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We’ve got some great half-orc wizard backstory examples below. They were created at LitRPG Adventures Workshop. It’s a D&D Character Backstory Generator, a magic item generator, a magic spell generator, and more. Using the GPT-3 API, it leverages one of the most powerful language models in the world to create character backstories for a wide range of races and classes. This is a look at wizard half-orcs. Enjoy!

Half-Orc Wizard Backstory Examples

Here are a few half-orc wizard backstory examples created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop. If you like what you read, be sure to drop by and create your own or visit our library of thousands of character backstories for D&D, Pathfinder, and other tabletop fantasy role-playing games.

Qillaian Brackett

Female Half-Orc Wizard

STR 19 INT 12 WIS 19 DEX 13 CON 12 CHA 9

Born in Aesenna (Grabisco Kingdom)


Qillaian was a normal child in Grabisco. Her parents were in cahoots with the Empire of Zan, but Qillaian didn’t know it and had no interest in being an assassin. She developed a love of magic from a young age.

Accepted into the College of Casters, she quickly mastered the art of spellcraft. She read books from all over Grabisco to gain knowledge to synthesize spells. She became well known for her inventing and mixing of spells, and is quite talented in both.


Qillaian is a strong individual with a high sense of justice. She’s tender and thoughtful to those she loves, but she can be rude and stubborn to those outside of her circle. She’s a great with kids, probably because she was a little one herself once.


Qillaian stands well under 6 feet tall, with a curvaceous and muscular body. Her blonde hair is naturally curly and she lets it flow down to her mid back. She’s always dressed in robes that are modest in length and color.

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Start of Character:

She has joined the Fellowship of the Grail for the chance to assist in saving the world of Grabisco. She can kill or cast a spell. She has no problem with either.

Half orc wizard backstory
Half orc wizard backstory

Grem Drexler

Male Half-Orc Wizard

STR 18 INT 13 WIS 18 DEX 9 CON 9 CHA 13

Born in Irontown (Grabisco Kingdom)


Grem was born in the heart of Irontown, a humble town called home by many half-orcs. Initially, he was subjected to the same prejudice that any half-orc was, but was able to prove to those around him that he was indeed as capable and intelligent as any other being.

His parents were pleased with this and raised him with a healthy self-esteem. He was a dutiful student and quickly became the master of pyromancy. It was his dream to expand the knowledge of those around him and to become a great leader.

After living a life of simple pleasures in Irontown, he was eventually approached by the locals who foresaw a great future for him. He was then called up to take the high seat in the half-orc kingdom of Gariain.

He reached Irontown in his lifetime, but it was not for the glory he had imagined. Being thrust into a new kingdom, he was tasked with protecting the kingdom and providing leadership to its people.

He tries to be as kind as possible to those around him, but his position makes that difficult. He seems to be a man of high morals, but Irontown was not able to see that until he left.

In recent years, he has become a standard bearer for half-orc kind, traveling the world to promote half-orc rights.


Grem is misunderstood. He is confident in his abilities though he is somewhat fearful that he will fail the people of Grabisco.


Standing 6’3”, Grem has dark skin and looks to be somewhere in the range of 20-30 years old. His hair is short and blonde and his eyes are piercing blue. He dresses in regal attire, with blue robes and a blue cape paired with a golden crown.

Start of Character:

Grem is on a quest to protect his people, to ensure that they will not be treated as second class citizens. He wants to spread the word that half-orcs should not be feared.

Uthar, the Ugly

Male Half-Orc Wizard

STR 14 INT 10 WIS 14 DEX 13 CON 16 CHA 17

Born in Dola’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)


Uthar grew up in the unbroken wilds of Grabisco Kingdom, wilds that contain monsters and other dangers that would kill most people. He was raised by a tribe of half-orcs that had been displaced from their own homeland.

He was also raised by one of the only humans the half-orcs could tolerate, a ranger named Dola. She taught him how to survive in the wilds, and he learned to hate the human race. He also learned to hate other half-orcs who didn’t follow his father, Papa.

Papa’s evil allowed him to control the tribe. He enjoyed seeing the human captives tortured, and he enjoyed seeing his own tribe suffer. Dola was the only person in the tribe that Uthar would listen to. He loved her, and her kindness and respect for him made him the exception to the leader’s rule.

When the tribe captured the last member of a neighboring tribe, Dola, Uthar, and some others escaped. She went one way, and he went another. Dola was grieving the loss of her people.

Uthar was grieving the loss of his father and Dola. He killed a farmer and his son and stole their wagon and supplies. Uthar used the horses to pull the wagon up out of the valley where the tribe lived.

Uthar eventually ended up in the City of Ledale. He stayed with a family there that treated him well. After several years, he left to return to the wilds. He plans to travel to the city of Everdale, where he will learn more about humans and find out about the demon that lives in the ruins around Everdale.

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Uthar has a good heart, but he often has violent impulses. He likes hugs and even kisses from humans, but he doesn’t like other half-orcs, and he doesn’t like anyone who is mean to him. He wants to learn to control his temper.


Uthar has dark skin, some scars from fights with his tribe members, and long black hair. He is strong, but not very tall. He wears a cloak of leaves and a hat made of animal fur. He carries a small bag that contains a staff and a couple of daggers.

Start of Character:

He is traveling to Everdale. He wants to find out more about his father and the demon.

Half-Orc Wizard Backstory Generator

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