D&D Description Generator Collection: GPT-3

I’ve built a D&D description generator collection that includes over two dozen advanced RPG generators powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI. I’ve got some examples and more info below, but if you’d like to generate your own tabletop content, head over to LitRPG Adventures and become a member. If you do, you’ll also get access to our growing library of RPG content. We’ve got thousands and thousands of backstories, spells, locations, items, monsters, NPCs, and much more.

Building a D&D Description Generator

Back in 2019, I started using GPT-2 from OpenAI to generate character backstories. When GPT-3 launched, I applied for and received early access. I quickly set to work building a set of generators. Moving beyond simple backstories, I included spells, skills, locations, governments, guilds, and more.

All my work launched at a site called LitRPG Adventures. It costs to join the site, but you get a lot of value when you become a member. You get access to all the generators and can use tokens to create what you want. Additionally, you’ll get access to our huge library of pre-generated RPG content.

D&D Description Generators with GPT-3

Here’s a quick rundown of all the RPG generators currently online.

  • Character
    • Backstory Simple
    • Backstory Advanced
    • Spells
    • Skills
    • Warlock Patrons
    • Fantasy Races
    • Quests
  • World
    • Overland Location
    • Cities / Towns
    • Thieves’ Guilds
    • Magic Shops
    • Taverns / Inns
    • Common NPCs
  • Dungeon
    • Dungeon Locations
    • Adventurer NPCs
    • Monsters
    • Magic Items 1
    • Magic Items 2
    • Undead
    • Mimics

There’s other surprises too, so stop by the site and check it out when you get a chance.

Town Description Generator

Here’s an a couple examples of my town description generator at work.


Town (Ancient) (Humans) (Mountains)


Biltil is an old human town that lies in an area of the Callari Mountains. The town is situated more between mountains and forests than it is in the mountains themselves. The town has thrived over the years, as it has become a major trading hub for nearby villages and towns. The town has become highly militarized, as the village has been under constant attacks by barbarians. The town is built around a large, circular courtyard, with a large stone fountain in the center. The fountain has a statue of a man in the center, surrounded by 10 smaller statues of the same man. The fountain is said to be magical and has the power to heal those who drink from it. Little else is known about the town.


Biltil was originally built by a group of refugees who had left their country to escape a deadly plague. They had decided to settle in the area after years of travel and became a successful trading town. The town was attacked later, and it was forever changed. The town was destroyed, but the fountain was protected from the destruction. It is said that the fountain’s water cures those who drink from it.


Town (Fortified) (Walls) (Forest) (Woods) (Trading Hub)


Grelmaria is a walled town in the forests of the Callarri Mountains. It is a large trade hub, and is used as a center point for trade between the humans and the nearby dwarven town of Nulgath. The town is surrounded by a tall, thick wall. The town is divided into small districts which are separated by walls and gates to help prevent fires from spreading.

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The town is rich from the trade it receives from the dwarves, and is constantly growing. The only real problem the town has is with the nearby orcs and goblins, who are constantly trying to attack the town.


Grelmaria was once a major human city. It was at war with the nearby dwarven town of Nulgath for centuries. It is said that this was the longest war in history. It took so long because the war was fought with ice magic, and both sides never learned to counter the other. Eventually the humans won and enslaved the dwarves.

They built Grelmaria up, and it quickly became a major trading hub between the humans and the dwarves. However, one day the humans and dwarves fell out, and the dwarves retaliated. They destroyed most of Grelmaria, but the humans evacuated it before they did so, and took everything they could with them.

They re-founded the town around a mile away from the old one, and called it Grelmaria.

Other Fantasy Description Generators

As mentioned, I’ve got over two dozen different RPG generators now available at LitRPG Adventures. It’s a “next level” random adventure generator. One of the other things members get is access to our growing library of RPG content. We’ve got thousands of backstories, monsters, spells, locations, and more. Become a member today and help us save D&D for the Next Generation. The quest continues!

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