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Male Gremlin Druid


STR 14 INT 17 WIS 18 DEX 12 CON 13 CHA 9

Born in A small village within the Sussurian Jungle

Zul – Male Gremlin Druid

Druid Backstory: Zul’s Journey from Grabisco

Early Years in Grabisco
Nestled in the verdant embrace of Grabisco, Zul’s early life was marked by the tranquility of nature and the nurturing love of his parents. His days were filled with lessons on the harmony of the natural world and the ancient druidic traditions. The dense forests, with their hidden mysteries and whispers of ancient magic, were both his playground and classroom.

The Seeds of Wanderlust
As Zul grew, so did his curiosity about the world beyond the protective borders of his home. He would often climb the tallest trees, gazing out towards the distant mountains, dreaming of the secrets they held. His heart ached for adventure, for the stories untold that lay in the world’s hidden corners. His parents, sensing his growing restlessness, shared tales of their own youthful escapades, inadvertently fanning the flames of his wanderlust.

The Decision to Leave
The decision to leave was not sudden but a gradual realization that the path of his life lay beyond the familiar. Nights spent under the stars, listening to the symphony of the wild, confirmed his longing. Despite the safety and love of his home, Zul felt a pull stronger than any he had known – a call to explore, to learn, to grow. Finally, with a mix of excitement and sadness, he chose to step into the unknown, embracing the path of a wanderer.

Embarking on the Adventure
The day Zul left, the forest seemed to stand in silent homage to his journey. His parents, with pride and worry etched on their faces, bestowed upon him their blessings and a few cherished keepsakes. With a heart full of dreams and a spirit as free as the wind, Zul ventured into the world. Each step was a dance of freedom and discovery, marking the beginning of an epic saga that would weave his name into the tapestry of legends.

Personality: The Heart of a Druid

Unwavering Loyalty
In Zul’s world, loyalty is not just a virtue but a guiding principle. He holds it as sacred as the ancient oaths of the druids. This unshakable loyalty often leads him into challenging situations, as he would brave any danger to aid those he holds dear. His friends find in him a steadfast ally, unwavering in his commitment, sometimes to the point of recklessness.

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Innocence and Wisdom
Zul’s naivety, a vestige of his sheltered upbringing, belies the deep wisdom he possesses. His view of the world is tinted with an innocence that sees the best in people and situations. However, this innocence does not cloud his intellect. He approaches challenges with a keen mind, blending youthful optimism with a wisdom that seems beyond his years.

The Open-Hearted Wanderer
His openness to new experiences and people is one of Zul’s most endearing qualities. He believes in the power of friendship and unity, often going out of his way to bridge gaps and heal divisions. His belief that everyone, regardless of their background, has some good in them, makes him a beloved figure among those who know him.

The Growth of a Druid
Zul’s journey is as much inward as it is outward. With each adventure, he grows not just in knowledge but in spirit. His experiences shape him, honing his instincts and deepening his connection to the natural world. He is a living embodiment of the druidic ethos, understanding that every creature, every plant, every stone has a story, and he is eager to learn them all.

Appearance: The Druid’s Visage

Gremlin Heritage
Zul’s gremlin ancestry is evident in his unique physical features. His light brown hair, often tousled by the wind, frames a face that is a tapestry of his lineage. His wide nose and small ears, characteristic of his kin, give him a distinctive appearance that sets him apart from other druids.

Attire in Harmony with Nature
His attire is a reflection of his connection with nature. Clad in simple brown robes that flow with his movements, he seems almost a part of the forest itself. The clothes are designed for practicality and ease, allowing him to move freely through the dense underbrush and rugged terrain of his travels.

Physical Attributes
Zul’s slender build and slightly elongated face give him an air of grace and agility. His height, shorter than average, is compensated by his spry movements and keen senses, honed by years of living in tune with the natural world. His eyes, bright and curious, mirror the earthy tones of the forest.

Armed for the Wild
When it comes to combat, Zul is prepared with both a staff and a spear, each imbued with druidic magic and crafted from the sacred woods of Grabisco. The staff is a symbol of his connection

Start of Character:

Having found himself in the town of Blinkenberg, Zul decides to travel throughout Grabisco to see all the wonders it has to offer.

