Elven Name Generator with GPT-3 AI for Elvish Fun

I’ve built an elf name generator that I think you should check out. Using GPT-3 API from OpenAI, I built a custom elf name generator that can produce elven names based on Tolkien or other factors. I’ve even got an aquatic elf name generator, for example.

The tool only gives the names for free, but I’ve also built an elven backstory generator that you can used. Also using GPT-3, it generates a few hundred words about your elf character that you can use as a basis to flesh out your D&D character sheet.

Female Elf Names

Here’s a sample of some of the elf names generated by the AI used with my elvish name generator that I built with GPT-3 or another list of high elf names over at Random Tables RPG.

Female High Elf Names

Female High Elves
  1. Vasileth Bethanna
  2. Ahvus Heart’s Blood
  3. Di’nora Mirain
  4. Nimirtha “Nimriel”
  5. Alenae Rhameri
  6. Tahrofen Nerile
  7. Feaera Seamey
  8. Naive S’vhertis
  9. Laeleya Vastael
  10. Ariane Laene
  11. Thasiel the Flaming
  12. Erastala Taenidia
  13. Ionolai Auxen
  14. Ne’llata Khiali
  15. Xivalae of Elvenkind
  16. Ailis Tanyoel
  17. Dya’Rhea Rhiannae
  18. Arennae Indara
  19. Asteria Browyn
  20. Sae’noelle the Wise

Female Aquatic Elf Names

Here’s some female aquatic elf names.

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  1. Matinelle Rainfall
  2. Amable Winddancer
  3. Dove Starsinger
  4. Ishaila Moonrise
  5. Arata Silverfang
  6. Proudsea Fallingstar
  7. Rannora Islandbreeze
  8. Joriska Rosebud
  9. Laurali Dawnsinger
  10. Paiica Silverbrow
  11. Courtnya Thunderraven
  12. Opal Ghostraven
  13. Liesl Silvervine
  14. Willa Windblossom
  15. Sylie Sterling
  16. Maelon Stormcaller
  17. Zainna the One With No Nation
  18. Lanaya Rainshadow
  19. Drouthia the Brave
  20. Cerulean Starsparkle

Female Wood Elf Names

And some female wood elf names.

  1. Nandhala Fernblade
  2. Elysa Moonstreak
  3. Shania Wolvenmist
  4. Alasdria Lightriver
  5. Aila Stormstealer
  6. Inelda Ridewind
  7. Analisandra Nightglory
  8. Taliene the She-Wolf
  9. Naneth Hurricane
  10. Analyn Fawnheart
  11. Lyssandra Moonbow
  12. Finnea Duskhaven
  13. Brinda the Ranger
  14. Leone “Starbow”
  15. Sarilna Shadowdancer
  16. Sareena Moonfire
  17. Sarithal Duskdancer
  18. Cera the Cold One
  19. Sareena Starbow
  20. Aerissana Forestdancer

Male Elf Names

I’ve also got a generator for male elven names as well. You can also generated various types of elves like Tolkien elves and more. Tolkien’s elves have a bit of different flavor to their elven name usually, but that’s not a bad thing.

Male High Elf Names

I’ve got an elf name generator for high elves.

Male High Elves
  1. Marrandar Lanaeren
  2. Ner’khael Qh’yrae
  3. Larathin Tharian
  4. Calahan Telmori
  5. Ar’rathil Morgathol
  6. Kyneran Dranereth
  7. Talbel Marrendn
  8. Kennarb Rhynrel
  9. Tre’athrindil Jordrin
  10. Kilnorin Aldukalros
  11. Mienai Elliel
  12. Varaethan Narethalas
  13. Aelin the Depraved
  14. Q’hairth the Dedicated
  15. Dhaunae Annolde
  16. Sirael the Honorable
  17. Silindiath Rhiraelyn
  18. Grehael Lanrae
  19. Esh’andril the Victorious
  20. Ng’rith Kravenn

Male Aquatic Elf Names

My elf name generator for aquatic elves. Sea elves have similar traits to high elves. They have pointy ears like other elves, but they’re not as pronounced

  1. Nari Ladysun
  2. Thein Waterbane
  3. Zelena Anchorage
  4. Usselda the Revered
  5. Betharin Rainsong
  6. Harael Laststorm
  7. Dylvea the Green
  8. Ever Ruby
  9. Jariala Thundersong
  10. Seleni Raincloud
  11. Iyllis Firthfall
  12. Seleni Seasong
  13. Groglinde Fallsplash
  14. Jaelan Dawnshadow
  15. Rysala the Stonecold
  16. Daril Fallingtide
  17. Murellia Stardancer
  18. Luead Silverbraid
  19. Corine Rainsong
  20. Alyxia Sparklefrost

Male Wood Elf Names

And some elf name generator examples for wood elves. They were created with my elven name generator. They have the traditional pointy ears.

