D&D Bard Backstory Generator & Examples

Looking for a D&D bard backstory? I’ve got some good news for you. Below you’ll find several backstories of various 5e DnD bards. At the end of the page, you can find out more about LitRPG Adventures Workshop which I used to create their bard backstories. If you become a member, you can create your own unique backstories and browse our library of thousands of monsters, backstories, magic items, locations, taverns, and more. Be sure to check out our D&D random encounter tables page too.

D&D Bard Backstory Examples

Here’s just a few D&D bard backstory examples created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop. Be sure to grab your bard dice and shake them for luck!

Gus Mackleberry

Male Halfling Bard

STR 11 INT 6 WIS 11 DEX 14 CON 14 CHA 15

Born in Nuffelstad (Grabisco Kingdom)


Gus was born to a family of farmhands. As he grew older, he attended the local school in Grabisco, but was expelled after a few years on account of his love of gambling. He ended up leaving the farm and joining a group of traveling performers.

Over the years, he moved around drinking and dating, making occasional money here and there by being a stagehand and horseman. One day, he decided to join an adventuring group. His years of training and performing came in handy and he managed to make a decent living in Grabisco while enjoying himself at the same time. He was happy.


The first think you’ll notice about Gus is his eyelids, which rest halfway down his face. And then there’s his belly, which looks like it might burst. He eats and drinks everything in sight. While he drinks with the best of them, he is not without a strong moral code. He’s a good friend to have at your back, but he tends to be a bit self-centered at times.


Gus is overweight, balding, and has a sallow complexion. He is always clean-shaven and wears a tricorn hat. He has a puppy-dog look about him. His favorite weapon is a rapier, and he loves to sing and play the flute whenever he can.

Start of Character:

Gus found himself in the Kingdom of Grabisco due to an unfortunate series of events. He is eager to get back to his adventurers life of drinking, singing, and fighting.


Female Centaur Bard

STR 13 INT 14 WIS 11 DEX 17 CON 8 CHA 15

Born in Xylia’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)


Nécé grew up in Xylia’s camp in the Grabisco Kingdom. She lives there with her mother, Xylia, a medic in the Xylia’s band of centaurs. She is an independent and curious half-centaur youth.


Nécé is inquisitive and a bit mischievous. She loves pranks and playing jokes on her friends and family. She can be kind at times, but when she’s upset, she can be extremely stubborn.

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Nécé has a strong build with short, black hair. She has bright green eyes and the body of a centaur.

Start of Character:

Nécé is traveling around Grabisco and has managed to make a few friends and a few enemies. She carries a magical guitar which she uses to cast spells while she sings. Her goal is to impress the centaurs of Xylia’s band and become part of their tribe. She is only half-centaur, but she hopes that being a bard will help earn her a spot in the tribe.

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Male Half-Orc Bard

STR 12 INT 12 WIS 12 DEX 17 CON 8 CHA 13

Born in Dola’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)


Jirnany grew up in the kingdom of Grabisco with his half-orc father, who was an official in the Grabisco army. The two were inseparable and often worked together to keep the kingdom safe from danger.

Jirnany’s father got killed in a battle against a drow army that was trying to take over the kingdom. Jirnany, distraught, resolved to avenge his father’s death and one day become a powerful enough warrior to defeat the drow and their allies.

He trained in the use of the short sword and shield and eventually became a powerful warrior. He has now sworn to bring a bloody end to the drow and everyone else who opposes him.


Jirnany is quick to anger and quick to act. He is a little indifferent to the feelings of others, but he’s fiercely loyal to those who are loyal to him.


He has a blue tattoo on his arm that represents his father. It looks like a half-orc, half-human hybrid, each side mirroring the other. His hair is black and his skin is a light green. He wears a black short-sleeved shirt and brown leather pants.

Start of Character:

Jirnany has decided to travel across the Grabisco Kingdom to expand his fighting skills and become a powerful warrior. He is so intent on avenging his father that he doesn’t know for sure what he will do once his quest is fulfilled.

Ulvar (“Knives”) Mabbiport

Male Troglodyte Bard

STR 18 INT 7 WIS 18 DEX 16 CON 9 CHA 16

Born in Mabbiport (Island) (Grabisco Kingdom)


Ulvar was born in the wilderness of Mabbiport, to a rogue and a troglodyte. His parents were both rogues, but Ulvar wanted to use his skills to help others rather than steal from them. He grew up in the wilderness, learning from his mother how to hunt with a bow and help forage for food.

At one point, his mother decided she had to move on. She left behind their belongings and Ulvar lived on his own for the first time. He learned to use a dagger to forage for food. He learned the ways of the rogue from a tribe of troglodytes in the nearby jungle.

Ulvar remained in the woods for years, living off the land and training himself in the ways of the rogue. He dreamed of someday finding a city like Mabbiport where he could support himself.


Ulvar is a kind and trustworthy being. He believes in justice and fairness. He is sometimes a bit naïve when dealing with the unscrupulous. He hates to see people suffer and will do anything he can to help alleviate their pain.


Ulvar has a tough exterior. He has a well-worn dark green cloak as well as tattered leather gloves. His dark eyes, brown hair, and tan skin make him blend in with the rest of the rogue’s guild members.

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Start of Character:

Ulvar wandered the city of Mabbiport, looking for work. He was happy to find a job in the local thieves guild as a bard and musician. He was happy to wear his cloak, to play his music, and to help the city and its people all at once.

D&D Bard Backstory Generator

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