Female Wood Elf Druid


STR 16 INT 15 WIS 13 DEX 17 CON 16 CHA 16

Born in The Grove of the Autumn Night

Druid Backstory: Sarsaparilla of the Autumn Grove

The Autumn Grove: A Sanctuary of the Wood Elves
In the heart of the wilderness, shrouded in the golden hues of perpetual autumn, lies the Grove of the Autumn Night, a sacred sanctuary of the wood elves. Here, amidst the ancient trees and rustling leaves, the elves live in harmony with nature, far removed from the clamor and corruption of human civilizations. They hold a deep-seated belief that the relentless advance of humanity poses a dire threat to the natural world, a belief that shapes their isolated existence.

Sarsaparilla: The Hermit of the Grove
Among the wood elves, Sarsaparilla stands as an enigma. Her reclusive nature sets her apart from her kin. She is seen as an eccentric, a druid whose ways and thoughts are as untamed as the wilderness she calls home. Unlike her peers, she has formed a rare bond with a spirit animal, a testament to her profound connection with the natural realm. This bond, while revered, also adds to her mystique and the perception of her as an outlier within her community.

The Spirit Animal and Solitude
Sarsaparilla’s spirit animal is not just a companion but a symbol of her unique path in druidism. This ethereal bond marks her as a guardian of the wild, one who walks a solitary path, driven by a purpose that transcends the ordinary. Her solitary nature is not just a preference but a necessity, as it allows her to commune deeply with the spirits of nature and her own inner wisdom, guiding her on her enigmatic journey.

A Mission Beyond the Ordinary
Despite her isolation, Sarsaparilla is far from disconnected. She perceives herself as a sentinel of nature, tasked with a mission of monumental importance. Her travels across Grabisco are not aimless wanderings but purposeful strides towards a goal only she fully understands. She views her mission as a sacred duty, a crusade to protect the natural world from unseen threats and to maintain the balance that her people hold dear.

Personality: The Enigmatic Druid

Self-Aware Eccentricity
Sarsaparilla is acutely aware of how others perceive her, and she embraces her eccentricity with a hint of defiance. She sees the world through a lens different from most, and in her mind, those who label her as crazy are the ones who fail to see the larger picture. Her unconventional worldview is a source of strength, allowing her to pursue her goals with unwavering conviction.

The Lone Wanderer
Her solitary nature is not borne of misanthropy but a chosen path to fulfill her destiny. Sarsaparilla is a druid who has no desire for companionship or social ties, finding her purpose and companionship in the whispers of the wind and the secrets of the forest. Her journey is a solitary one, but it is filled with the voices of nature that guide and comfort her.

The Crusader of Jabajaba
Sarsaparilla is a fervent believer in the great and powerful Jabajaba, an entity or force she perceives as central to her mission. Her belief in Jabajaba drives her, fueling her travels and her crusade. This belief, though enigmatic to others, is the cornerstone of her existence, a guiding light in the often shadowy paths she treads.

Resilience in the Face of Setbacks
Despite the challenges and setbacks she encounters, Sarsaparilla’s resolve remains unshaken. She is a figure of resilience, undeterred by the trials that her journey brings. Her mission, in her eyes, is larger than herself, and she is steadfast in her pursuit, a testament to her indomitable spirit.

Appearance: The Ethereal Druid

Silver-Blonde Hair and Cosmic Markings
Sarsaparilla’s appearance is as unique as her personality. Her long, silver-blonde hair flows like moonlight, complementing her pale complexion. The cosmic markings on her face are not mere adornments but sacred symbols, reflecting her deep connection to the cosmos and the mysteries of the natural world.

The Look of the Sleepless Seer
Her appearance often gives off the impression that she hasn’t slept in days, a testament to her relentless dedication and the ceaseless activity of her mind. These features lend her an aura of someone constantly in commune with higher powers, perpetually engaged in a dialogue with the unseen forces of nature.

Robes and Cloak: Attire of the Mystic
Clad in loose-fitting robes and a cloak, Sarsaparilla embodies the archetype of a mystic. Her clothing, practical yet enigmatic, mirrors her personality – complex, layered, and steeped in mystery. The robes allow her the freedom to move through the wilderness with ease, a necessity for her ceaseless travels.

Start of Character:

Sarsaparilla has travelled to Grabisco to spread the word of Jabajaba. She has traveled all the way from the Autumn Grove in the Sussurian Jungle to spread the word of Jabajaba and to learn the truth about him. Although she may not realize it, she is on a quest to save the entire world.

