RPG Armor Generator With GPT-3 API

Want an RPG armor generator built with GPT-3 API, one of the most powerful AI language models on the planet currently? I’ve got a few examples created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop, a tool I created with GPT-3 API. Read the samples below or stop by and start creating your own. I’ve got more information below, so keep reading if you want to try this RPG content tool for yourself.

RPG Armor Generator Examples

Here’s a few pieces of armor I created with my RPG armor generator. It’s still a work in progress, but I think it shows a lot of promise.

Studded Leather Armor

Created by Qijinw

Item Type: Studded Leather Armor

For Levels: 1 – 5

Rarity: Common

Special Abilities:



This leather armor consists of a leather tunic and pants with arm and leg bracers. It has brass studs and is very light weight and flexible.


This piece of armor was crafted one day by a skilled tamer of animals and he made it as a present to his wife. The wife was a great beauty and she had many suitors. She liked her present, but she did not like the husband who gave it to her. She ran away to the city of Ruhmeson where she wore the present and became a great and wealthy leader of the gypsies. She became known as the “Black Widow” by the people and the reputation of the armor was known as the origin of its powers. This is the story of the Studded Leather Armor.

Alberich’s Arcane Armor

Created by Yavetah Alberich

Item Type: Full Plate Armor

For Levels: 42 – 44

Rarity: Epic

Special Abilities:

(Armor) (Stat Bonus) (Telepathy) (Arcane)


This full plate armor is made of blackened metal that reflects all light and gleams like polished obsidian. It is a full plate armor that covers the whole body except the head, hands, and lower legs. It has been enchanted to protect against the magic of elvenkind and dwarvenkind, but only works if worn by either a drow or a deep gnome. Its legend has it that it belonged to a black armored knight who was a wizard in his own right, a “wizard knight.”


The origins of this armor is unknown to almost everyone. The only known person who knew about this armor was a renowned wizard named Alberich who lived centuries ago on one of the moons. This armor was considered to be his ultimate treasure and he used the armor’s magic to keep himself safe from the Fair Folk and Deep Gnomes, as they were his mortal enemies, though he was at peace with the dwarves.

The wizard Alberich had spent his whole life in research of magic and had delved into the field of undeath. He had invented a method to transfer his knowledge into his armor, which he considered as his most precious possession. After he had used the magic to transform into an undead creature, he used the armor to become his new body and then departed for the plane of entropy, which is where he remained until the day the armor was discovered by the gnome Yavetah Alberich.

Yavetah was sent here to find this armor because he had a vision of it. Yavetah encountered many dangers as he traveled to this plane and made many friends and defeated many foes on his quest. After he defeated Alberich the wizard, the armor yielded to Yavetah saying that it was Yavetah’s destiny to return the magic of Alberich’s armor to the plane of entropy.

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As Yavetah made his way towards the plane of entropy, he noticed that the armor was fighting against him not wanting him to give up its magic, so Yavetah was forced to fight the armor. After imprisoning the armor and taking it to the plane of entropy, Yavetah began to use the armor for an entirely different purpose. He started to use the armor to forge an army of undead creatures to make war against the living.

RPG armor generator example
RPG armor generator example

Lanthisine Gloves


Item Type: Armor (Gloves)

For Levels: 1 – 10

Rarity: Uncommon

Special Abilities:



These gloves are a dull blue in color and are obviously made for someone with skilled hands. They are a thin pair of gloves that sit well on the hands. The gloves are made of a smooth and often slippery material. The gloves are obviously a well made piece of magical armor that offer healing 2x day.


Lanthisine was a great hero of the past. She was an adventurer who traveled far and wide and battled many monsters and saved many innocents. She was a quiet and private woman who was devoted to her work. She was defying her family’s wishes. In fact, she had never told her family what she was doing. She was even more private when she met her future husband. She trusted him to keep her secret and never told him about her work. Lanthisine never met her own family and was killed in an attack from a group of bandit scum. She was never given the chance to tell her family what she had done and how she had died.

The Star Metal Buckler

Created by Vokun, a foul gnome wizard

Item Type: Armor (Shield)

For Levels: 4 – 30

Rarity: Rare

Special Abilities:

(Illusion) (Elemental Magic) (Arcane)


This magical item is a star metal shield that has been highly polished to a dazzling shine. When a light is placed behind it, a single star appears on the surface of the shield for a moment.


This shield was given the name “Star Metal” by the gnome wizard Vokun (who created many magical items over his career). Vokun had recently received a crystal ball that had the power to see into the future.

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The crystal ball would show Vokun random images, but no matter how many times Vokun used the crystal ball, he was unable to see any of his family. Vokun was distraught by his inability to see his family. It was at that moment that he came up with the idea of creating a “shield of the future.”

He believed that the images in the crystal ball were a view of the future. Vokun went to the dwarf artificers to create the shield. The shield was forged in a strange material called “star metal.”

The star metal of this shield was of the best quality, but the shield was flawed due to some sort of error in the forging process of the star metal. Vokun was not able to get the crystal ball to work correctly, so he gave up on the idea of the “shield of the future.

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