Random Encounter Table Non-Combat: D20

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Random Encounter Table Non-Combat? I’ve got you covered. Below are twenty interesting non-combat wilderness encounters for your tabletop RPG (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.) At the bottom of the page, I have some information on Random Fantasy Tables 1, an ebook and print book I put together with 30 great random tables for RPGs.

Non-Combat Random Encounter Table

Roll 1d20 to find a non-combat random encounter for your fantasy adventure.

  1. Two gnomes approach the party and ask if they have seen a halfling nearby. If the party says no, the gnomes will be completely flabbergasted, and ask how they could have missed him if he was anywhere nearby, as he is very easy to see. If the party says yes, the gnomes will scamper off in whichever direction the party points. If the players ask more, the gnomes’ names are Durg and Dung, and they are part of a group of gnomes who are traveling to a distant lands to search for similarly minded individuals.
  2. A hooded figure stands in the center of the road. The hood is wrapped tightly around their face, but they appear to be a human woman. She will ask the party if they are travelers heading in any particular direction, and if they say they are just traveling, she will ask them if they could travel with her to a nearby village, as she has recently escaped from a prison camp where she had been held prisoner. Her captors have returned looking for her, and she has little time to get away. If the party says no, she will thank them for their time and leave. If the players say yes, she will join them but remain uncharacteristically quiet unless questioned.
  3. An old man is walking down the road, dressed in strange garb, and muttering to himself in a foreign language. If he sees the party, he may stop and ask if they know where “it” is. If the players ask about “it” the man will reply “the one that is coming”. He will then continue to mutter and walk off. After a moment, the party may hear the man say in a louder voice “oh, good! You know where it is. Thank you!” The man is quite insane and might be persuaded to give up all his possessions for information on “it.”
  4. A lone horse is wandering down the road, kicking at the dirt with one of its hooves. When the horse sees the party, it will start trotting, and then galloping towards them until it is quite close, at which point it will suddenly stop and run away.
  5. A large tree stands in the middle of the road, and a massive spider’s webs are strung between the branches of the tree. A large spider is in the center of the web, cocooned inside it. When the party approaches, they will see that the spider is not moving at all. If the party investigates further, they will see that the spider has been dead for some time, but they will also notice that there is an egg sac attached to the spider’s body. The egg sac is about the size of a human head and very light, almost hollow. Players can crush the egg sac or not.
  6. A young woman is standing in the middle of the road, waiting for someone. She is dressed in fine clothes, but she looks worried. When she sees a party approaching, she moves to one side of the road and bows low in a sign of respect. If any member of the party stops to talk to her, she will try to explain that she is a messenger from her village, and she has been sent to find a great hero, or perhaps a group of heroes so that they may come back to her village and rid it of a group of men who are terrorizing the town. One of her uncles has been killed, her brother is missing, and all the people of the town are hiding in their houses, afraid because they do not know how many more will fall.
  7. A small camp has been set up on the side of the road. There is a fire, with a pot hanging over it. There are no people there, but there is a note, held down by a rock. If the party investigates, they will find it is a note that says “hello traveler’s, come sit by our fire and share a meal.” There are cups, bowls, and spoons on the ground. Nobody will ever return to the camp.
  8. A loud noise like a cat screeching or a baby crying is heard from inside the forest where the party is facing. The noise will go on for a few minutes and then stop abruptly.
  9. A man runs into the party from the opposite direction, holding a bloody dagger and shouting that someone was trying to kill him. If he sees there are no attackers around, he will drop the dagger and run away.
  10. A group of men are running down the road, and they are dressed in armor that doesn’t fit any known culture. They shout questions at the party, like where are they? And what is going on? They are panicked and scared, and they will run away if questioned too much. If attacked, the men will flee and will not fight back.
  11. A man is sitting on the side of the road, eating a very strange looking fruit. He sees the party and laughs, asking if they would like to try his fruit. When the players ask what it is, the man says it is known in his land as the ‘fruit of the gods”, and he is willing to share a bite with any one of them, as long as they do not tell anyone what it tastes like. The fruit is sweet but will result in a stomach ache one hour later, causing penalties if in a combat situation.
  12. Three dogs scurry across the road in front of the party, barking at each other and running around. If the party tries to chase them, they will have disappeared without a trace.
  13. A group of women are walking on the side of the road wearing heavy robes, and they are singing a solemn song. They are also carrying baskets of fresh fruits. When the party comes close, one of the women will hold out an odd looking fruit and ask if any of the party would like to try it. When asked what it is, she will say it is a type of fruit the women in her village have been growing for years, but they only share it with the heroes. It is slightly sweet and very filling.
  14. The party sees a dead body on the road. It is a human male, dressed in tattered clothing, and there is a knife sticking out of his chest. The body has not started to decompose, and it is likely that whoever killed him was still around when he was killed. The body is carrying an old backpack with a few copper coins in a belt pouch.
  15. The party sees a human man running from the forest, holding his arm and crying out for help. He is unarmed and wearing ragged clothing. He will run to the party and tell them that a group of men tried to kill him, and they were coming after him. If any of the players ask about the men who attacked him, he will say they were carrying swords, and even though he doesn’t remember much from the fight, he remembers that one of them had a scar over his right eye. The man will be terrified if attacked or questioned further, and will run away.
  16. A group of men are sitting on the side of the road near a fire, roasting small birds over the flames. When the party comes near, the men will ask if they would like to join them. The birds are cooked, and they have already started to eat. If the party accepts, the men will open up and share a legend or two about the local region.
  17. The party hears the crackling of flames, and they see a man sitting by a campfire, roasting a small bird over the flames. He looks up and sees the party, and he will greet them and invite them over to his camp. The camp is a simple one, with a small tent and a satchel that he has by his side. He has absolutely nothing else, and there are no possessions around. If bribed with alcohol or coins, he will tell a few tall tales before going to bed.
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  19. A small group of men are gathered around a crate, cursing and grumbling. They are dressed in simple clothes and have the look of dock workers. One of them turns and shouts to the party, asking if they are going to help, but his tone is less than friendly. The crate is nearly 2 meters square, and one of the men has a crowbar. They need help moving the crate up the road. If the party refuses, the men will yell about not being able to get help anymore before getting back to work. The crate is rather heavy for its size, and it is impossible to open without a crowbar.
  20. The party comes upon a large tree that has fallen over, completely blocking the road. It is a massive tree. The trunk is two meters wide, and it has fallen in such a way that it is still attached to the low lying branches. An axe is stuck in the tree trunk, and it has been left by the person who felled it. A local constable will come by and accuse the players of cutting it down. They can pay the 10 silver piece fine or talk their way out of it.
  21. A group of men are walking down the road, and they appear to be completely drunk. The leader of the group is shouting and arguing with the rest of his companions, and he is the only one not staggering. When the party comes near, the leader will shout at them, trying to get them to come over. He has gone through his companions money, and he needs more. They can give him whatever they want, and he will be happy. If refused, the man will continue down the road, still shouting, and the party will have to avoid all of the men who are staggering up and down the road.

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