RPG Location Generator Examples w/GPT-3

Looking for an advanced RPG location generator? I’ve got some good news, stranger. I’ve built a set of advanced RPG generators using GPT-3 API from OpenAI. Members at LitRPG Adventures also get access to our growing library of tabletop RPG content. Below, I’ve got several examples of output from my tools. I’ve only got a few location generators online at the moment, but the community is always giving me good ideas. I’m working on making LitRPG Adventures the premiere site to create and browse unique TTRPG content.

RPG Location Generator Samples

Here’s a table of contents for the various examples displayed on this page.

Overland Locations

Dungeon Locations

Cities and Towns

Taverns and Inns

Magic Shops

RPG Overland Location Examples

Here’s just a few examples of a world region or location generated at LitRPG Adventures Workshop.


Terrain: Coastline Environment

Nearest City: Lancespire (Large City)

(Coastal Trade) (Chaos) (Dangerous)


The Vorn coast is known for the majestic Vorn Castle and its standing army. The local people are considered to be the most sophisticated in the realm. In the time of the old gods, the Vorn came to these lands as a seafaring people. The local political situation has been tense for decades. A great war is being fought in the overland region while the Vorn harbor these sailors, keeping an eye out for the enemy. Traveling further south lies the city of Brocken. If this region is not your cup of tea, you can always head east to the Eternal Plains.


  1. The castle of Vorn is under attack.
  2. The castle of Vorn is a safe haven.
  3. Merchants pay for safe passage.
  4. The Queen of Vorn is secretly in love.
  5. Vorn is currently acquiring new sailors.
  6. The nobles of Vorn are a curious lot.
  7. Vorn is a beautiful and mighty city.
  8. The city of Brocken is a center of learning in the region.
  9. Sailors are flooding the streets of Vorn.
  10. Vorn is a major port and trading center.
  11. There is a man in Vorn who can see the future.


Terrain: Forest Environment

Nearest City: Burodgadr (Metropolis)

(Large Woods) (Remote Location) (Region at War)


The surrounding countryside is hot. You’re certain you have reached one of the most fiery regions of the realm. Its beautiful trees covered in vibrant hues of green, yellow and orange, not to mention the rich and diverse culture of its inhabitants, make it a must see destination. Looking around, you notice the city of Burodgadr in the distance.

The sound of passing travelers warms your heart. Burodgadr is a place you will never forget. The region is known for its fine architecture and its unique blend of traditions and customs, making it a place of interest for tourists and travelers. Many adventurers in this overland region stay at the local inns and taverns. To the south is the magnificent Yggdrassil Lake.

The city of Bevermoor is to the east. This region was first discovered in the year of the Great Cataclysm. Towns and cities continue to develop in this region. Further north, the cities of Brocken and Vorn are major hubs for commerce in the realm. The Eternal Plains are home to a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation, even with most of the land farmed.


  1. The dreaded Zannites have set up camps near the city of Burodgadr .
  2. Escaped Zannite POWs seem to have taken refuge in the nearby woods.
  3. Zannite agents are suspected of kidnapping people near the path.
  4. The region is haunted.
  5. The local baron has raised an army and is ready to fight Zannites.
  6. The forest is a very nice spot to visit.
  7. The locals are taking food from the forest.
  8. The Eternal Plains are famous for its delicious peaches.
  9. The Eternal Plains is famous for its delicious peaches.
  10. The Eternal Plains is known for its people’s combat prowess.

A road

Terrain: Plains Environment

Nearest City: Nallin (Megalopolis)

(Big Lake) (Chaos) (Roads) (Safe)


The road is the most dangerous place in the plains. It is a battlefield for warbands, highwaymen and monsters. While it may be the quickest way to get to Nallin , it is also the riskiest. Further south you find the Wilderness Road, which is a safer, but slower option. Many bandits have been apprehended by the local guardsmen on this road. This road was first discovered in the year of the Great Cataclysm.

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  1. The road is used by highwaymen to prey on travelers.
  2. The road is patrolled by the local guardsmen.
  3. The road is infested with bandits.
  4. The road is well patrolled by city guards.
  5. The road has good trade that benefits the local economy.
  6. The road is a favorite hunting ground of the local bandits.
  7. There is a local inn at the end of the road.

RPG Dungeon Location Examples

Here’s a few different dungeon ideas you can use in your tabletop RPG campaign.

