5 Random RPG Monster Generator Examples

I’ve put together five random RPG monster generator examples for you. (Update! Now including AI generated art!) These were created with the generators at LitRPG Adventures which is powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI.

After giving you the samples, I’ll explain a bit more about my other site and how you can generate your own monsters for your fantasy tabletop RPG campaign whether it’s D&D, Pathfinder, or another system.

Vuj – Medium Monstrous humanoid Plant

STR 11 INT 18 WIS 11 DEX 12 CON 15 CHA 14

Challenge Rating: 2

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Terrain: Any Environment

Attacks: (Melee Combat Weapons) (Melee Combat Natural) (Claws)

Special Abilities: (Spellcasting)


Resembling a dryad, this creature is covered in bark-like skin and is covered in dark brown hair. Large, bat-like ears and a muzzle-like face give it a feral and brutish appearance. A long, sinewy tail extends down to its feet and ends in a fork. Its hands and feet are tipped with long claws.

Combat Strategy / Tactics:

Vuj are savage hunters and predators, and they attack anything on sight. They will not stop hunting until their prey is dead. A Vuj has four arms and has a prehensile tail.

History / Lore:

Vuj are solitary creatures and don’t typically gather in large groups of their own kind. They reside in forests and jungles of the world and prey on smaller creatures of the forest and jungle, and occasionally raid and waylay lone travelers and settlers of their land.

Duf – Medium Ooze Water

STR 13 INT 15 WIS 13 DEX 13 CON 14 CHA 12

Challenge Rating: 5

Terrain: Forest Environment

Attacks: (Melee Combat Natural) (Claws) (Strangle)

Special Abilities: (Electrical Damage)


Duf is a large, rubbery, amoeba-like creature. It is semi-transparent and colorless, and about the size of a large dog. With no defined organs, it is hard to tell where its “mouth” is, but it is presumed that the creature absorbs food through its skin. It also has two long tendrils that it uses for locomotion.

Combat Strategy / Tactics:

Duf hides in the undergrowth and waits for prey to come to it. If it needs to, it can jump and squeeze through small cracks and holes.

History / Lore:

There is not much information about the Duf. They were originally thought to be a freak of nature, but they have been seen more and more as of late.

Wolv – Wolf Head Mimic

STR 12 INT 10 WIS 12 DEX 12 CON 11 CHA 14

Created By: Durin
Alignment: Neutral Good
Challenge Rating: 5
Age: 31 – 2000 Years (Adult)


A mimic that looks like a wolf’s head. Wolv has the ability to talk, and he can cast spells like magic missile, gust of wind, fireball, or animate dead.

Creation Story:

Wolv was created by a wizard named Durin. Wolv was created under an odd circumstance; Durin was not using a spell of friendship, but he still had the good sense to give Wolv the ability to communicate with other creatures, and even to cast spells, which was probably the only reason that Durin continued to live.

Wolv was deemed a “failure” and placed in a dungeon in a cell with no light. He resolved to escape the dungeon, but when he escaped, he was free in the world. He decided to live in an abandoned cave in the wilderness. He was able to live there in peace, and he spent his time in the dark, in the dungeon, in happy memories of his master Durin.

He was alone in the dark for a very long time. He met someone in the dark, and the two of them lived in the darkness, with only memories of the past. One day, a spellcaster named Frahd was taken to the dungeon by Durin. The spellcaster never left, and was never able to escape. Frahd and Wolv lived in the dungeon for a few years. Wolv and Frahd talked and talked and talked, and decided to escape one night.

They nearly made it, but were caught by Durin. Durin was angry, and he killed Frahd and sent Wolv back to his prison with a spell of loneliness. He was still in the dark, and he was still lonely, but he was able to hear sounds from the outside world. He used his hearing to escape from the dungeon again. He was free again. He wanted revenge on Durin, but he needed a way to defeat him.

He figured that Durin had magic on his side, but he had more magic on his side, too. He decided to create a couple of copies of himself…but the spell went terribly wrong, and Wolv was created in more than a few places. Wolv was a mimic.


Although Wolv has a lot of magic on his side, he is still lonely. He likes to have friends, and he does have a few friends.

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Wolv likes to swallow his opponents whole which happens on a critical hit.

Random RPG Monster Generator
Random RPG Monster Generator

Eyx – Large Magical beast Chaotic

STR 7 INT 13 WIS 7 DEX 14 CON 12 CHA 14

Challenge Rating: 9

Terrain: Jungle Environment

Attacks: (Melee Combat Natural) (Claws) (Tail) (Ranged Combat Natural)

Special Abilities: (x2 Damage)


The image of a rough-skinned, black-scaled humanoid with large, bat-like wings and a long beard that reaches down to its knees is not a pretty sight. Eyx is a dark, brooding figure with large, red, glowing wings. He is a force of violence and destruction, and he will take violent action if his demands aren’t met. He is a creature of the Abyss and a twisted brute, and his appearance reflects it.

Combat Strategy / Tactics:

Eyx is a brash and aggressive fighter, and he charges into combat with a feral rage, following his prey with his large, bat-like wings until he can strike a killing blow. He is a skilled melee combat fighter, hitting his enemy with his bulk and strength, but he is also a powerful spellcaster and uses his mastery of magic to enhance his combat abilities. He uses the ability to move through the air as a form of attack, but he prefers a close-range battle to a long-range battle.

History / Lore:

Eyx is a foul and dark being of evil, and his magic is a living nightmare. He has no allies and has been known to strangle his own offspring if they don’t live up to his expectations. Eyx has no conscience and will kill without mercy, as long as he gets what he wants. He is a fiend incarnate and may not be trusted.

Voo Doo – Large Reptilian Chaotic

Challenge Rating: 20

Terrain: Any Environment

Attacks: (Melee Combat Natural) (Claws) (Tail) (Ranged Combat Natural)

Special Abilities: (x2 Damage) (Spellcasting)


This creature resembles a mottled blue and black lizard with red eyes and jagged yellow teeth. It has a long tail and a scaly hide. Its skin is scaled and mottled, and its skin color is strikingly beautiful. It has large muscles and powerful arms and legs.

Combat Strategy / Tactics:

This creature is very large and powerful. A Voo Doo likes to fight at a distance but it will come in for the kill if necessary. While it can use its tail and claws for melee combat, its primary attack while fighting at a distance is a purple ray that does some sort of weird and powerful damage.

History / Lore:

The Voo Doo is a powerful lizard like dragon that has had different names over the years. A few hundred years ago, it was called a Purple Worm, but after magic was outlawed, it became known by its more common name, Voo Doo.

It was said that the Voo Doo was spawned by a mage who made a pact with some evil creature in exchange for power over the world. The mage traded the heart of his daughter in exchange for this power.

Well, the mage did get what he wanted, but the Voo Doo slipped its leash and went on a killing spree. Now this creature is not so much evil but it is somewhat chaotic, so it is dangerous to have any dealings with it.

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Random RPG Monster Generator

Want to generate your own monsters? Head over to LitRPG Adventures. I’ve put together a set of 24+ advanced RPG generators powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI, one of the most powerful language models on the planet. You can also visit Mimic Maker to see more mimic samples.

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