DND Random Monster Generator with GPT-3 AI

Yet another D&D monster generator? Yes, but this one was built with the GPT-3 API which is one of the world’s largest AI language models. I got access to this supercomputer and I immediately set about teaching it Dungeons & Dragons. Below are some example monsters I generated with the LitRPG Adventures Workshop tool. While I’m only going to share four examples with you below, be sure to keep reading to learn more about my tool and how you can create your own monsters for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or your favorite tabletop role-playing game.

D&D Monster Generator Examples

Here are four examples of creatures created with my D&D monster generator. There’s a lot of different options you can use to create your own with this powerful AI tool. You might create your own best D&D campaigns to use.


Large Animal Chaotic

Challenge Rating: 6

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Terrain: Any Environment

Attacks: (Melee Combat Natural) (Claws) (Bite) (Trample) (Strangle)

Special Abilities: None

STR 14 INT 9 WIS 11 DEX 14 CON 12 CHA 11


Qak is a giant, black worm creature with an enormous, segmented body. Its head is small, with two long eyes that give it the ability to see great distances. Its mouth contains multiple, sharp teeth that it uses to tear apart its enemies.

Combat Strategy / Tactics:

Qak is a creature that spends much of its time either burrowed in the ground or hidden in the water. It lacks any natural defenses, and must rely on its surprising agility and intelligence to protect itself. Qak has an enormous strength and can easily crush a human or any other creature. It is also able to swim swiftly through the water. Qak’s favored tactic is to slowly burrow its way into the ground and pop up near an unsuspecting victim. It uses its sharp teeth to bite at its foes, and can easily snap a victim’s neck in two. It can also slash apart any creature with its powerful claws.

History / Lore:

Very little is known about this creature. It is said that they roam the dark, cold waters of the Underworld. They are very territorial and will attack any intruders. It is unclear if Qak is an intelligent creature, or if it simply follows its instinct to want to harm any intruders.

Kadus the Overseer

Large Monstrous humanoid Chaotic

Challenge Rating: 20

Terrain: Any Environment

Attacks: (Melee Combat Natural) (Claws) (Bite) (Trample) (Strangle)

Special Abilities: (Cold Damage) (Enhanced Armor)

STR 18 INT 6 WIS 18 DEX 17 CON 15 CHA 11


A large, hulking figure with grotesquely over-developed muscles, Kadus has dark gray skin, a long, thick mane, and a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. Huge horns of red gold jut from his forehead. His eyes are cold, round and white. He wears exotic, low-cut leather armor that appears to have been grafted to his body, and a cloth tied around his waist.

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Combat Strategy / Tactics:

Kadus is savage and skilled in battle. He has good strength and decent constitution, but poor dexterity and intelligence. He tolerates no other creatures within sight of his lair. If they approach he will attack, trying to knock them to the ground and paralyze them with his touch. He will then attempt to drag the hapless victim back to his lair, where he will devour them over a period of several days.

History / Lore:

No one knows where Kadus came from. He has lived in this part of the forest for decades, living on the corpses of the creature he eviscerates.


Huge Dragon Air

Challenge Rating: 30

Terrain: Any Environment

Attacks: (Melee Combat Natural) (Claws) (Bite) (Trample) (Strangle)

Special Abilities: (Cold Damage) (Spellcasting) (Enhanced Armor)

STR 19 INT 21 WIS 18 DEX 17 CON 17 CHA 13


A Huge, black dragon with a dark-blue under-belly, S’hindar looks like a hybrid cross between a manta ray and a dragon. It has two hind legs and three tail fins. Its enormous head has a mouth filled with many very sharp teeth. Its eyes are large and purple-black.

Combat Strategy / Tactics:

S’hindar is a vicious predator. It preys on large creatures, and has been known to attack and slay an adult red dragon. S’hindar flies high in the air, and will swoop down upon its prey from above. When attacking, it uses its long, scaly tail to strike the target from a distance. S’hindar is not a good climber and prefers to fly.

History / Lore:

S’hindar is a dark lord from the First Age of ancient Dyson. He has long been a deadly enemy of the dragons of the northern kingdoms.


Huge Fey Air

Challenge Rating: 2

Terrain: Any Environment

Attacks: (Melee Combat Weapons) (Ranged Combat Weapons)

Special Abilities: (Electrical Damage)

STR 14 INT 16 WIS 18 DEX 17 CON 15 CHA 12


A man of about six feet in height, with straight sandy-blonde hair and a coarse beard. He doesn’t appear to be particularly handsome, but he appears to be in his late-thirties, and is of average build. He wears the flowing cloak and the loose, dark brown trousers of his order. He also wears a leather belt and a lion’s hide stretched over a wooden frame. On his feet are sandals without socks.

Combat Strategy / Tactics:

This man has extensive experience in combat, and is an excellent fighter. He is adept at wielding most weapons, and he can skillfully use many different weapons. He is also adept at using any type of armor.

History / Lore:

The Iulian Order was almost wiped out over a century ago when a subordinate to a misguided mage who believed that he was going to do good by eliminating all magic users. At the time, the order was small, but the few who survived vowed to protect the other non-mages in the world from magic and those who practiced it, regardless of the danger. The order grew in size very gradually, until it was a small group. Recently, the Iulian Order has begun to solicit wizards for their ranks, and they have found some, for they are sympathetic to the plight of magic users who are persecuted by the dominant religions. Iulian is one of these wizards who has joined the order.

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