Cave of Hell’s Secrets

20 Level Dungeon for character levels 1 to 10

The Cave of Hell’s Secrets is well named, for the place is full of horrors and dangers that are difficult, if not impossible, for the human mind to comprehend. The caverns and tunnels that exist below the earth grow ever larger as one travels deeper into the earth. Monsters of all sorts make their homes in these places, and bands of creatures from the deeper reaches of the Underdark often use these tunnels to hunt in the surface world. The cave contains many treasures, some hidden deep in the caves, while others are paraded openly to tempt even the most cautious adventurer. The cave is a den of death, and those who venture in must have the strength to survive.

The Caves of Chaos

20 Level Dungeon for character levels 1 to 25

The Caves of Chaos are filled with many deadly creatures that are known to kill the unwary and unprepared. Within this labyrinth of caves are also the treasures of that which was left behind from the old Order of Law. It is believed that a small village of Gnomes may have made their abode within these caves, although this has not been confirmed. It is also rumored that a small group of Dwarves may live in these caves as well, although again this has not been confirmed.

The Temple of Water

13 Level Dungeon for character levels 1 to 10

The Temple of Water is a complex of rooms and passages deep below the city of Aradi. It is said that the temple was built on the remains of an old abandoned elven shrine. The temple is connected to the city’s sewer system. The temple is dangerous to those who enter, since it is under the control of cultists of Water, who were exiled from the sea and understand the use of water magic better than any others. They have created a magical creature called Enmer the Water Demon, who has menaced them several times. Rumors of a treasure in the temple’s halls also attract looters to the temple.

Elemental Forest of the Tyrant

0 Level Dungeon for character levels 1 to 10

The Elemental Forest of the Tyrant is a place of eldritch power, a place where the dying, haunted spirits of dead woodsmen, orcs, ogres, goblins, and other creatures call out and beckon to any who can hear them. Those who have the misfortune to hear these calls and heed them are quickly trapped by the forest itself, and are likely to become cannibals of their own family and friends. Those who do not heed the calls of the forest are tormented inside the forest by the spirits themselves, and lurking in the forest are the cannibal-goblins, who will hunt those who do not heed the calls. The forest is named for the tyrant who once ruled over the woods, and who named himself a god, demanding that all the creatures of the forest bow down to him. The forest has not forgotten its dead tyrant, and it has trapped his soul, and it now tortures him at every opportunity, ensuring that he will never be free. What exactly the forest is cannot be known – it is constantly moving and changing, and has been known to grow elemental forms, which it can animate, and spit out at targets. It can also move parts of itself to attack the survivors, as well as cause random magic effects upon them.

Castle of the Devil Reacher

15 Level Dungeon for character levels 1 to 70

The structure itself is enormous, reaching some 200 feet high, and is of great beauty of craftsmanship. The entryway is simply a winding staircase leading to the front entrance, and the whole structure is laid out much like a simple house. Multiple towers are located about the structure, a bit like the teeth of a saw. The rooms are simply beautifully decorated, and there are numerous doors about the structure, leading to the back of the structure, and other small structures. These smaller structures are all the same, being about 20 feet wide and 50 feet deep, and are also lovely. The whole place has a wonderful feel of beauty to it, and seems to work to great effect. The whole place is magical, and the people there are also.

RPG City and Town Location Examples

Here’s just a few cities and towns of various sizes. They were generated with LitRPG Adventures Workshop.

Belly Spring




Belly Spring is a large, bustling village, that is home to many halfling families. The village is laid out in a circle, with the center marked with a monument that is dedicated to the founding of the town. The village is generally surrounded by a small forest, with hills surrounding the village on the north, south, and west. The village is protected by a giant wall, and a gate house. The village is well protected, and only open to people that have been invited by the halflings. The village is shown to be very wealthy, and is considered to be the wealthiest village in the known world. It has many large buildings, and many expensive shops. The village is peaceful, and is led by a mayor.


Once upon a time, a group of halflings decided that they would create a new village. This village was to be the greatest village the world had seen, and it was meant to bring happiness and joy to people. Though, this wasn’t just any village. It was going to be made up of a group of people from all walks of life. Elves, humans, dwarves, and even a few gnomes. The villagers gathered together and started to build the village. Though they were far, few people came to live in the village. The halflings tried their hardest to entice people to come to their village, but the idea of bringing so many different races into one town was unheard of. The halflings decided to stop inviting people to the village, and built the town in peace. They were able to bring their dream into reality, and they built a town that was completely accepting of all races. The town now stands as a beacon of hope for those who hoped to live in a world without borders.


Small City

(Ancient) (Lakeside) (Forbidden) (Forest) (Woods)


Alesia is a wonderful city nestled in the forested hills. The city is built on the shores of a large lake and the water is used for most of the city’s needs. The city is ruled by a council of the elders of the community. The elders are the oldest people of the city, and decide everything about it. They set up the rules for the city and what is allowed. They are also the only ones who can use magic inside the city’s walls. There is a small forest that surrounds the city. People from the city go out and cut wood from the forest everyday and it is sold to other cities. The city is peaceful and quiet, and is often the target of bandits from more dangerous places.


