D&D Zombie Character Generator w/GPT-3

Are you looking for D&D Zombie Character ideas? I’ve got some great examples below that I created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop, an RPG generator I created that uses the GPT-3 API to create all sorts of content for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop role-playing games. Check out the samples below then continue reading to learn more about the RPG generator I created. (I’ve also been using the AI to make my D&D random encounter tables collection which is currently free to check out.) If you’re looking for a  D&D Backstory Generator, you’ve stumbled on something truly terrific.

D&D Zombie Character Examples

Here’s four D&D zombie character backstory examples.


Male Dark Elf Fighter (Zombie)

STR 16 INT 12 WIS 11 DEX 12 CON 9 CHA 7


After her untimely death in the kingdom of Grabisco, Diamantina awakened in the Dark Lands. Finding herself a zombie, she set about attacking people. This led to her gaining more undead powers. Fascinated, she couldn’t stop going after players and making their lives miserable.

Diamantina dreams of reaching the Zombie Archwiz level and beyond. On her way, she has learned to become corporeal and wield weapons, cast spells, and more. She is destined for greatness and one day might avenge herself in the land of Grabisco. Life as a zombie was not an easy adjustment, but Diamantina is still a strong woman with a bigger than life personality.

She occasionally enjoys scaring adventurers by screaming “boo!” and wailing and moaning, but she is far more interested in exploring the world and learning what other abilities she can acquire as an undead creature in Zaidan. She has begun to look beyond Grabisco to other kingdoms in the world, keeping her eye out for future targets. She is a mystery to the people of Zaidan, as she seems to be able to appear and disappear at will, change form to deceive and distract, and change her voice so people can’t recognize her.

Diamantina often works with her undead mentor, Hethrax, in the Dark Lands. She is a great fighter, and she tends to use her swords and claws as her main weapons. Diamantina has a talent for learning magic, as well as summoning ghosts, and has become a powerful magic user.

She also learned how to use the dark arts of necromancy, and she can animate the dead, meaning she can make a dead body move again. She can even turn people into zombies and has done so on occasion. Diamantina is an undead champion who wields, acts, and sounds like a zombie.

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She loves to eat and drink, and she frequents the Dark Lands taverns to be near the corpses that the taverns are rumored to serve. She enjoys going on adventures and battling other monsters, and she has even taken an interest in mortuary studies and the study of the dead.

She is a tall, gaunt, menacing figure with dark magic and a callous heart. She is a master of dark magics and has learned how to summon and control ghosts and even make zombies. She studied medicine and is able to concoct deadly poisons and mutagens.


Male Human Necromancer (Zombie)

STR 16 INT 12 WIS 16 DEX 12 CON 13 CHA 5


After his death in a battle in Sals Campsite, Atychiphobia was taken by a zombie. He learned to be a zombie and quickly gained much power. After a few months of being a zombie, he took up training in the Dark Lands. The powers that come with being a zombie are still a mystery to him, but he plans on learning more powers and becoming a stronger undead creature.

Atychiphobia is not certain why he is a zombie instead of a ghoul. He hopes that one day he will be able to figure it out. He dreams of becoming the most powerful creature in Zaidan and returning to Grabisco and taking his revenge on those who killed him. Atychiphobia was once a powerful cleric man who led many people in the kingdom of Grabisco.

The king, along with a necromancer, had him murdered and his soul taken. He awoke as a zombie in the Dark Lands and after a while, he learned to use his new powers and the powers that come with being a zombie. He found himself as a zombie necromancer and has been learning new powers and gaining more power over time.

He has also gained a lot of skills such as moving quickly, a special attack, and becoming corporeal. He dreams of becoming the strongest zombie in the Dark Lands and one day returning to Grabisco and taking his revenge. One day.


Female Dwarf Rogue (Zombie)

STR 11 INT 12 WIS 11 DEX 9 CON 16 CHA 5


The undead corpse of Dourgax was found by a group of dwarves in Jhekra. Unable to bury her in the earth, they carried the dead body back to their homeland of Grabisco. Dourgax awoke as a zombie. The dwarves have no use for her, so they dumped her at Tjara’s gate. There, she was pulled apart by the undead of Tjara. She was torn to shreds and her bones were scattered through the Dark Lands.

Dourgax did not like being discarded and fought to survive. She found herself in Tjara, and managed to escape the notice of Tjara’s undead. Hiding in the shadows, she has escaped death and has gained strength and new abilities. Dourgax’s arms and legs are completely gone, but she has found new abilities by practicing magic and exploring the Dark Lands. She has white eyes, a pale face, and a slimy body.

There is nothing left of her old life. She now mostly wanders the Dark Lands, searching for new skills to learn. She has learned to layer her living flesh with bones that were recovered from the Dark Lands. Dourgax has powerful Zombie magic, but she does not yet have much control over her appendages. She spends most of her time fighting in the arena, but she is also searching for a way to return to Grabisco. She has not yet learned how to do it.

Dourgax is fascinated by the living population of the Dark Lands and wants to learn more about them. She is learning how to steal from them. She is also learning to use weapons and find better places to hide, as well as learning new physical skills such as swinging from ropes and climbing walls.

Eventually, she hopes to learn enough new magic to escape Tjara and return to the Dark Lands to find her enemies. Then, she will return to Grabisco and defeat them. She dreams of one day returning to Grabisco as a powerful undead lich.

Ugly Mary

Female Human Ranger (Zombie)

STR 14 INT 11 WIS 14 DEX 7 CON 17 CHA 3


Ugly Mary, a ranger, found herself in the Dark Lands after her untimely demise. This was a horrible shock at first, followed by severe disappointment. Ugly Mary, known for her beauty, had hoped to remain beautiful after death. She had not planned on becoming a zombie.

Ugly Mary was soon revived by a necromancer. She also found out she was pregnant. Over the passing years, Ugly Mary’s group grew. She enjoyed zombie life, although her pregnancy became a problem. She could almost not raise her brood in the aftermath of the White Spider’s attack on the Dark Lands.

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She was forced to move her family to the Dark Lands, which was dangerous. At that time, she had to leave her children behind when they were attacked. She managed to save three of her children, but she still has not had the opportunity to rescue the other two.

Over the years, Ugly Mary has had many adventures as a zombie in the Dark Lands. She learned to use a bow and has begun learning other martial arts. She has learned to use magic and become corporeal. She is now searching the world for her lost children. Ugly Mary used to be beautiful and attractive.

Now, she is plain and ugly, with no respect from anyone. But, she is still a good mother to her kids and will stop at nothing to rescue the rest of her family members, even though that might prove impossible.

D&D Zombie Character Generator

Want to make your own D&D zombie character backstories? Head over to LitRPG Adventures Workshop. You’ll be able to create your own backstories, magic items, creatures, locations, and more. I’ve got some videos on YouTube that show the Workshop in action. They also discuss where I want to take this project next. I hope you have time to check them out. Thanks for your time! +42 xp for you!

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