D&D Random Armor Generator Examples

I’ve got some exciting D&D random armor generator examples to show you. The content below was created with the LitRPG Adventures Workshop, an RPG content generator powered by GPT-3 API. You might also be interested in our D&D random encounter tables collection. After the samples below, keep reading to learn more about LitRPG Adventures Workshop and how you can create your own tabletop RPG content.

D&D Random Armor Generator Examples

Here’s a few quick examples of what you can create with the D&D random armor generator I’ve created.

Bracers of the Ice Giant

Created by O-Face

Item Type: Armor (Bracers)

For Levels: 1 – 5

Rarity: Common

Special Abilities:

(Armor) (+1 Protection)


These bracers look to be made of an icy metal but they are actually made of a very hard alloy that gives off a cold feeling. These gloves have been worn to protect the hands from the cold but they can be used for more than just that purpose. These bracers give you the ability to deal an extra 1d6 cold damage on all melee and close-quarters attacks.


Once upon a time, there was a great war between the dwarves and giants of the north. In the battle, a great warrior was killed and his body was never found. Rumor has it that his body was somehow turned into one of the pillars in the halls of Moradin.

Some say that he was turned into the very ice from the cold mountains above and it was the ice that was his body, but no one knows. This great warrior was a paladin and he was given a gift by one of the dwarven gods just before he was killed. These bracers were a gift to the warrior and they were so powerful that they could not be melted. They were not melted down for many years in the halls of Moradin. Now the halls are empty and the bracers lay undiscovered.

D&D Random Armor Generator
D&D Random Armor Generator Example Image

Ashen Gauntlets

Created Nikix

Item Type: Armor (Gauntlets)

For Levels: 4 – 30

Rarity: Common

Special Abilities:

(Heal) (Restore Mana)


It is said that these gauntlets were the final gift from a powerful cleric of Paladine to her brother before he left into the wilds to live out his life in solitude. Her brother, being a rambunctious youth, got into lots of trouble in his younger days.

Many times the cleric found herself having to rescue her brother from some irate parent, angry shopkeeper or dangerous creature. So the cleric crafted these gauntlets and gave them to her brother as a final gift to protect him from the evils of the world.

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The cleric heard stories that her brother had been safely brought to the wilds, so she returned to her home. This haughty cleric was a woman of great power and great goodness, but she was also a selfish woman. She soon returned to her home to the dirt streets of her village and never again thought of her brother.

The Breastplate of the Flayed Heart

Created by Karkis

Item Type: Armor (Breastplate)

For Levels: 1 – 10

Rarity: Uncommon

Special Abilities:

(Elemental Magic) (Divination)


This is a normal breastplate. It has been seen as black with a bright red glow behind it. It has a large ‘F’ engraved on the back of it. The 1st version of this breastplate was made from the skin of a flayed person. When this breastplate is equipped, a 5th level priest can cast the following spells:

  • Cure Minor Wounds 1x per day.
  • Lesser Restoration 1x per day.


In the past, a mayor was brutal and merciless. He loved to watch people suffer and then kill them. He killed many people and even his own son. The son was a loving and kind person who was devout in his faith in his god. His father hated religion and those who followed it.

When the son reached the age of fifteen, he ran away and found refuge in a forest. He is then found by a wood elf named Rhinuss. Rhinuss is a follower of the goddess of nature and she took the boy in and taught him the ways of the forest.

She taught him the ways of the elves and the ballads that were written in the forest. The boy was entranced with the magic and rituals and he became a great druid. His father who was still mayor held a tournament for the best swordsmen.

He invited all the notable swordsmen and princes. His son came in first place and his father could not believe it. When the son asked to go back to the forest he was told no. His father wanted him to come to the royal castle so his son could be at his side and help him become king by his side.

The son did not want to do this and the father threatened to kill him if he didn’t do as he was told. The father then sent his guards to the forest and they captured the son and brought him back to the castle. The son knew that his father did this for the sole goal of having his son at his side.

The druid now had a choice to make. He could stand up to his father and die or stand down and let his father kill him. The druid did the only thing that he could do. He let his father go on and he made a deal with the devil.

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