The city was created in ancient times after being forced out of their Undercity home. They built it on the shore of a large lake. This allowed them to have access to fresh water and fish. The city grew in size over the years as refugees from different places came to it and settle. The city was often attacked by the people who lived in the forests and forests close to it. This led to the city creating a small army of warriors to fight against attacks. This made the city grow more and more, and it became a bustling city.


Small City

(Ancient) (Dwarves) (Fortified) (Mountains)


Qul-Than is a small dwarven city. It is a part of the kingdom of Aghalar and is governed by the council of Aghalar. It is the smallest city in Aghalar. It is also not in a mountain, but in a valley in a forest. This is because the dwarves who live here feel that it makes them more safe. The city is protected from attackers by a large stone wall that surrounds it. The city is well guarded by the dwarves who live here. The city is ruled by three council members. Those three council members are in charge of the city. The city does have a leader, but it is a council of three, so the leader wields no more power than the others.


Qul-Than was originally an exiled group of dwarves from Aghalar. They were expelled from the city for pilfering. They were exiled to the mountains, but found that there were too many monsters there. So they fled to the forest. They were still not safe from the monsters. So they built the wall and moved into the valley. They thought that with the wall, they would be safe. This became true, they have not had any issues from the outside. They ended up having to fight one day with the locals who lived in the valley. The locals were humans and elves. The elves tried to stop the dwarves from moving into the valley. They fought for a while until the locals agreed to let the dwarves into the valley. The dwarves were in control of the valley, and the locals were forced to sell the land to the dwarves.



(New) (Elves) (Humans) (Halflings) (Walls) (Peaceful) (Good) (Trading Hub)


Xierberia is the largest elven city in the world. Built in a massive forest, surrounded by the Treks, the city has been home to roughly 70,000 elves. The city is massive in size, and it is near impossible to see the treeline of the forest from within the city from the top of the tallest tower. Xierberia is built into the massive trees, and the city is filled with greenery and beautiful architecture. The city is ruled by King Phal of the House of Phal.


The city is known to be very old, having been founded by the elven god of the forest, but little else is known about its history. Xierberia is one of the few elven cities that do not dwell in the Underdeep. The elves of Xierberia once fought the orcs of the Underdeep in a massive war, and built a massive wall around the city to ensure that they would be protected.

RPG Tavern and Inn Descriptions

Here’s a few taverns and inns generated with LitRPG Adventures Workshop.

The Rusty Nail

(Illegal) (Fireplace)

Located in Bartlegaard (Kingdom of Grabisco) and run by Jannar (Male Elf)


The Rusty Nail is a large two-storey wood building with a large room, 2 rooms on the lower floor. The room on the first floor has a long bar with bar stools around it. Beside the bar is a fireplace with a cooking pot hanging over it on a chain and a grate to allow the smoke to escape through the chimney. The top floor is divided into 2 rooms, one of which is a bedchamber. The rooms are badly lit and cramped. The Rusty Nail is located on the north end of Bartlegaard, and is a large two-storey wood building. In the center of the building is an open area with a large room, 2 rooms on the lower floor, and steps leading up to the top floor rooms. The rooms on the lower floor are poorly lit, and are cramped.


  1. Jannar: Male Elf Fighter, Chaotic Good. Jannar is bald, but has a neatly trimmed red beard. He wears hide armor and wields a long sword, and a small dagger. Jannar roams the city, but is often found in the Rusty Nail. If you follow him, you can learn quite a bit of information about the city.
  2. Bull: Male Human Fighter, Chaotic Good. Bull is an enormous man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a long sword. Bull is usually found in the Rusty Nail, but if you follow him, you can learn quite a bit about the city.


  1. The city guard is very corrupt – just bribe them to get away from any crimes you may have commited.
  2. Everyone knows that the city guard is very good at finding runaways.
  3. If you are considering becoming an adventurer, you should reconsider – there are no great treasures to be found here.
  4. If you are considering running away from home, you should reconsider – the city guard is very good at finding runaways.

The Good Knight Tavern

(Alcohol) (Overpriced) (Strange Hours)

Located in Bartlegaard (Kingdom of Grabisco) and run by Faeldoon Ankilin (a City-State Prince)


The Good Knight Tavern is a large stone-walled building with a iron front entrance. The inn has two large floors, and the rooms are located on the second floor. There is an area for food on the first floor. There is a main bar made out of wood and has a smooth surface made of marble. An old, worn and rickety staircase leads to the second floor. The inn is locally known for the quality of its food. Faeldoon Ankilin is a very nice person and goes out of his way to make sure adventurers have everything they need when they’re staying with him at the Good Knight Tavern. Faeldoon Ankilin loves living in Bartlegaard. He’s very rich, and he believes that money can buy everything, including friendship.