Male Wood Elf
  1. Thorn the Warrior
  2. Thil Halfstrider
  3. Thornun Shadowbane
  4. Hawk Meadowshadow
  5. Thilren the Betrayer
  6. Thim Longstrider
  7. Mathison the Seeker
  8. Daril Branchespear
  9. Dhilon Hawkhelm
  10. Thar Splitleaf
  11. Morn Cliffwatcher
  12. Falth Rapidsong
  13. Rhythin Timberstrider
  14. Parton Pinefern
  15. Rinn Greatshadow
  16. Nocen Deepstrider
  17. Thal Mountainblade
  18. Myrin Sandspray
  19. Zenzo Silverblade
  20. Thalion Windwhisper
Elven Name Generator
Elvish NPC Ideas and Elf Names Too

Elven NPC Examples – Elf Name + Background

Some elf name generator examples + backgrounds by LitRPG Adventures.

1) Thoria Windron

Female Elf Mage (Chaotic Good)

Thoria has long, dark blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She is tall and thin with a bronze skin tone. She is in league with the blood elves.

She wears a white collared, sleeveless top with black pants. She’s offensive in combat, going for big damage spells.

She is well known for being very powerful in the local Elven community, but is somewhat difficult to work with due to her stubbornness.

  • She has a silver necklace with glowing blue gems on it that she took from a defeated man who tried to kill her.
  • She travels barefoot and has a small buzzing bracelet on her left wrist.

2) Theron Windron

Male Elf Ranger (Lawful Neutral)

Theron is a tall, lean and muscular man with a bronze skin tone. He has jet black hair and warm hazel eyes. He wears a ragged, red tunic and brown pants.

He carries a long, brown bow, a bag of arrows, a dagger, and he knows how to use his sword.

  • His sister, Thoria Windron, is a powerful mage who is well known within the Elven community.
  • He travels with his pet bear, who is treated like a brother by Theron.

3) Sarahussia Starfallen

Female Elf Sorcerer (Chaotic Neutral)

With bright blue eyes and a white hair that flows down her back, Sarahussia is a rather beautiful Elf. She has a light skin tone and a wide, inviting smile. She always wears purple and white, but she can always find a way to fit her style into any situation.

In combat situations, she wears a set of armor that is more revealing than her typical attire. Her favorite quote is: “I’m as pretty as a flower, as deadly as a rose, and as beautiful as a butterfly.”

  • She carries an enchanted bow, a dagger and a small healing potion on her person.
  • Her main source of motivation through life is her boyfriend, Theron Windron, who she hasn’t seen in many years.
  • She is missing her right index finger and wears a ring on it that has a fire symbol on it, though she isn’t able to use it.
  • She is a secret member of the sun elves.

4) Susania Windfar

Female Elf Bard (Lawful Good)

Susania is a beautiful Elf with a lean build, dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a purple tunic with a white shirt underneath it and dark blue pants. She carries a short sword and plays a harp. Her belt has a hundred silver coins sewn into it from songs she played in taverns.

She has a scar across the back of her neck from when she was attacked by a gnoll.

She knows how to use magic, but she is reluctant to fight others with it. She’s known for saying, “I love playing music, especially for others! Do you like music? I’ll sing a song for you if you ask nicely.” She’ll then wink.

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  • She is a sweet, kind woman who is always trying to find a way to help others, but she isn’t very good at fighting enemies.

5) Theron Swiftrunner

Male Elf Bard (Neutral Good)

Theron is a tall, thin and muscular elf with dark hair and a dark skin tone. He wears a short brown shirt with a dark green tunic over it and wears dark pants. He carries a long sword, a dagger and has a bow on his back.

He has bright green eyes and a muscular body. He is well known within his community for being one of the best adventurers in the area, but not so much for his singing ability.

