Pathfinder Background Generator Examples

We have some Pathfinder background generator examples to share with you. Created with the LitRPG Adventures Workshop, these character backstories are suitable for Pathfinder or other tabletop role-playing games.

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Pathfinder Background Generator Samples

Here’s just a few Pathfinder background generator samples created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop, an RPG generator powered by GPT-3 API. Feel free to use them in your tabletop campaign. They’re free to use for non-commercial use. I hope you enjoy!

Udeh – Male Dwarf Cleric

STR 19 INT 10 WIS 19 DEX 9 CON 12 CHA 12

Born in Ederath (Grabisco Kingdom)


Udeh’s family were miners in the mines of Ederath. His father was killed in a cave-in of a coalfield and his mother died of pneumonia soon after. Udeh was sent to live in a home for young orphans, but he escaped and traveled to the city. He worked hard to overcome his learning disadvantages, eventually being accepted into the temple where he belonged.

He found he had a calling to help others and that he was especially good at calming tempers. He never found he could be satisfied in a city and yearned to travel. He beseeched the church of Truma to allow him to travel to the surface to preach to those in need. They let him go, and he has been traveling for years.


Udeh is quite a stubborn dwarf. He doesn’t see the need for authority unless it is needed. He can be argumentative, and he is very independent. He likes having a group of friends and believe that getting along is always the best solution to problems.


Udeh stands about 5’7” and has a well-muscled body. His hair and beard are red and his eyes are gray. He wears a chain shirt and a large two-handed battleaxe.

Start of Character:

Udeh has just arrived in Dweeb Village, only a few nights prior.

Niveen – Female Dwarf Shadow Knight

STR 17 INT 13 WIS 17 DEX 9 CON 15 CHA 12

Born in Mirrin (Grabisco Kingdom)


Niveen was born in Tarsakh, 86 years ago. When she was a baby, her mother died giving birth to her. Her father, a blacksmith, raised her, and though they were not wealthy, they were happy. Niveen grew up in a beautiful kingdom on the edge of the great desert of Grabisco. When she was 19, her father was captured by hobgoblins and she set out to find him.

She found him, but he had been tortured and was near death. She brought her father back to Tarsakh, but he soon succumbed to his wounds. Niveen’s heart was broken, but she had nowhere to go. She set out and wandered until, by chance, she came upon a temple to Lathander. She prayed for guidance, and the priest accepted her into the temple to help her with the loss of her father. She became a priestess of Lathander, and has been since then.

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Niveen is a sweetheart, but don’t cross her. She easily gets annoyed and can fly off the handle when upset. She likes to help people, and always wants to keep the peace. She doesn’t have many friends. She is soft spoken, and always seems to be very nice to everyone. She has a slight Canadian accent that people sometimes find adorable, but she doesn’t notice.


Niveen is very slender for a dwarf. She has a heart shaped face with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. She is very pale, and has no facial hair. Her skin is soft and smooth, and very pretty. She dresses in long flowing robes that are a light pink with white trim. She wears a small golden pendant with a large diamond in the middle, that Lathander blessed her with.

Start of Character:

She is adventuring to find peace and to find somewhere to belong. She wants to help people.

Mharrok – Male Troglodyte Swashbuckler

STR 18 INT 11 WIS 18 DEX 11 CON 13 CHA 11

Born in Rydon (Grabisco Kingdom)


Mharrok (whose actual name is Mharrok ich Daththalor ickor Zulvok Iksi Grizkrul ich Yulow ickor Hrilnesk ickor Balast ickor Farrusch) was born to a wealthy Troglodyte family. He loved the sea growing up. He loved reading about the great pirates of the south seas. For his 18th birthday, his parents gave him a sailing ship fitted out with everything he would need to become a great pirate captain.

Mharrok went to the Pirate’s Republic to learn the ways of becoming a pirate. He sailed the southern seas for a few years. He was never quite good enough to be accepted with the greatest pirates. Mharrok eventually left for Tellanor to build himself a merchant empire. He quickly became the richest and most powerful merchant in Tellanor.

Mharrok started to miss the thrill of the open seas. He sold all of his possessions in Tellanor and purchased a ship of his own. He returned to the pirate’s republic and studied to become a pirate. He then set out to the north sea to create his own shipping empire and become the greatest pirate captain in all the land.


Mharrok is famous for his sense of humor. He can be rambunctious and wild, but he is fiercely loyal to his friends. He is an intimidating presence at first, but when he opens up to someone, he can be a real sweetheart.


Mharrok is a tall, bulky Troglodyte. His skin is dark purple with a few greenish blotches spread out across his back and arms. His eyes are a dark red color. He has a long face and his nose is flattened out. He smiles a lot which exposes his sharp teeth. When he is serious, his sneer reveals a missing tooth. “Ya’all just gimme the loot and the broad walkin’ free, or y’all gots ta give up yer lives,” he says.

Start of Character:

Mharrok wants to set sail and become the greatest pirate captain that has ever sailed the seas. He is intent on returning to the Pirate’s Republic and becoming a pirate. He doesn’t want to return to Tellanor, as he sold everything and they are the enemy.

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