History of Roguelikes
Blog / May 24, 2017

Where to begin. Let’s start with the beginning, the original game from whence the term “roguelike” came. Yes, I’m talking about Rogue, which you could pick up at Radio Shack or have a friend slip you a floppy with a copy of the revolutionary ASCII game.

Best Anime RPG Forum Online?
Blog / May 24, 2017

Anime role playing boards are so old that they’re almost a throwback at this point. As long as there has been an internet to speak of, these boards have existed. Now, the problem isn’t finding one of these boards. It’s finding a board that’s still alive and that is worth your time. Instead of digging through all the detritus out there, you can start with the cream of the crop. Each of these boards has something to offer players. Each one has a unique flavor, and each can provide a unique home for certain gamers. Below are three of the best boards for anime RPG players.

Respect for Sword Art Online
Blog / May 22, 2017

There are certain bits of media that transcend their origins. Some just speak to people, becoming more than popular – they become phenomena. Sword Art Online is one such property. Sure, there are plenty of light novels out there that are similar. There might even be shows that have done the plot first. None, however, do it with the sense of style as SAO. None quite match the quality. One thing that this property doesn’t get enough of, though, is respect. It takes something special for a property to span so many different formats. It takes something special for a property to capture so many imaginations. SAO deserves more respect, so we’ve put together this massive post with everything you want to know about the legendary series…and more! 

History of Car Wars Games
Blog / May 22, 2017

If you’re an RPG enthusiast, you’ve probably encountered the products of Steve Jackson Games. While you might be very familiar with GURPS, you’d have to be pretty old school to remember another one of its early products. From early 1980s came Car Wars, a game of strategy and automotive combat. A natural descendant of war games and a precursor to many tactical RPGs, this game is one of the true classics of the roleplaying and strategy game worlds.

History of the Talisman board game
Blog / May 21, 2017

There are certain board games that transcend the boundaries of Monopoly and Life. These games present an adventure, one that takes skill and cunning to get through. These are the games that are the cousins to the tabletop RPG, and they’re more than worth playing. If you’re into board games, you already know that Talisman is one of the biggest names in this sub-genre of games. The Talisman board game stands out above most of its peers. As interesting as the game is, though, there’s something even more interest – its history. If you want a real adventure, you’ll need to look at how this game came to be.