He can be very clumsy and goofy at times, and he’s known for saying, “Are you ready for adventure, to see the world? I’ll take you out on great adventures throughout the land. I’ll show you the best parts of the land. My elf name is Theron Swiftrunner and I’m always ready for a good adventure!”

  • When he is drunk, people say he’s too loud and is always trying to pick fights.

6) Crosswind Snowfall

Male Snow Elf Cleric (Lawful Neutral)

Crosswind Snowfall is a tall snow elf with white hair and a light skin tone. She has an obvious snow elf name, but she doesn’t mind.

He wears a shirt with long sleeves, a brown tunic, blue pants and a white cloak.

His cloak is enchanted to keep him warm and keep him from getting wet. He also has a long staff that he uses for combat.

He is quiet, serious and very smart, but he can be sneaky at times. He is 24 years old and has a medium build.

He is very cautious about trusting others, but he will become fast friends with those who are kind and generous to him.

  • He is an orphan who was raised by his uncle and aunt, who died in a place called the Shackles.

7) Bindi Greenhope

Female Elf Ranger (Lawful Good)

Bindi is a beautiful elven ranger with a lean, muscular body and a light skin tone.

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She has long blonde hair and light brown eyes. She wears a forest green tunic and tan pants.

  • She travels with a long dagger, a long bow and a bag of arrows.
  • She is a very kind woman and she tends to let others take advantage of her.
  • She can be a bit naive at times, but when it comes to combat, she is incredibly accurate with her shots.

8) Reynold Fallranger

Male Elf Ranger (Chaotic Good)

Reynold is a tall, brown-haired and tan-skinned ranger. He wears a blue tunic with brown pants. He carries a short sword, a bow and arrows, as well as a short dagger.

He’s known for being very nice and friendly, but he can also be very flirtatious at times. He’s a romantic at heart, and is always looking for a good woman to love – even if she is in cahoots with the night elves.

He puts his friends before himself, and he’s known to be very courageous. He is also known for saying, “I love the outdoors. Sure, it’s cold, but the cold just makes me warm when I think of you!”

  • He is smart and kind, but he can be very sneaky sometimes.
  • He is 23 years old and has a muscular body.
  • During battles, he is quick, accurate and deadly.

9) Deidra Windrunner

Female Elf Ranger (Lawful Neutral)

Deidra is an Elf with dirty blonde hair and frowning gray eyes. She’s a skilled ranger and has a lean, muscular body.

She wears a forest green tunic with a tan shirt underneath it and tan pants.

She carries a long bow and a sheath of arrows on her back. She also carries a small dagger.

She is known for saying, “I can track creatures of great size and power. I have been known to find lost travelers in the most dangerous of places. I am a ranger, and I’m very good at what I do.”

  • She is known for being very serious and strict, but she can be gullible at times.
  • She isn’t very nice to those who are rude to her, and she isn’t very social.
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10) Neluen Drakin

Male Elf Ranger (True Neutral)

Neluen is a tall, lanky and muscular elf with long brown hair and green eyes. He wears a brown tunic with a green shirt under it and brown pants.

He loves to hunt and kill large beasts, but he also enjoys working with his hands and he can be found creating beautiful furniture.

His favorite quote is “I’m a huntin’ Elf!”

He is 23 years old and has a medium build. He is always looking for adventure, and he’ll travel the world with friends.

My Elf Name Generator

You can try my elf name generator for just elf names or check out BackstoryGenerator.com for complete backgrounds for your elves. Whether you just want an elf name generator or an entire elf background with personality, appearance, and more, I’m Paul Bellow, and I’ve got you covered. I’ve been working on one name generator or another for years now, first using Markov Chains, then using GPT-2, and more recently moving to GPT-3

Paul Bellow

LitRPG Author Paul Bellow

Paul Bellow is a LitRPG author, gamer, RPG game developer, and publisher of several online communities. In other words, an old school webmaster. He also developed and runs LitRPG Adventures, a set of advanced RPG generators powered by GPT-3 AI. Here at LitRPG Reads, he publishes articles about LitRPG books, tabletop RPG books, and all sorts of DND content that's free to use in your personal tabletop campaign - i.e. non-commercial use. Enjoy your stay and reach out on Twitter or Discord if you want to make contact.

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