Female Human Druid

Aonara Neolo

STR 15 INT 17 WIS 16 DEX 13 CON 14 CHA 17

Born in The Village of Kenman

Druid Backstory:

Aonara grew up in a family of druids who tended to the needs of their community. They were respected in the village, so much so that when Aonara was a student in her elementa school, she was chosen to be an initiate druid of the Order of the Tenfold Leaf. She was ecstatic, and for the next several years, she studied healing and the ways of nature, eventually becoming a full-fledged druid.

She traveled throughout the continent, tending to the needs of the common folk. Now she has returned to the village where she was raised, and is in charge of the local chapter of the Order of the Tenfold Leaf. It’s her turn to teach, and lesson number one is always to treat everyone with kindness and respect.


Aonara is down to earth, gentle, and cheerful. She loves to share the lessons she has learned with the people around her. When she is confronted with a difficult decision, she takes time to consider all of the options. She is the type of person who would sacrifice her life to help another.


Aonara has piercing blue eyes and long blonde hair. She is lithe, and stands 5’4”. When called upon to perform her druidic duties, she usually wears a green robe. She wields a staff and a dagger in battle.

Start of Character:

Aonara has returned to her home village after a long and arduous journey. While she would like to resume her druidic duties, she realizes that she must first focus on proving that she is not a traitor.

Male Halfling Druid


STR 13 INT 12 WIS 13 DEX 17 CON 7 CHA 17

Born in Saphre’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)

Druid Backstory:

Daunmuir – Male Halfling Druid

Daunmuir was abandoned when he was very young, his parents thought they wouldn’t be able to raise him in the harsh environment of Saphre’s Campsite. The halfling tribes decided to take him in and raise him as one of their own. During his time in the camp, he was trained in the ways of the druidic priests to lead the tribe to victory in the upcoming skirmishes with the neighboring orcs.

Daunmuir was taken in by a particularly ancient druid priest who helped him develop his natural talents. Over time, he became well versed in the arcane arts practiced by the druidic priests throughout the land of Grabisco. The priests want him to stay in Saphre’s Campsite, but he has decided to travel the entire world and spread the word about his religion.


He is warm and inviting to those he knows. He is a bit on the aloof side. He has a love of nature and is sometimes known to be short with people who do not conform to the natural world.


With short brown hair, brown eyes, and leathery skin, Daunmuir looks much older than his true age. He wears worn and dirty robes that are dyed a dark green. He wields a quarterstaff. During battle, he casts spells and attacks to keep his friends safe.

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Start of Character:

He has decided to adventure throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco and beyond, intent on becoming a well-known druid priest and finally defeat the acolytes of Zan.

Male Goblin Druid

Aedan Ravenhall

STR 12 INT 13 WIS 12 DEX 15 CON 14 CHA 13

Born in Durga (Grabisco Kingdom)

Druid Backstory:

Aedan Ravenhall was once a well respected priest of the gods in his home of Durga, the capital of the Kingdom of Grabisco. The acolytes of Zan began to question his faith, seemingly out of the blue, and he was forced to flee during the night, leaving behind everything that he knew and loved. Aedan is not alone in his new quest as he is accompanied by his loyal friend, fellow priest of the gods, Markus. He still leads his flock, now congregating in a small village in the forest that’s not far from Durga.


Aedan is a very devout man who prays to all the gods with the utmost reverence; however, he is not a fan of cleric of Zan. He is very blunt and has a few harsh words for priests of Zan, but he will not stoop to the usual rhetoric. He is a fair and just man and tries to follow the word of the gods. He is a man of action who is always thinking ahead, although he is concerned about the future of his daughter, Lorien.


Aedan has brown hair, blue eyes and an average build. He wears clothes that are typical of priests. He has a good amount of battle experience and wields a club at will while casting spells.

Start of Character:

Aedan is on a quest to find his daughter, Lorien. She, along with some of her closest friends, went hunting when she was young and remained in the woods for the night. When he found her, she seemed to be in a trance of sorts. No amount of healing can bring her back. He travels with his friend, Markus, to learn more about her condition as well as any assistance that they can offer.

Female Wood Elf Druid


STR 14 INT 19 WIS 14 DEX 11 CON 10 CHA 15

Born in Xamanagore (Grabisco Kingdom)

Druid Backstory:

Vani was born to a wood elf druid. She grew up in the lush forests of Xamanagore, learning the ways of the druid from her father. She was a curious young elf and found herself wandering off to explore the rest of the realm. It was on one of her family’s excursions that she was captured and sold into a life of slavery. Her master was a cruel man, but she felt that she had to put up with the abuse and the boredom.

