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Looking for some good half-orc paladin backstory examples? We’ve got a few below created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop, a GPT-3 API powered tabletop RPG content generator. There’s a D&D character backstory generator, a magic item generator, a magic spell generator, and more! Keep reading below for some examples of output from the Workshop then go make your own.

Half-orc Paladin Backstory Examples

Here are some samples output from the LitRPG Adventures Workshop. While the examples below are only half-orc paladin character backstories, the Workshop will allow you to create over 800 combinations of races and character classes. Now, on to the half-orc paladin backstory trove!

Xaltar Bechaflub

STR 18 INT 12 WIS 18 DEX 14 CON 12 CHA 14

Male Half-Orc Paladin

Born in Riddle Hamlet (Grabisco Kingdom)


Xaltar Bechaflub is a half-orc who was raised by his human mother and father in the town of Riddle. He knew nothing about his orcish heritage until the day that he was exiled for heroic actions against the acolytes of Zan.

The council that held the trial wanted to throw him in a dungeon and forget about him. Xaltar quickly escaped, and he met up with a group of warriors who protected the kingdom of Grabisco from the encroaching forces of Zan.


Xaltar is stoic and hard working. He is also very humble and willing to help out when needed.


Xaltar stands 6’5″ tall with dark brown skin, white hair, and a scar on his cheek. He is tanned and toned from hours of training. He carries a maul with his favorite holy symbol tied to its handle– the sword of Asovar.

Start of Character:

Xaltar is searching for his true destiny, battling Zan’s forces any chance he gets.


Female Half-Orc Paladin

Born in Jocco Village (Grabisco Kingdom)


Xanthia was born in a small town deep in Grabisco’s Sussurian Jungle. She was a happy child, but had a twin sister who was born with a strange ailment that left her very frail and ill as she grew up.

Xanthia spent her days caring for her sister, trying to nurse her to health, and praying to the gods. Her sister died when they were both eighteen years old and Xanthia traveled the jungle to find her own way in life.

She had many lessons to learn on her journeys but she went on hoping the gods would guide her in the right direction.

After many years, she met a wandering paladin who taught her how to fight and gave her the strength to carry on with her life.

Now she travels the world, looking for adventure and trying to bring justice to those that need it.


Xanthia is a strong-willed individual. She knows what she wants and knows how to achieve her goals. She has a temper and sometimes finds it hard to control her emotions.

She speaks her mind and always tries to be honest, even if it might hurt someone’s feelings. However, she is a loyal friend and will always be there in times of need.


Xanthia is a half-orc with brown skin and sandy colored hair. Her eyes are green and she usually dresses in green and brown clothing, blending in with the forest. She carries a two-handed sword and wears a silver plate cuirass with a red cape and a small breastplate.

Start of Character:

Xanthia is in Grabisco due to her travels taking her there where her skills are needed. She intends to travel the world further and complete her final quest. Once her mission is complete, she will return to her homeland and settle down and raise a family.

R’mar Gripper

Male Half-Orc Paladin

Born in E-Minesha’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)


R’mar was born to two orc parents, born and raised in the Kingdom of Grabisco and grew up in the mines. He was tasked by the king with insuring that the orcs remained in line.

If need be, he would use force. The king and he worked together, ensuring that the orcs were always kept busy so they would not wander about unattended to.

Over the years, R’mar began to question his role in life. That’s when he met a group of young adventurers passing through. They convinced him that there was more to life than what he was doing.

The last straw came when one of his close friends joined them, leaving his life in the mines behind. R’mar took the opportunity to leave the mines and travel the lands.

He began to feel empowered as he wandered throughout the Kingdom, doing whatever he wanted. While watching the adventurers work, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

He would become a champion of justice, helping those in need as he travels across the Kingdom of Grabisco.


R’mar has a bit of a temper. He’s very protective of his friends and will go great lengths to protect them. He’s very loyal and always keeps his word. He’s distrustful of orcs and will not let one get past him without a stern talking to.


His parents were orcs and he appeared as what he was raised to be, an orc. He stands at 6’3” and has green eyes and brown hair. He wears armor that is made from steel, which he’s taken from the orcs that he’s defeated over the years. He carries a crossbow with him at all times.

Start of Character:

R’mar has decided to travel throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco and see what the land has to offer. While he’s traveled, he’s heard about the Crown of Skulls. He hopes to one day find it and become the king of Grabisco.

Breena Stonebreaker

Female Half-Orc Paladin

Born in Aundair (Grabisco Kingdom)


Breena grew up in the Kingdom of Aundair where her parents were caught up in a war that raged between the country’s government and the church of the Silver Flame. Breena’s parents both died in the fighting. Despite the prejudice her half-orc heritage has caused in her life, Breena felt a great call to become a paladin. She founded a small congregation of followers who were like-minded in their beliefs. Her congregation had some small successes, pushing back against the prejudice and injustices they suffered. However, the church of the Silver Flame was not completely pleased with the work Breena was doing. Shortly after a foiled assassination attempt on her life, Breena fled Aundair. She now seeks a new place to try and establish again her congregation of righteous paladins.


Breena is a stern and serious person. She is always firm and confident in her decisions. She is not afraid to compromise her beliefs if the benefits outweigh the detriment to her beliefs.


Breena is a tall half-orc, standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall. She has long black hair that she keeps tied back in a bun. Her large brown eyes accentuate her fierce gaze. She is typically seen in full plate armor and a large mace strapped to her back. She wears a white cape with the symbol of the Silver Flame on the back.

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Start of Character:

She has decided to adventure throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco and beyond, intent on establishing her own church.

Half-orc Paladin Backstory Generator

If you want to create your own character backstory for tabletop RPG fun, check out the half-orc paladin backstory generator over at LitRPG Adventures Workshop. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions on how to make the tools better. Thanks for reading.

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