Powerful Fantasy RPG Name Generator with GPT-3

I’ve built a powerful fantasy RPG name generator that you can use free at my a Random Name Generator website. I’ve got a bunch of fantasy RPG name generators as well as others. I’m still adding new ones to the site, so be sure to bookmark it and check back often. To build the site, I used the massive Davinci model of the GPT-3 API from OpenAI. This allowed me to come up with superb lists of fantasy RPG names you can use for free in your tabletop fantasy games.

Fantasy RPG Name Generator Genesis

I first started playing around with GPT-2 using Google Colab servers back in 2019. When OpenAI announced the GPT-3 API, I applied for and got early access. I set to work creating LitRPG Adventures. The idea started as a massive MMORPG powered by GPT-3, but I scaled it back and came up with the Workshop, a collection of advanced RPG content generators. It costs money to join the site, but it’s worth it. As a member, you get a certain number of credits to generate content. You also get access to our growing library of content.

I’ve made quite a few of the fantasy RPG name generators free on the a Random Name Generator website. Here’s some examples of the output.

Fantasy RPG Name Generator: High Elf Names

Here’s just a few of the many names created with my High Elf name generator.

Male High Elf Names

  1. Vaalereck Naranthil
  2. Larien the Phlegmatic
  3. Bhavreel Cahn’nekron
  4. Maerethra the Ever-shifting
  5. Lirshar K’drellenor
  6. Nolanilth Elhilthar
  7. Aerchen Aniril
  8. Marindon Erethra
  9. Kimarwai Wainethrar
  10. Maquendur the Lightning

Female High Elf Names

  1. Rhamalai Rhianna
  2. Elweeryth of the Lore
  3. Ar’quanael Bethanna
  4. Athenetha Analorrae
  5. Gru’na Thrusantaelle
  6. Dailenor Rhamalad
  7. Aem’rina Laemnura
  8. Anarae Zanai
  9. Ianna Amethinella
  10. M’aria Keriana

Fantasy RPG Name Generator: Aquatic Elf Names

Check out these sample from my aquatic elf name generator.

Male Aquatic Elf Names

  1. Murellia Starsparkle
  2. Oulan Silverstar
  3. Aeril Dawnlight
  4. Marth Silverbraid
  5. Wavewatcher Oceanborn
  6. Asli Silvermist
  7. Kilmara Moonglow
  8. Rhona Rayscope
  9. Laeina the Tender
  10. Hala Stargazer

Female Aquatic Elf Names

  1. Marth Dawnlight
  2. Jenevieve Moonglow
  3. Windrana Tideborn
  4. Cardella Hula
  5. Honella Foamwalker
  6. Mizu the Wave
  7. Caitlin Starkeeper
  8. Pallonia Fathom
  9. Masara Frozenwhisper
  10. Phoenyx the Mermaid

Fantasy RPG Name Generator: Leonin Names

Here’s just a few of the many names created with my Leonin name generator.

Male Leonin Names

  1. Thlazan The Deathbringer
  2. Kazkah Heartheart
  3. Kongah Windstrike
  4. Praknioz The Burrower
  5. Xaphan the Vowbrother
  6. Neolahth the Grand
  7. Roatitha Swiftstrike
  8. Hailotha the Stalwart
  9. Ozchor of the Pride Heartstalker
  10. Praor Windtamer

Female Leonin Names

  1. Iallein of the Brown Prairie Pride
  2. Ishala Harrierclaw
  3. Bhavala the Valiant
  4. Maironis Shamash
  5. Lionneiros Seismicfang
  6. Kopan Darkstride
  7. Charn Hearthgold
  8. Astria the Golden Lioness Warrior
  9. Syira Heartstriker
  10. Temnensra Silvermane
Fantasy RPG Name Generator
Fantasy RPG Name Generator

Fantasy RPG Name Generator: Centaur Names

Here’s just a few of the many names created with my centaur name generator.

Male Centaur Names

  1. Anel Silverhoof
  2. Falon Mightyhoof
  3. Finton Shining
  4. Sebri Silverwillow
  5. Tom Moonfriend
  6. Isilfir Fireheart
  7. Halondir Moonbeam
  8. Eyelian “Star-man”
  9. Irmo Thundersage
  10. Eglamir Vale-keeper

Female Centaur Names

  1. Ten Twilightfrost
  2. Alyssa Starlight
  3. Pika Flamebrow
  4. Julianna Moonbreeze
  5. Zoi Fastfire
  6. Kosh Starwhisper
  7. Enya Dawnfeather
  8. Kida Starchaser
  9. Shuva Fullheart
  10. Zamala Heartsong

Fantasy RPG Name Generator: Gnome Names

Here’s just a few of the many names created with my Gnome name generator.

Male Gnome Names

  1. Glimflambumkin Hopskittle
  2. Thistler Mudwadger
  3. Flurplewillowbarkleberrycake the Booming
  4. Tompkin Whirlswirlsneebswingdisco
  5. Boomwhacker Wittelsongreeneboobooze
  6. Whitherfog Bleepcard
  7. Opinabble Spobble
  8. Tallinkle Pebblesniggle
  9. Stickytonguebogle Bubblestump
  10. Lopwog Zigzagwedge

Female Gnome Names

  1. Becca Flitterfluff
  2. Gemma Zergshaman
  3. Dribblina Scribble
  4. Vandervolt Gigglefest
  5. Daphne Hugglesnugglewuggle
  6. Judy Werfling
  7. Argus Mugglewump
  8. Greta Dingleberrie
  9. Glaurung Lumosbop
  10. Violet Werfling

Fantasy RPG Name Generator: City Names

Here’s just a few of the many names created with my city name generator.

  • Northkeep
  • Narnras
  • Yarthlei
  • Sandwatch, the city of Water
  • Dilhar
  • Dargoth
  • Minoc
  • Hoodwyn
  • Northport
  • The Vault
  • Faldorn
  • Malden

Fantasy RPG Name Generator: Dungeon Names

Here’s just a some of the names created with my dungeon name generator.

  • The Bottomless Abyss of the Pit Demon
  • The Lair of Elderrang the Mad Lich
  • The Lair of the Dragon Queen
  • Ruined Tower of the Fallen
  • The Dungeon of the Vampire
  • The Eternal Throne of the Time Mage
  • The Throne Room of the Demonic Archon
  • The Tomb of the Dread Emperor
  • Deadly Dungeon of the Firestone Gnomes
  • Dungeon of the Great Vampire Drakoola Von Krolok

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