Leonin Names in DnD 5e (+ AI Background Generator)

Tabaxi are fine and all, but Leonin in Theros are something pretty epic. If you’re looking for Leonin names for DnD 5e, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to look at the history of this new Dungeons & Dragons race as well as give you some ideas for names, backstories, and more.

Catfolk (or tabaxi) have been a part of D&D for a while now, but players wanted something bigger – a lot bigger. Ergo, Leonin for D&D 5e. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this playable race or head over to the Leonin name generator and use it for free!

Guide to Leonin DND 5E

Here’s a quick look at the topics we’re going to be exploring.

Leonin Traits in D&D 5e

As you can see below, there’s quite a few good things about playing a big cat-creature.

  • Ability Score Mods: +2 Constitution, +1 Strength
  • Age: Typically the same as humans.
  • Alignment: Mostly good.
  • Size: Over six foot but not usually more than seven foot tall.
  • Speed. 35 feet a round.
  • Darkvision. 60 feet of greyscale vision
  • Claws. 1d4 + Strength / slashing damage

There’s downsides to playing this race, of course, but there’s a lot you can do with the above.

Leonin Personalities

Mostly good in nature, Leonin tend to be isolationists. From a young age, they learn how to deal with problems on their own. The Leonin place high importance on ceremony, tradition, and maintaining appearances at all costs. They are a proud race, but they’re not too haughty. They’ve worked hard to become known as trustworthy for the most part.

While isolationists in the sense they tend to stay away from the world of humans and cities, Leonin do have prides much like lions. A pride is basically an extended family, something a Leonin character can call upon in times of need. Or, in some cases, the player might be called to help their pride, leading to an adventure…or certain doom. Hopefully the former.

Leonin Names

Leonin names aren’t difficult. Here’s a list of male and female leonin names you can use. You can also check out my free Leonin name generator at ARNAMGEN.

Male Leonin Names

  • Priokos Mightyheart
  • Preolos Softstep
  • Kifara Foreststrider
  • Mifaro Stormrunner
  • Xifan Hardstep
  • Kifaro Snowcloven
  • Xifaro Lightningdancer
  • Prioparos Riverstrider
  • Priorapos Ironbark
  • Prioros Ripplestream
  • Zioros Stormclap
  • Ziorapos Lightningstrider
  • Priolala Softdawn
  • Priolala Oilflame

Female Leonin Names

  • Orianna Wisetail
  • Oenbrek Feastarrow
  • Ilsiroar Breaksong
  • Erannor Sunshield
  • Fermisor Sunblaze
  • Kelry Sunstride
  • Kyrel Sunstrider
  • Sarenas Sunstrider
  • Saramane Sunblaze
  • Azeyadol Sunblessed
  • Csilla Sunshade
  • Tevra Spiritblossom
  • Adirelle Sunblaze
  • Sadirelle Sunblaze
  • Zhara Spiritblossom
  • Vhyr Sunfury
  • Chiyo Spiritblossom
  • Feoras Sunblaze
  • Ilayen Sunstrider
  • Sazzal Sunblaze
  • Sarazana Sunstrider
  • Celenas Sunstrider
  • Chitose Spiritblossom
  • Yamami Sunstrike
  • Chiyo Spiritblossom
  • Cindori Sunblaze

Leonin Sub-Types

Here’s a look at the three main types of Leonin.

Royal Leonin

Royal Leonin are the most noble, preferring to live in urban areas most of the time. They are also the most refined and get along better with humans and other races.

Wild Leonin

While not total savaged, the Wild Leonin are not as civilized as the Royal Leonin. This comes at an advantage sometimes and is a curse at other times. Playing a Wild Leonin will keep players (and their DM) on their toes.

Grey Leonin

Last but certainly not least, we have Grey Leonin. They usually have ashen grey or even black fur. Lore says that long ago an extraplanar happening occurred, leaving the Grey Leonin unique among their race. (Instead of the usual +2 Constitution, +1 Strength, Grey Leonin get +2 strength and +1 to either Wisdom or Intelligence.

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