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I’ve built a thieves’ guild generator and more over at LitRPG Adventures it’s a random adventure generator taken to the next level. Below are some example of what you can easily create then edit to perfection.

If you’re heavily into D&D, keep reading. The good thing about these generators is that they’re not tied to any single tabletop RPG rules. You can use them for Pathfinder, OSR stuff… heck, even MERPs!

Hope you enjoy these generated guilds and find them useful in your campaign!

Jympa’s Guild

Guild Size: Tiny (2 to 10 members)
Guild Leader: Jympa Lightheart
HQ Location: Liguri Village (Village)
Guild Symbol: Twin-headed Cyclops
(Anarchists) (Chaos)

Guild History

This thieves guild has been around for over 100 years. It was originally established by a group of escaped slaves led by a half-elf named Jympa Lightheart. In those days slaves were more of a commodity to be traded, thus the slaves were more likley to escape than to mutiny. The slaves were able to make their way to a small town called Liguri.

The town of Liguri was ruled by King Olaf. King Olaf welcomed the slaves and gave them land in the foothills on a mountain range. He also gave them slaves to do the hard labor like mining, blacksmithing, woodcutting and farming. King Olaf even gave them 2 new half-elves, a male and a female. The half-elves were both shunned and ridiculed by the other elves of Liguri.

King Olaf gave them to the half-elves because he knew that all half-elves could speak, read and write common and elvish. These two half-elves took on the name Lightheart. They lived among the caravan for several years, learning about their culture. The half-elves taught the rest of the escaped slaves these same skills.

for several years the kingdom of Liguri was an example to all of the other kingdoms of the world. The kingdom and the town of Liguri had remained a sanctuary for slaves who escaped from other kingdoms. Jympa Lightheart was even offered the title of king but he refused. After King Olaf’s death and the half-elves left the town, peace fell upon the village and a temporary peace was realized. The village grew and prospered. They were a strong and proud community.

Eventually King Olaf died. King Olaf’s eldest son was in charge and one of King Olaf’s daughters was still in the town of Liguri and she became the ruler of the town.

The village of Liguri started to prosper and the village grew to the point where it started to become a town. A number of townsfolk wanted the village to become a town and the Lords of the land were eager to expand their control. The lords wanted to control the trade routes on the highway between two nations.

The eight Lords of the land were rivals and they hoped that their claim over the village of Liguri would be the catalyst to start a war.

The Lords of the land were waiting for something to give them the pretext to attack. The Lords had never agreed on anything but they all agreed that the village of Liguri had to be destroyed.

Pankill’s Pride

Guild Size: Huge (101+ members)
Guild Leader: Pankill B’turr
HQ Location: Aghalar’s Caves (Small City)
Guild Symbol: White Dragon (serpentine)
(Mob) (Funny) (Silly) (Aristocratic)

Guild History

This guild was originally formed by a thief named Pankill B’turr. Pankill was a very dedicated thief and a very curious one at that. Pankill was born in a normal household. His father was a blacksmith who was never home and his mother was a beautiful but busy seamstress. Although Pankill was used to being alone he never really enjoyed it.

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When he was about 8 years old, he was befriended by a merchant who was trading in his father’s smithy. The merchant was an interesting person and he was always bringing new things to the smithy.

One day the merchant brought with him a strange little creature. It was a small furry white creature with long pointy ears. Pankill instantly loved the little creature and the creature loved Pankill back.

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The merchant told Pankill that the little creature was a young Diminutive Guard Drake. Pankill already knew how to care and feed the creature and the two of them spent most of their time together.

The merchant told Pankill that his grandfather was an adventurer and had travelled with a party of adventurers that also had a young Diminutive Guard Drake. He also told Pankill that he could train to be a thief. Pankill was excited about being able to train as a thief. From then on, he spent every day with the merchant and “his” Diminutive Guard Drake.

