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Looking for a new NPC description generator? I’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a few examples of adventurer and common NPCs you can use in your fantasy tabletop campaign. My NPC generator is pretty decent… and getting better.

Whether you’re playing D&D, Pathfinder, or even MERPs (love it!), you can adjust these NPC generator descriptions and use them in your game. I don’t supply everything, but it should be enough for a good DM to flesh them out. My generator is not perfect!

Adventurers List

Here’s a few examples of what I’ve created with my NPC generator, including personality traits.

Aydyn Arrostone

Male Mountain Dwarf Wizard

STR 13 INT 8 WIS 13 DEX 7 CON 14 CHA 16

Personality Traits: (Nearsighted) (Grumpy) (Accident Prone) (Opportunistic)

Appearance Description:

Aydyn is a dwarf who wears the obvious signs of iron on his brow. He has a graying beard and wears typical dwarf clothing, sturdy leather and iron boots. His eyes always look fierce. He has a stocky build.


Aydyn is grumpy and abrupt. He has very little time for social niceties and is very blunt in his speech. He will suffer fools gladly, but will do just about anything to get the job done and protect his property.


Aydyn grew up in the mountains and learned the art of war at a young age. He was a skilled warrior, but there was something missing in his world.

He became more serious and wanted to live up to the high standards set by his father. In time he became an adventuring mage who can hold his own in combat.


Aydyn’s prefered weapons are his staff and his magic spells.


Aydyn has a magical quaterstaff that can cast lightening bolt, color spray, entangle, detect magic, magic missile, sleep, and web. This staff he carries on his back. He has no other equipment. He has no coins on him and no other property. Well, none that he talks about.

Ragnor Stonebreaker

Male Half-Elf Druid

STR 12 INT 14 WIS 12 DEX 15 CON 12 CHA 15

Personality Traits: (Macho) (Naive) (Guarded) (Opportunistic)

Appearance Description:

Ragnor is a tall (6’3″), muscular, broad-shouldered human in his 40’s with a thick black beard and long black hair. He wears a chainmail skirt and a leather vest. He has a scar on his left arm, and he has hazel eyes and a medium build.


Ragnor will, within the first ten minutes of meeting a person, have figured out who is the leader of the party. If the leader is an elf, Ragnor will subtly try to undermine him. If the leader is a dwarf, Ragnor will obey him, but try to make sure that the dwarf doesn’t find out about it.


Ragnor Stonebreaker was born of a mixed union between a human woman and an elf. He grew up in the forest to the west of the town of Faerûn, hidden away from both his elven and human parent.

He spent a time as a merchant, growing his wealth and land holdings as he traded with the other kingdoms. Over time, he also grew bored with his time as a merchant-farmer, and so he signed up for a position as a mercenary. He enjoyed his time as a mercenary, but after twenty years had had enough, and resettled back in Faerün pass, with a small holding that he calls his ‘permanent home’.

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Ragnor is a skilled and experienced soldier, and as such he is a passable to good swordsman. His great strength and stamina allow him to use large weapons easily, and he is willing to sacrifice armor in favor of being able to wield his chosen weapons: two great swords and a great axe, all of them enchanted to increase his skill.

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His steel-reinforced chainmail skirt is enchanted to increase his defenses, and he also has a sword with a hilt wrapped in leather and bronze. He has quite a lot of random equipment in his bag of holding, which is always either resting on his shoulder or strapped to his back.

NPC Description Generator with AI
NPC Generator with AI

Commoners List

Here’s just a few examples of commoners I’ve created with my NPC generator.


Female High Elf City Guard

STR 10 INT 14 WIS 10 DEX 11 CON 12 CHA 13

Personality Traits: (Amusing) (Grumpy) (Reckless)

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NPC Appearance Description:

Vissa is a High Elf that grew up in a military family. She was recruited at a young age to serve the Greater Good. Her wide green eyes mesmerize.

She has no emotion when it comes to serving the powers that be. She is also a very attractive woman with clearly defined features and a muscular figure.

NPC Interaction:

Vissa is not someone that you want to trifle with. Ordering her to do something and not obeying is left up to the individual who gives out the order.

She believes there is no room for insubordination and will not forgive it. This can make for difficult relationships with non-elves and any character who dislikes elves.

NPC Background:

Vissa’s father was a military major and her mother was a colonel. Both were stationed in Aldarria and Vissa was born into the same rank. As a child, Vissa always watched her parents and was taught the ways of how a soldier should behave. She was always taught how to fight and how to be as ruthless as necessary.

Her entire existence was dedicated to fighting and she is highly trained. When she was old enough, Vissa was sent off to military school to learn the ways of the masses. She was the top of her class, and received an elite position in the army. After a few years of service she was sent to Pastin where she was given her own army group. She got assigned to guard the city, and has become a fine soldier.

NPC Skills:

Vissa is not a skilled fighter, and prefers not to engage others in combat. She also is not a skilled leader, as she would prefer to lead by example. She is an expert at using magic, but nothing but pure white magic. She loves silver in its many forms.

Bressyl the Ogre

Female Ogre Shop Owner

STR 17 INT 13 WIS 17 DEX 16 CON 10 CHA 17

Personality Traits: (Annoying) (Haughty) (Macho)

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Appearance Description:

Bressyl is an enormous ogre, almost twice as big as a full grown ogre. She is about nine feet tall, and has a long braided beard. Her overall presentation is loud and boisterous, and her eyes tell people she means business. She has a thick build.


If players approach Bressyl when she is working at her store, The Axe and the Helm, she will be quick to engage them in conversation. She is a very outgoing person, believing in the inherent worth of all people.

She will happily engage in conversation, and provide large discounts if the players have been polite to her. If the players treat the store poorly, or are rude to her she will aggressively defend her store and her property.

Background History:

Bressyl grew up in the same clan as Egaroth, and was raised similar to him. The clan was constantly fighting the humans, and was eventually defeated. Bressyl was captured, but was sold as a slave by the humans rather than a prisoner.

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She was eventually released from slavery, and started working as a mercenary. She was hired to protect the northerners in Crowthorne, and stayed there after her contract expired. She bought The Axe and the Helm, and has been running it ever since. She is well known in the city, but is not particularly popular.


Bressyl is both a skilled businessman and warrior, able to wield large axes with ease and wear heavy armor. She has limited magic ability, being able to cast light spells.

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