RPG Book Generator Examples

Looking for an RPG book generator? I’ve built one with GPT-3 API, one of the largest language models in the world. Yes, I got access to super-advanced AI, and I taught it D&D. Below are some samples of books generated with the LitRPG Adventures Workshop. I’m working on making it better with things like D&D Random Encounter Tables and more, so stay tuned.

RPG Book Generator Samples

Here are just a few books (and scrolls and spellbooks) created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop. I’ll have more information on the tool at the bottom of this post, so keep reading all the way to the end if you’re interested in using our RPG book generator yourself.

Book of Ancient Days

Created by Pabro

Item Type: Book

For Levels: 100 – 150

Rarity: Rare

Special Abilities:

(Elemental Magic) (Divination) (Meteor) (Meteorites)


This is a book of ancient days. It is written in the oldest of languages. It is rumored to hold great power. The pages contain information about the first day that the universe was created. It is not known how to read this book, or what it contains.


This book was once a legend. It is said that long ago, in a time before any other, a great king created this book within an ancient temple. The temple was filled with many powerful artifacts of magic, and many people sought after these artifacts.

However, access to the temple was forbidden to all but the king. Legends say that those who sought after the books became more powerful because of their quest. Although, in reality, the people who yearned for the power had no control over the artifact’s power, and they were briefly drawn to its power, before being drawn to the next artifact.

Scholarly minds speculate that this book is a lost artifact from those who searched for the powerful artifacts of magic. It is also believed that it may be an artifact created by those who searched for the powerful artifacts to help them attain their power.

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However, no one is sure of anything. Although the legends do not say it, many have speculated that many of the artifacts and artifacts born from the quest of the powerful artifacts were scattered throughout the realm. One of the most popular speculations is that the book may be an artifact away from the power of the questing artifacts, meant to be found by those who have lived through the quest.

Zorn’s Book of Chaos Magic Encounters

Created by Zorn

Item Type: Book

For Levels: 100 – 101

Rarity: Epic

Special Abilities:

(Chaos Magic) (Arcane) (Random)


This small, hardback book is bound in leather and has the name “Zorn” embroidered in gold on its front cover. The pages are handwritten in a beautiful script, bound together by a small brass clasp. The ink is black, but as you approach it seems to change color, from dark purple to bright red.

When opened the pages have the scent of smoke. The pages are filled with spells from first to last, written in a script that is hard to read. Zorn’s spells are for wizards, and are both arcane and chaotic in nature.

Archivists who have studied this book have found that often the text is seemingly meaningless, but the tables and charts within it are very useful for those who have the ability to decipher the text.


This book was commissioned by the Godess Verana to be written by Nikolas Zorn, her arch-mage, and given to her for her and her personal use. It is the most complete and powerful text on both chaotic and arcane magic ever written.

It is a witness to history, and has never been copied in any way. Nikolas Zorn was once the chief archivist of the first age, and his work is the single greatest achievement in archiving.

Conflaguration Scroll

Created by Vassily

Item Type: Scroll

For Levels: 40 – 51

Rarity: Uncommon

Special Abilities:

(Summon Creature) (Necromancy) (Shield) (Armor)


This is a scroll the priest, Vassily created with the help of the Wizard, Leilah. The scroll, when dropped on the ground, will summon a dragon. Its name is Konflagur, and it is very feared by the people of Zaidan. The scroll has a very short life span of 10 minutes.


“Conflaguration scroll can be used to summon the scaly beast Konflagur, which has the power to send troops running. It is not invincible, but it is mighty. The scroll will summon the beast for a limited time.”

Eighteen year old Leilah was in the mountains for his studies to become a wizard. He was trained by Leilah, but has since left and returned to his homeland.

Vassily, a priest who worships the Ancient God, Phobo, is passing through the area, and has learned that the Ancient God is being resurrected. He is on a pilgrimage to find the scroll in order to prevent the resurrection.

He created the scroll himself by adding the inscriptions to the outer parchment of a dragon tongue scroll.

The Codex of Ultimate Power

Created by DFG

Item Type: Spellbook

For Levels: 200 – 333

Rarity: Legendary

Special Abilities:

(Restore Mana) (Elemental Magic) (Wish) (Wishes) (Grant) (Telepathy) (Orb) (Raise Dead) (Animate Dead) (Transmute)


This spellbook is dark and thick, and has been worn at the edges from centuries of use. The cover looks like beaten metal. Once a spellbook is opened, a strange blue light seems to come from within the book itself.


Probably the greatest book of magic ever created, “The Codex of Ultimate Power” was created by DFG, a famous scholar and adventurer from the Arch-Age of the world.

DFG had collected many powerful spells over his long life, and decided to record all of his best spells for others to share. DFG died in his sleep, but not before he completed the Codex of Ultimate Power.

His last wish was that the Codex be handed down to his eldest son, who was to be the next head of the DFG clan. The Codex was so powerful that everyone was astonished by it. Over the centuries, the DFG Clan became a very powerful one by virtue of the power of the Codex.

The power of the Codex was too much for any one single person, so it was decided that the Codex would be passed down to the next eldest male. The Codex passed down through the ages, and some of it’s greatest and most powerful spells were lost to time.

Spell Book of the Healer

Created by D. M. Cornish

Item Type: Spellbook

For Levels: 3 – 30

Rarity: Uncommon

Special Abilities:



This spellbook is bound in a brown leather cover. The book contains two hundred sheets, each with ink that is stained by evergreen leaves. It is primarily used by healers to aid them in their travels to remote places. It is also a favorite of bards for the fact that it can aid them in the casting of healing spells.


The author and the details of this book are unknown. Though some say that it was written by the great mage D.M. Cornish, many have argued that it was written by some other great mage who wanted to remain anonymous.

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At any rate, the book is not very famous, at least not until it became common to cast healing spells in times of war. With the rise of healing spells, the demand for more healing magic rose, and this book was sought after.

It is one of the most prized spellbooks in the land. The book is very fragile and should not be transported around in the wilderness. It should be protected by a competent wizard who does not have a habit of casting healing spells.

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