5 Interesting D&D Kobold Backstory Examples

I’ve got some great D&D kobold backstory ideas for you on this page. I created them with LitRPG Adventures Workshop, an RPG content created I made that uses the GPT-3 API from OpenAI. Yes, I got access to one of the world’s most advanced AI language models, and I used it for Dungeons & Dragons backstories! (I’ve also been working on a D&D random encounter tables collection that you might want to check out.) Browse the character backstories below then keep reading to learn more about how to create your own.

D&D Kobold Backstory Examples

Here’s just a few D&D kobold backstory examples for you to check out. I’ve got some male and some female in a variety of classes. The LitRPG Adventures Workshop will allow you to create backstories by combining dozens of character classes and races. Here’s some kobold backstories for you.


Male Kobold Cleric

Born in Oeldar (Grabisco Kingdom)

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STR 15 INT 13 WIS 16 DEX 12 CON 16 CHA 15

Kobold Backstory:

Born in the great city of Oeldar, Rumple’s family had lived in the city for generations. They were known as diplomats, traders and, of course, clerics. Rumple was always a precocious child, and he devoured all the stories of gods and monsters that he could find. He also found solace in prayer and offerings to the gods.

When he grew of age, Rumple and his parents moved to Zokol and he joined the priesthood. But it was a dark time for his family, for the clerics of Zan were growing in power, and it declared war on Zokol. Rumple and his family all fought valiantly against the acolytes of Zan, but when Rumple’s father died, Rumple took it hard and ran away from Zokol, vowing to never return until the acolytes of Zan were defeated.


Rumple is a devout cleric who truly believes in all of the gods. He is a friend to all people, and he is never hesitant to help others, even if he might be in danger. He is also quite curious, and he loves to learn more about the world and the gods.


Rumple is a kobold who has a great love for the color black. He is as black as the night when he wears his servant’s robes, and he is as red as blood when he wears battle robes. He has a large scar across his face, which he tells people is from a battle with an orc.

Start of Character:

He has decided to explore the Kingdom of Grabisco and fight against the dark power of Zan.


Female Kobold Shadow Knight

Born in Yalun (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 16 INT 14 WIS 12 DEX 12 CON 14 CHA 16

D&D Kobold Backstory

Growing up, Nrothklay was different. Her family was sure that she was a normal, healthy kobold. She went to bed hungry and learned how to scrounge for food. She trained with her tribe on the basics of combat and hunting, and she did her best in everything she did. She was a kobold who wanted to be the best. When she found out that her tribe was going to be brought in to the service of the High Priest of Zan, she didn’t hesitate to agree. The High Priest of Zan gave her a new life. She was given top-of-the-line training, and was able to eat and rest regularly. It didn’t take long for her to be a full-fledged priest. By the time she was 15, she had already been given a party of acolytes to lead into battle. She had the opportunity to serve the High Priest of Zan for years to come, defending the lands of Grabisco against paganism.


She’s proud and confident, but also a little overconfident. She can be rude to others but eventually finds her way out of her comfort zone to be a good friend.


Nrothklay is very tall and thin for a kobold, standing at 4’ 6”. She has purple eyes and the kobold scales typical of her kind. Her voice is soft and feminine. She has twin daggers at her waist and a shield at her back. Her hair is short and black.

Start of Character:

She’s in the middle of a dangerous quest to defeat the High Priest of Zan, a quest that will result in the death of the people she’s ever known.


Male Kobold Ranger

Born in Aelondae (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 16 INT 11 WIS 12 DEX 17 CON 12 CHA 14

Kobold Backstory Idea:

Long ago, Aelondae was the northern half of the Kingdom of Atyree, now called Grabisco. The southern half, Fyrestone, had been established by the kobolds. When the two realms united under the name of Atyree, they were united under one monarch. Ibetheidel, a young kobold, was the first ruler of both halves of the kingdom.

When he married a human woman, the first human queen, the humans did not take kindly to the union. The queen was killed and the kobold king killed himself, leaving the humans to rule over the kobolds. Ibetheidel was a strong leader and very strong in magic. He had a sword that he called Azureflame.