  1. Reindric: Male Elf Ranger, Neutral. Reindric has a long face, with long red hair and green eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a shortbow and a longsword. Reindric is looking for a group of elves who live in the Black Hills.
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  3. Bess: Female Dwarf Fighter, Neutral. Bess has a long face, with short black hair and brown eyes. She wears splint mail and wields a battle axe. Bess is looking to sell the sword she inherited.
  4. Valora: Female Human Paladin, Neutral. Valora has a long face, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She wears splint mail and wields a lance and sword. Valora is looking for a group of orcs who ambushed her friends two weeks ago.


  1. Faeldoon Ankilin is very rich and enjoys buying people expensive gifts.
  2. Faeldoon Ankilin is looking for a new adventurer to join him, but only if they can get the Grey Wand from a nasty beast that lives in the Black Hills.
  3. The Black Hills are cursed, and have some sort of magic barrier in place.
  4. Faeldoon Ankilin enchants people’s weapons, and is also a skilled smith.
  5. Locals are wary of the Black Hills and will not go there.
  6. Faeldoon Ankilin is in love with a local noblewoman, but she is a bit of a slut.
  7. Faeldoon Ankilin is in the middle of a dispute with the local king because he wants to build a road from Bartlegaard to the Black Hills.
  8. A group of adventurers went to the Black Hills two weeks ago, but no one has heard from them since then.

RPG Magic Shop Descriptions

Here’s a few examples of magic shops created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop.

Uthlain’s Magic Shop

Located in: Yondor’ (Town)

(Enchanted Weapons) (Dwarven) (Chaos) (Open Strange Hours)


A dwarf named Uther. Call him Uthlain. He is a tall and broad male dwarf with a good sized beer belly. He is a blacksmith, but he knows how to use magic. He is able to make enchanted weapons that are superior in quality to those found in regular stores. He enjoys making weapons unlike any others others have seen.

Uthlain is known for his short temper and his fascination with making weapons that are far more powerful than his competitors. He is also known for mixing spells together, creating spells that no one has ever seen before. He can make any item magical, and can use magical items to make other magical items.

He’s been known to make a magic ring that can only be put on a wizard’s hand only, preventing anyone else from wearing it. If the wizard wishes to take it off, the ring would turn into a piece of dust. Uthlain often goes to the market to buy ingredients to make potions. He also buys ingredients that he can’t use, and sells them to other wizards and wizards’ guilds.


The shop is a one-storey wood building, with large windows covered by thick velvet curtains. The main door is made out of oak, and has a beaded curtain hanging from it. A sign above the main door reads, “Uthlain’s Magic Courtyard”. To the left of the building is a sign that reads “Uthlain’s Magic Courtyard.” A middle-aged dwarf male is standing at the counter, and points at the door.

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Cute’s Magic Shop

Located in: Raggentia (Megalopolis)

(Trinkets) (Rare) (Epic) (Good Value) (Safe)


Cute is a young man. He is a kind and generous young man who enjoys helping his customers. At the same time, he’s also smart and a little naive. He tends to get a little excited about magic, especially if it’s new. He has a lot of knowledge about magic items, magic, and making the magic items. Cute created a small group of people interested in magic with the help of the shopkeeper of Freedom: Gakuen and Magic Shop.

Cute is also interested in new magic items; however, his knowledge and expertise regarding the creation of magic items is second-best to the shopkeeper of Freedom: Gakuen and Magic Shop and Master’s Magic Shop. He is known to have a good relationship with the shopkeeper of Master’s Magic Shop.


The shop is a single storey timber and brick building, with several stained glass windows and dwarven-wrought iron furnishings. A cart filled with leather scraps rests beside the building. A huge metal sign hangs above the door. Upon entering, visitors usually notice a variety of objects on display, ranging from magic mirrors to magic carpets. To the left is a counter with a sign that reads, “items for purchase here”. Several shelves are lined up behind the counter, filled with scrolls of varying sizes and colors.

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A sign above the shelves reads, “scrolls for purchase here”. To the right is a window where customers enter the shop. Behind the counter, a young man named Cute waits for customers. A wyvern that is a little bit smaller than an adult human lies near Cute’s feet. The wyvern seems to be resting, appearing to be lighter in color than usual. The wyvern often travels around the area, so Cute and the wyvern still make their way around to nearby towns together.

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