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She prayed to the Nature Spirits and begged them to give her a way to escape. The chance came when her master’s daughter fell ill. Vani helped to care for the girl with the aid of a traveling healer. She slipped out of the manor and ran to the palace to summon the healers once the girl died. As a reward for her assistance, the king granted her her freedom, allowing her to return to her druidic life.


Vani is very shy and reserved when it comes to social situations. She has a good heart and wants to help people, both in her old life as a slave and in her new life as a druid priest. She’s always careful to think through the possible consequences of any action before she takes it.


She has brown eyes and long, black hair. She wears several nature spirit charms around her neck. Her druidic tattoos cover every inch of her body, including her face. When she’s in battle, she wields a staff. She sometimes has a habit of carrying a tiny little dog with her.

Start of Character:

She is just beginning her journey in Grabisco. She is looking forward to exploring the lands and helping people in need.

Male Orc Druid


STR 10 INT 10 WIS 10 DEX 10 CON 10 CHA 11

Born in Faun (Grabisco Kingdom)

Druid Backstory:

Nargis was born among the Orcs in the Fauns of the Kingdom of Grabisco. They are a proud people, viewing themselves as superior to outsiders. They tend to keep to themselves, using their remote location to keep from being bothered by anyone else. The tribe had a tradition of hunting and killing the priests of the Land of Light.

Eventually, they were overrun and massacred by a team of priests and paladins led by a paladin from the Kingdom of Grabisco. Nargis was the only one who survived. The paladin, a Halfling named Devlin, took pity on the young Orc and took him in. Over the years, Nargis watched Devlin’s faith deepen, and eventually he was baptized.

Devlin taught the young Orc everything he knew about the Church of Beldaroon and the ways of paladins. Nargis wants to find his place in the world and carry on his adopted father’s work.


Nargis can be best described as having a soft heart. He’s gullible and easily manipulated. If somebody offers him an opportunity, he jumps on it. He’ll help a friend without expecting anything in return so long as it’s the right thing to do. He’s very trusting, but he’s learned that his trust is sometimes misplaced. It’s taken a toll on him, and he’s more cynical as a result.


Nargis has black hair and dark eyes. He dresses in loose fitting robes with a small, golden crucifix pinned to the neck. His armor is dark and nondescript.

Start of Character:

Nargis has decided to adventure throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco and beyond, intent on continuing in his adopted father’s (Devlin) footsteps.

Male High Elf Druid

M’gron Inel

STR 12 INT 13 WIS 12 DEX 12 CON 13 CHA 14

Born in Jorganor (The City) (Grabisco Kingdom)

Druid Background:

M’gron was born into a family of High Elves whose practice was to venerate the Gods of Grabisco. He was raised in the city of Jorganor by his mother, and he never knew his father. M’gron was an obedient child, but he was never really interested in the faith. Though he practiced the religious rituals, he did not believe in the Gods.

As he grew older, he felt no strong calling to worship the Gods and decided to leave Jorganor. He traveled to the east where he hoped to find new people with whom he could make a new life. During his travels, he encountered a group of people who secretly worshiped the God Zan instead of the others he had known.

He was immediately struck by the beauty of their faith and sought to learn more about their ways. Eventually, he joined the acolytes of Zan. At the age of eighteen, M’gron was given the task of leading a group to scout out the land of Grabisco. He was successful and reports that the land is rich in resources and life. He asks that you join him to learn more about their ways and to share the life that they have built.

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M’gron is a very patient and observant person. He is able to put his own life on the line in order to save the lives of others, and not many people do this. His love of adventure keeps him from being overly serious about mundane things. He is emotionally reserved but warm, though he can be a bit lost in his own thoughts.


M’gron has a lithe build, with gray eyes and long brown hair. He wears a pendant that depicts a sun and a looping vine. He wears a brown robe with a dark green accent along with brown pants and boots. Her carries a backpack that contains his ritual items and other magical things.

Start of Character:

M’gron has decided to adventure throughout the kingdom of Grabisco. He feels a calling to share the word of Zan and intends to build a temple on Induspolis Island. (If you don’t like his name, you can try our free high elf name generator at ARNAMGEN.)

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An ancient lineage, the Circle of Stars allows druids to draw on the power of starlight. These druids have tracked heavenly patterns since time immemorial, discovering secrets hidden amid the constellations. By revealing and understanding these secrets, the Circle of the Stars seeks to harness the powers of the cosmos.

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