It was an expertly crafted blade of blue steel, sword and sheath both made entirely of metal. Ibetheidel is said to be the only one who could wield it, due to the magic that ran through the blade. The loss of his wife and probable mistreatment by the humans caused Ibetheidel to begin the long road to revenge. He gathered his people and set out, returning to Aelondae and claiming it once again.

He founded the city of Aelondae and began to strengthen the city. He would strike against the humans every chance he got. Then, he made his greatest mistake. He raided the camp of his enemy and stole their treasure back. The leader of the humans, a powerful fighter, slain his wife and son. Ibetheidel was enraged in an almost mad rage. He was able to keep his cool long enough to defeat his opponent, but it was too late.

The bow that Ibetheidel used was stolen from the leader. The leader’s family then became the leaders of the humans in the north. Ibetheidel left Aelondae for the last time. He plans on returning, but it will take time. He needs to gather support and increase his power.


Although he is swift to anger, Ibetheidel is quick to calm himself as well. He is a brilliant strategist and usually thinks things through well. He does not easily give up on friends and will do anything he can for them. He loves being a ranger.


He has dark red hair and bright red eyes. He is rather slender. He has a short beard and long hair. He usually wears light leather armor and carries a short sword and a long bow.

Start of Character:

Ibetheidel is currently working to regain Aelondae for the kobolds. He has a goal to accomplish and a long way to go. However, he is determined to finish what he started.

Qasha Raulin

Female Kobold Bard

Born in The Town of Fyrestone (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 11 INT 14 WIS 12 DEX 17 CON 14 CHA 16

D&D Kobold Backstory:

Qasha Raulin is a storyteller. She can perform any kind of music and any kind of story. Her skills have brought her a great deal of fame in the towns she has visited. Qasha is a half-kobold, half-human, so she looks more like a kobold than a human. Her hair is green and her skin is covered in scales.

Half of her face is covered in scars and burns from an accident with a potion a few years ago. Her love of stories led her to become a folk hero and then a bard. After realizing she was not as talented as the bard who trained her, she turned to the life of a rogue.

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Qasha is very talkative. She loves to talk about herself and her amazing exploits. She can’t stop herself from thinking she’s the best at everything she does. She’s tried to exploit her talent and be a storyteller, but she’s not quite as good. She hasn’t quite figured out that she would be better off as a rogue, but she’s working on it.


Qasha is a half-kobold, half-human, so she looks more like a kobold than a human. Her hair is green and her skin is covered in scales. Half of her face is covered in scars and burns from an accident with a potion a few years ago. She wears simple and comfortable clothing when she’s not performing.

Start of Character:

She is currently traveling the Kingdoms of Grabisco, searching for a tavern that will allow her to perform and show off her amazing skills.


Male Kobold Warlock

Born in Istabela (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 15 INT 13 WIS 16 DEX 12 CON 16 CHA 15

Kobold Backstory Idea

Badell was born a slave to the Kobold’s royal family. He was treated nicely by his owners, but they never let him forget that he was still property. One day a human slave was brought into the kingdom. The Kobolds tortured this slave every day, but he never gave up information for his new captors.

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One night Badell sneaked into the torture chamber and killed the human. He then baked the human’s body, ate the body, and fled the kingdom. Badell traveled far and wide and learned many secrets. He put on dark robes and started serving the forces of evil. He’s a deceitful little bugger, and he’ll tell you whatever you want if you’ll let him live a little longer.

Kobold Character Personality:

Mean, deceitful, and power hungry. Badell would say and do anything to get his way. He’d rather look like a total fool than let someone else look better than him. He enjoys a good meal, a warm bed, and a good fight. (Sound like your typical D&D kobold backstory idea?)

Kobold Character Appearance:

Badell has orange scales, long claws, and a curly tail. He’s a short and stocky little guy, and he can hold his own in a fight. He’s a little older than most, so he generally requires a little more sleep.

Start of Character:

Badell is a wanted man in most kingdoms. Not only is he a warlock, but he also has a bounty on his head from the Kobolds. He’s found a new home in the Kingdom of Grabisco, and he’s hiding out there for now

D&D Kobold Backstory Ideas Generator

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