DND Vampire Backstory Generator and Examples: Quench Yourself

Looking for a neat D&D vampire backstory generator? I’ve got you covered! There’s a few great examples below. At the bottom of the page, I have some more information on LitRPG Adventures Workshop which I used to create all the vampire backstories on this page. Keep reading to the very end to learn more about this powerful tool for D&D players. Now, on to the vamps!

D&D Vampire Backstory Examples

These are just a few D&D vampire backstory examples you can use. I’ve included a couple different races to mix it up a bit. Hope you find it useful!


STR 16 INT 14 WIS 16 DEX 8 CON 16 CHA 7

Male Dark Elf Bard (Vampire)


Lanni was a bold and talented bard in the kingdom of Grabisco. He loved music and literature, and became a beloved bard. He was also a bloodthirsty killer. He traveled to Durgen’s Delusion, where he was slain in battle. He awoke as a vampire.

He continued playing music. He got even more powerful when he found his vampiric powers. He is now a deadly master vampire and plans to continue to grow in power. He plans to continue killing and drinking blood to become a vampire Overlord.

Lanni has achieved quite a bit since he was turned. He has learned to cast spells and wield weapons. He is planning to learn how to cast magic and wield weapons while being corporeal. He dreams of becoming a vampire Overlord and ruling the Dark Lands. He seeks power and loves killing. He also loves drinking blood.

He can also use vampiric magic such as mind control and illusion. He is unable to leave the Dark Lands as long as he is a vampire, but he knows if he continues to kill and drink blood, he will one day turn into a vampire Overlord and possess the ability to cross over to the living world.

Lanni plans to travel and explore the Dark Lands and beyond. He plans to visit other kingdoms and make friends with other races. He is also working on his plans to eventually free the spirits in the Dark Lands from their imprisonment. He isn’t sure if he can do it, but he plans on trying. He dreams of the day he can return to the living world.

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Ondroth Oakbarrel

STR 9 INT 12 WIS 9 DEX 13 CON 13 CHA 12

Female Dwarf Fighter (Vampire)


Ondroth was an experienced fighter and swordsman in the land of Grabisco. She’d fought many battles and saved the life of her young prince. She died, and awoke in the Dark Lands. She was the target of many attacks during her time there and began to feel weak. Her bloodlust did not abate.

She became a vampire and soon sought as much blood as she could get her hands on. She ultimately joined a team of vampires and learned how to become corporeal. She has had some setbacks since then, but continues to practice with her future team.

By the time she is able to return to Grabisco, Ondroth will have grown stronger and will not be so easily defeated. She dreams of becoming a vampire Overlord and ruling over the rest of the Dark Lands. Her plans have been greatly challenged after she was attacked by the White Spider.

She was reduced to her human form, and now gropes to find out who was responsible. She is frustrated by this setback and wants to kill everyone, especially those who attacked her. Ondroth plans to travel the world, but mostly she plans to kill and drink.

She has no real agenda, other than killing people and maybe other vampires. She wants to gather an army and destroy the White Spider without even knowing why. While she thinks about her future, Ondroth plans to drink and kill and then sleep. Her powers are greater than ever, and she is hard to kill. The vampire will eventually regain most of her power, but much of her time is still spent trying to uncover who was responsible for her fall.

D&D Vampire Backstory


STR 20 INT 8 WIS 20 DEX 13 CON 12 CHA 12

Male Minotaur Ranger (Vampire)


Lazerus was a Minotaur Ranger of the Lava Abys clan. When Lazerus died, he became a vampire and wandered the Dark Lands. He was confused for a time, but then he became accustomed to his new life and learned a few tricks.

Over time, he has learned to speak with his mind, levitate, and sense life from a distance. He has learned to consume blood and to turn skeletons into a zombie. Lazerus has powerful skills and great powers but has not yet learned how to make himself corporeal.

He hopes to one day learn to materialize. He has learned to continue to hunt for prey and he has developed a taste for human flesh. As a vampire, he has also learned to fly and to manipulate the minds of the living. Lazerus dreams of possessing incredible power and becoming a Dark Lord.

He is on his way, but not sure how long it will take. He is a bit grumpy. He enjoys being a vampire and seems to have adjusted to his new abilities. He often vanishes and materializes from place to place. He also enjoys flying and flies wherever he is needed. Lazerus has some powerful skills and has learned to use his abilities well.

He has not yet learned about the powers of magic. Lazerus plans on developing his powers in the Dark Lands and perfecting his hunting skills. He has not left the Dark Lands since he died, but soon he will suddenly appear and scare people. He has had some difficulty with the White Spider, but he plans to continue to fight.

The White Spider attacked him in the middle of the night, but Lazerus scared him away by transforming into a bat and attacking him. Lazerus took advantage of the fact that he was an undead creature, and the White Spider was afraid of him. He didn’t want to fight.

Lazerus plans to go back to Grabisco and conquer. He plans on turning the whole town into undead and using it as a base. He will then raise an army and take over the entire country. He does not know yet what he will do with the undead army.

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