DND Random Dungeon Room Generator with AI

Are you looking for a decent DND random dungeon room generator? I’ve been tinkering in my workshop, and I’ve released something that might make you very happy. Keep reading to learn more.

Head over to LitRPG Adventures and see all the dungeons already created or generate your own dungeons with the easy to use web-based tool. Creating full dungeons has never been easier. Our dungeon library is quickly growing.

GPT-3 for DND Random Room Generator?

Yes! I’ve been playing with AI for RPG content since GPT-2 a few years ago. Since then, I’ve developed a set of powerful RPG generators that can describe all sorts of tabletop RPG content. My latest is a dungeon generator that generated room descriptions!

You also get monsters, NPCs, traps, encounters, mundane items, and magic items – for each and every room in all the dungeons you generate! Solo RPG players might love this too as you can slowly generate a dungeon for your adventure.

Random Room Generator Example

The Generator is Now Live

As you can see from the screenshots above, the tool is finished! Try at LitRPG Adventures. I’ll be improving the tool more, so if you have any ideas on what would make a good random room generator, you can find me on Twitter or email me. I’m open to suggestions. Roll for Fantasy has some great RPG tools, but I wanted to make my own.

My goal is to make the life of a modern DM easier using AI, and I think I’ve built some great tools that go a long way in assisting a human Dungeon Master with idea generation, random tables, and more. The future is bright when it comes to using AI for tabletop RPG content, and I’m excited to be one of the few using the technology right now.

Building a D&D Random Room Generator

I’ve spent a few weeks on my dungeon rooms generator, and I’ve concentrated on making it easy for players to access the already existing content on LitRPG Adventures. While you can generate new room descriptions, monsters, and items, I’m working on making it possible to get the monsters, NPCs, encounters, mundane items, and traps for your dungeon from the library of content we’ve already generated.

You can find me on Discord, sharing updates daily if you want to know more or have any questions about the D&D random room generator I’ve built. For example, if you’re wondering about the map generator, I’m working on making the dungeon maps importable into VTT software with wall boundaries! Still some work to do, but you can download the dungeon maps as a large, 70x per tile map suitable for Roll20 or other VTT programs like Foundry, et al.

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Dungeon Room Generator Examples

Here’s some examples of room descriptions generated at LitRPG Adventures. Beyond just the room description, you can also generate traps, monsters, NPCs, encounters, mundane items, and magic items for your dungeon.

Chaos Caves of the Unending

Medium Dungeon with with 9 Areas

(Easy Difficulty )


After a massive battle, the great wizard Vael finds himself alone and trapped deep within the Chaos Caves while his two companions, Sibil and Cevara, were captured by dark forces and taken to a nearby cave.


It was once said that the world would end in fire and water. It was also said that those who dwell here for too long would fall under the power of the twin sister Goddesses, Azura and Savras…though no one has ever been able to return from these caves to prove it.

This place is also known as the Chaotic Caves of the Unending, or simply, the Chaos Caves. Here is where the twin sister Goddesses reside, and are in constant battle (both physical and otherwise) over who deserves the right to rule.

This is also where many powerful and dangerous chaotic creatures reside in the dungeon, making the entire place a hub of chaotic energy. Many powerful chaotic spells can be cast here, even by those of low level in some cases which makes it dangerous.

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ROOM DESCRIPTION #1 – Medium Normal Entrance

EXITS: South North

Wreathed with strange hellish flames, the entrance to this dungeon is like the entrance to a small fiery hell. You see a small concrete tunnel that leads downward into darkness. You can smell a strange foul odor, but you can’t place it. The dungeon continues to the south.

ROOM DESCRIPTION #2 – (Rough stretch of tunnel)

EXITS: West North

Dank and evil-smelling, this dimly-lit tunnel is strewn with bones and other rotting debris. The air is heavy and humid, and the walls are damp and slick-looking.

Ahead is a shaft into the tunnel. The shaft looks somewhat natural in construction, although it is more tunnel than shaft since it widens at the top and is obviously not high-ceilinged.

You can see metal beams gleaming a dull red light in the far end. You are aware of a rancid stink that seems to be coming from that side of the shaft beyond the climbing slab. You feel a strange presence playing tricks on your mind just beyond the shaft.

Paul Bellow

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