Random RPG Town Generator: 5 Fun Examples

Here’s 5 fun random RPG town generator examples that I created with LitRPG Adventures. After reading the descriptions below, you can learn more about the set of advanced RPG generators I created with GPT-3 from OpenAI.


Town (Ancient) (Lakeside) (Peaceful) (Trading Hub)

Random RPG Town Generator Description

Agrum is a town situated on the shore of a lake. It is surrounded by high mountains, which the city built up the sides of. It is a peaceful place, where people do not harm each other. The people of the town have an ancient tradition of using their own blood to fight the monsters that live in the woods around the town. They are very good at fighting, and are capable of holding their own against most monsters that they come into contact with.

The villagers are also skilled at fishing, and are very good at catching fish. The people are mainly involved in fishing, fowling, and trade. They trade with the nearby villages, receiving goods in return. They are also skilled farmers, growing crops on the fertile land near the lake. The people of Agrum do not go to war, but they are very skilled at fighting, and will fight to protect their home if they are faced with a threat.


Agrum was once a thriving metropolis, but it was destroyed through a series of natural disasters. The people of the town rebuilt the city on the other side of the lake, and the rebuilt city is the current city. They have no contact with the outside world, and do not look to the world. They live in their own secluded world, and live off of the land. They do not pray to any gods, and do not worship any gods. They just live, and that is it.


Town (Halflings) (Peaceful) (Farmland)

Random RPG Town Generator Description

Olera is a small, peaceful farming community. It is a community of halflings who have fled the world of war and violence for a life of peace and tranquility. They have a population of roughly 250 halflings. They have rich farmland that the halflings have worked hard to cultivate. The halflings farm a variety of crops such as wheat and corn. They also raise a large amount of livestock, such as cows and pigs.


Olera was once a much larger community. Now, it is much smaller than it was. The reason for its decline is because of something that happened in the recent past. The leader of the village was a female halfling named Otwella. She was known for her beauty and charisma, and was well loved by the people. One day, she was given a mysterious gift.

It was a small chest, and inside of it was a beautiful necklace made out of exotic gems. The necklace was so beautiful, and so delicately made, that it was clear that no human could have made such a masterpiece. Inside the chest, also, was a letter. The letter was written by a small half-elf who simply wanted to apologize for the actions of the people of his village.

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The name of the village was Yondor, and it was a village that Otwella had heard about before. She knew that the people of the village were savages and barbarians, and she was weary of them. She was wary of the gift and the letter, and was suspicious of the people of the village. She decided to give the necklace of to another person to wear.

She selected her most trusted of friends, a bard who had become friends with the halflings. The bard took the necklace and was more than happy to wear it. However, unbeknownst to Otwella, the necklace was cursed. The more that the bard wore the necklace, the more that he began to give into the lure of the power that the necklace had.

Eventually, he was corrupted by the power of the necklace, and began to behave in ways that were uncharacteristic of him. He became cruel. He became evil. He turned his back on Otwella and on the village, and began to destroy it. He had always had a somewhat dark heart, and he had kept it buried deep inside of him. But with the necklace, he allowed the darkness to take over him, and he moved his hand against the people he once loved.


Town (Elves) (Magical) (Forest) (Woods)

Random RPG Town Generator Description

Ea’kas is a town in the Greenbelt where the population consists mostly of elves. The town is a center of trade and a central point for the elves of the Woodlands. The town is a walled city, and is home to a small number of human merchants who have been allowed to live in the city.

The city is known for its large number of taverns and inns, and the amount of food and drink the elves consume. It is a small city, with a population of 3500 people currently, give or take a few souls.


Ea’kas was founded by a group of elves who were tired of the elven city of Nal’Athelant’na, and were tired of the leadership of the elves. The leader of the group was a powerful spell-caster, and a master of magic. He was a powerful wizard who set out to found a town in the Greenbelt that would have a large market for spell-casting.

During the time of the founding of the town, the population of elves in the Greenbelt was booming, and the small group of elves who founded the town. In time, the elves in the area expanded outwards from the town.

Random RPG Town Generator
Random RPG Town Generator


Town (Dwarves) (Fortified) (Mountains)

Random RPG Town Generator Description

Jokasury is a small dwarven town in the Callarri Mountains. It is in the center of the range, and is surrounded by many mountains. It is in a state of constant war with the few human villages that surround it. The town has a population of only 400 people, and is well fortified with large stone walls around the perimeter. The entrance to the town is guarded by two large towers, each with a draw bridge that can be raised in order to keep residents safe.

The center of the town has a large courtyard in the middle, with small buildings surrounding it. The buildings are fortified, and are designed to be defensible in the event of an attack by invaders. The buildings are all connected via a series of underground tunnels, which are for the most part blocked off by heavy wooden doors.

The center of the courtyard has a large stone statue that faces toward the entrance of the town. The statue has the head of a dwarf, the body of a bear, and the wings of an eagle. The statue is said to have power to protect the town, and is considered holy by the residents.


Jokasury was originally a large human village. It was originally the northernmost human settlement in the Callarri Mountains, and was located very close to the top of the mountain range. The village was in a constant state of war with the nearby dwarves, who lived in the mountains. The dwarves were notorious for stealing supplies from the village, and the villagers felt that it was their duty to protect the supplies that they had.

The villagers were determined to fight off the dwarves, and spent all their time training to be able to fight the dwarves off. The dwarves eventually grew tired of the constant attacks from the villagers, and devised a plan to steal their supplies and solve the problem once and for all. The dwarves ambushed the villagers as they were leaving their town one day, and were able to kill most of the villagers before the remaining villagers were able to escape to the town.

The dwarves were unable to enter the town without suffering too great a cost, and were forced to retreat. The dwarves were so embarrassed by the failure of the ambush that they decided to abandon their town and move to another mountain range.

The dwarves built a new settlement on the other side of the mountain range, and eventually the original town grew back and attracted new residents. The dwarves were eventually wiped out by a large group of monsters that had come into the mountains.

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Town (Humans) (Walls) (At War) (Good)

Random RPG Town Generator Description

Cydria is a small, well defended human town in the Callarris mountains in the southeast. The town sits on the edge of a cliff, and is surrounded by thick, high stone walls that serve to keep the town safe from attack.

The town is in a constant state of war with the nearby mountain giants. The giants attack the town once a year in an attempt to push them off the cliff and out of their territory. The town has never been successfully captured by the mountain giants.


The town was originally founded by a group of mountain giants who settled in the area when the Callarris mountains were still inhabited by humans. When the humans were forced out by the Atreyan invaders, the giants decided to stay and keep an eye on the mountains. They built a city that would eventually become the town of Cydria.

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