As time went on, Pankill began to develop the skills needed to become a thief. The little creature, by coincidence, developed into a mature Diminutive Guard Drake. One night the creature seemed to have a dream. The next morning the creature asked Pankill if he could take it outside to fly around. Pankill was surprised because the little creature, by now, knew that they were trapped inside the smithy. Pankill thought, “How great would it be to fly!!” so he let the creature out.

Nearing dawn, the Diminutive Guard Drake returned and Pankill was excited to hear what was going on. When he asked the creature, the creature told him that the smithy was very small, that it was ridiculous, and that it should be ashamed of itself. The creature burst out laughing.

Pankill was hoping that he had heard something wrong. That night he could not sleep. He was thinking about all of the things that the creature had told him. He thought about how ridiculous the smithy was and how he didn’t want to break it.

A Fistful of Coin

Guild Size: Medium (21 to 50 members)
Guild Leader: Red Hook
HQ Location: Nautica (Megalopolis)
Guild Symbol: Coin
(Anarchists) (Thugs) (Chaotic)

Guild History

A Fistful of Coin was started by Red Hook, a greedy, cheap and short wanderer from the wastes of Boneyard. When Red Hook was young he had grown up in the Skulls Rattle Trade Camp, a small trade camp that was never quite enough to get by. When Red Hook was a teenager he started working for a guild of thieves and did jobs for them for years because of his lack of skills but there were a lot of thieves and very few jobs to do so he didn’t have many opportunities.

He soon became the guilds leader. The guild was run well and the guild got along with each other but soon they had run out of jobs to do. They were trying to decide what to do when red hook came up with an idea that changed things forever. Red hook was always struggling to make a living, so he decided to steal from the rich and use it to create jobs for himself and his fellow thieves. Red hook started ransacking the rich peoples houses and towns and stealing everything that was of any value.

They quickly grew rich and had a lot of stuff to sell. They started to buy up a lot of the towns warehouses and shops and started creating jobs for themselves. Soon the guild was fast becoming the most powerful guild in the land. The guilds reputation was good to begin with but now it was good and bad. The guild quickly become the most hated and most loved guild in the country. They also became smarter and more cautious.

They were very intelligent and well trained in combat and a lot of them had different skills including pick pocketing, lock picking, hitting hard, sneaking and reading minds. They didn’t use anything but their own cunning and skill to get what they wanted. They were very independent and did not like leaders. They soon became a dangerous and ungovernable guild. The guild soon got a name. They were called The Fistful of Coin guild.

This name was said because they always used their fist when they wanted someone to do what they wanted or when they wanted something. They never used weapons because they thought weapons were noisy and stupid. People now knew who they were and that anyone who got in the way would be dealt with quickly and without mercy. Their jobs were also done by a lot of different people who had specific skills and they would work alone.

They were a very violent and unpredictable guild and they really didn’t care about anything. They would achieve their goal and then walk away. They weren’t interested in taking over the country. They just wanted to earn their keep. To do the dirty jobs that no one else wanted to do. Their ability to kill was their only skill. They never failed a job for more than 3 years, which only made them more infamous. Their violence had also caused them to kill a few times.

Humbuggers Guild

Guild Size: Small (11 to 20 members)
Guild Leader: Ayy Lirr
HQ Location: Wrench (Town)
Guild Symbol: Gold Coin
(Evil) (Rebellion) (Chaos)

Guild History

A sect of the Thieves Guild, the Humbuggers Guild have existed for over 100 years. They have no allegiances to any kingdom or country. They are known to extract all the wealth from any local banks and, if successful, will use the money to increase the size of their Guild.

Their base of operations is in the forest of Bartlegaard. They are hated by the locals and are constantly having to move from one part of the forest to the other to avoid the wrath of the foresters.

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They operate in teams of three people and when they earn their gold they count it very slowly over a week. If they are caught they will never speak or reveal any information.

Their symbol is a gold coin. The Humbuggers Guild are not the most well organized of the Guilds. The Guild has many different rules governing how one may join or leave. The Guild is also very secretive and there are only two members at any one time that may know how to access the gold that is hidden in Bartlegaard.

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