rua Valleypride
  41. Laia Darkstride
  42. Essi Scorchfire
  43. Merrick Sunsong
  44. Shuva Duskfeather
  45. Shi Starwhisper
  46. Courage Starbright
  47. Lila Nightkeeper
  48. Kyra Firre
  49. Nye Moonfire
  50. Bela Nightfall

Centaur City Name Generator

  1. Kaath’ Kohran
  2. Orcus Burghelm
  3. Camp Imetin
  4. Calandor Citadel
  5. Thember Tor’kahn – City of the Destroyer
  6. Crestshire
  7. Westcrown
  8. Tor’ahui – City of Mastery
  9. Mallung, The City of Blades
  10. Westshore
  11. Shadowfell
  12. Pantilding Pilgrims’ Rest
  13. Praguestone
  14. Tor’ahui – City of Rebirth
  15. Garrotten
  16. The City of Justice, Leucta
  17. Tusmit
  18. Neraka
  19. Dorlass
  20. Harkenheim

Centaur Backstory Generator

I’ve also got a few advanced character backstory generators at LitRPG Adventures that can spit out a new and unique centaur backstory for you. Members also get access to our thousands of pre-generated items, monsters, spells, and so much more. Stop by today and join us on a quest to save D&D for the Next Generation!

Cello – Male Centaur Monk

STR 16 INT 13 WIS 16 DEX 7 CON 13 CHA 16

Born in Belly Spring (Grabisco Kingdom)

Centaur Name Generator
Centaur Name Generator


Cello was born in the grasslands of the Grabisco Kingdom. His mother died during childbirth and his father died shortly after Cello’s birth.

He was raised by his grandparents, who were both druids. Cello was taught everything he knew by his grandfather. His grandfather taught him everything he knew about the natural world, including how to track, hunt, and defend himself.

Cello is a very focused and quick-witted centaur. He is known for his sense of humor, and he loves to tell jokes. He is a very caring person who loves to help others.


Cello is a very friendly person. He loves to tell jokes, and he can make anyone laugh. He has a very caring nature and loves to help others. He is very level-headed and is rarely quick to judge.


Cello is a tall centaur with light brown hair. He has a very handsome face and a strong body. He’s very muscular and has a large chest. He has very long brown hair.

Start of Character:

Cello is a high-ranking member of the Order of the White Rose, a group dedicated to protecting the innocent and fighting evil. He travels the Kingdom of Grabisco, helping people in need.

Alyssondra – Female Centaur Priest

STR 12 INT 7 WIS 12 DEX 14 CON 13 CHA 16

Born in Ith´run (Grabisco Kingdom)


Alyssondra was born in the village of Ith´run in the Grabisco Kingdom. She was the first centaur to be born in the village in several decades. When she was born, the villagers were afraid of her and wanted her to leave. She was young and naive, and she had no idea what was going on. She left the village and wandered the kingdom looking for her parents. She has been looking for years but has not found them yet. She has learned to trust people and has made many friends on her journey. She has learned a lot about life and the ways of the world. She is a kind, caring person. She has a strong sense of justice.


Alyssondra is a kind, caring person. She is a natural leader and is always willing to help others. She is very loyal to her friends. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is a natural healer and is always willing to help anyone who is sick or injured. She tries to be strong and brave, but she is also very fragile and sensitive. She is very intelligent, but she is also very naive. She is very curious and wants to learn about the world. She is very curious about the ways of the gods.


Alyssondra is a centaur. She has a very light brown coat and a long flowing mane. Her eyes are a dark brown. She has a long tail. She stands about 5’9′. She is a bit overweight. She wears a long blue gown. She wears a necklace with a silver locket. She has a silver bracelet on her right wrist. She has a pair of silver earrings on her left ear. She has a silver ring on her left ring finger. She has a silver bracelet on her right wrist. She has a silver ring on her right ring finger. She has a silver necklace on her neck. Â

Start of Character:

Alyssondra has been traveling through the Kingdom of Grabisco. She has been traveling for several months now. She has been working as a teacher and as a healer. She has been helping the villages in the Kingdom of Grabisco. She has been helping the people of Grabisco with their crops and their animals. She has been helping with the sick and the injured. She has been helping the elderly and the children. She is a very popular person in Grabisco. She is a very popular teacher and a very popular healer. She is a very popular person in the Kingdom of Grabisco.

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