5 Reasons To Invest More in Your Gamer Setup

Hopping online and playing games have been among the favorite ways for people to keep themselves entertained during the pandemic. However, if you have just discovered the fun and enjoyment of gaming, you might be fully ready to commit. After all, buying all the necessary pieces of tech can be expensive.  However, it is also … Read more

D&D Random Weapon Generator Examples

RPG Location Generator

If you’re looking for a D&D random weapon generator, I’ve got you covered. You can create magic items (and a lot more) over at LitRPG Adventures – you can sign-up for free and generate one at no cost or buy credits to create what you want. We also have a growing library of thousands of … Read more

Planning The Perfect Gaming Night In

Getting the opportunity to relax and unwind in the comfort of your home for an exciting games night is a chance that should not be missed. But how do you go about planning such a night in so that you can really make the most of your evening? Thankfully it doesn’t have to be as … Read more