5 Amazing D&D Elf Backstory Examples

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D&D Elf Backstory Examples

Here’s my five examples of D&D elf backstories generated at LitRPG Adventures.

Male Wood Elf Hunter

STR 14 INT 15 WIS 14 DEX 16 CON 15 CHA 13

Born in Bailen (Grabisco Kingdom)


Miora was born an elf of the wood. They are a reclusive race that dwells in the forests of Grabisco. Miora’s father was a hunter for their community. He taught him everything he knew, and Miora quickly became an expert marksman with the bow.

At the age of 20, Miora was given a great honor by his father, permission to leave the village and venture out on his own. His family had begun to fear for him, but Miora knew there were many more hunters out there that needed him.

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Over the years, he has slain many monstrosities that threatened the wood, and he hopes to continue doing so for many more years to come.


Miora is a reserved person, only opening up to those he feels comfortable with. He looks out for the people he cares for, and has a soft spot for animals. His favorite thing to do during his downtime is to read anything he can get his hands on.


Miora’s green eyes glisten like his bow. He has short, white hair that is trimmed into a bowl. He has long, pointed ears that he keeps hidden under his hair.

Start of Character:

He is determined to travel across the kingdom of Grabisco to aid every community that is in need of his help.

Female Wood Elf Ranger

STR 15 INT 16 WIS 15 DEX 16 CON 13 CHA 15

Born in Valk’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)


Làlei grew up in the forest, but her mother was taken captive by the dark elves. Her father went to save her mother, but never returned. She was raised by villagers after the death of her parents. She lived in the forest, but often came to the villages to trade, which she knew was very important.

She grew to be a beautiful woman, and she quickly found a husband. She was happy to have found love. She was also very relieved that her husband was not an elf, but just a regular elf.

She was happy with her life, and wanted to settle down. She was very fond of her children. She made sure to take care of them and make sure they were fed well. When she had to leave them to fight in the forest, she was very upset.

She dreamed about them often. She would often cry thinking about her family. When she came home, she was very relieved that her family was safe. She hoped that her family would be happy at home.


Làlei is a very courageous and brave woman. She is also very kind, caring, and loving. She is very independent and wise. She is also very good with the sword, using it to fight evil creatures.

She is very good at hiding her feelings, so it is hard for people to tell what she is thinking. She is also very strong-willed. She has no problem doing what she must do. She is also very family-oriented.


Làlei is a beautiful woman. She is strong, but not muscular. She is very agile. Her eyes are green, like her mother’s. Her skin is fair. Her hair is white, like her father’s.

Start of Character:

She is eager to finish her mission, but she is looking forward to spending time with her family.

D&D Elf backstory Example
D&D Elf backstory Example

Male High Elf Druid

STR 13 INT 17 WIS 13 DEX 13 CON 13 CHA 10

Born in Oeldar (Grabisco Kingdom)


Dandymay grew up as a son of a small tribe of druids living in the Oeldar forest. He learned the ways of nature and the spirits very early in life. After his father died unexpectedly, Dandymay was adopted by a tribe of druids led by a half elf named Ruhul.

Ruhul taught Dandymay how to become a druid priest and a warrior. The combination of the two forms of druid was well known in the tribe. The warlike druids worshiped the spirits, but they also protected the land from those who might harm it.

Dandymay believed strongly in this role, and he will do anything to protect the land.


Dandymay has a rigid view on the world. He is very serious, and he keeps his emotions in check. He feels that emotions are un-druid-like. He is very loyal to his family and friends, though he will not hesitate to hurt someone if they threaten the land.


Dandymay is tall with long blonde hair. His eyes are green and he has a stern look on his face. Dandymay wears regular clothing while traveling, but wears his druid priest’s robes when he is in his home.

Start of Character:

Dandymay is sure that his father was killed by the druids of the dark forest. His tribe has been working to clear the forest of the dark druids for several years, but they haven’t made any progress. Dandymay is sure that he will get revenge on the dark druids.

Female Snow Elf Monk

STR 12 INT 14 WIS 12 DEX 15 CON 7 CHA 12

Born in Zornis (Grabisco Kingdom)


Celandra’s parents were killed, and she was raised by a priest of Beldaroon. She was trained by him, but was not allowed to go with him on his adventures. When she turned 21, she left the temple and began to travel the kingdom of Grabisco.

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A year later, she encountered a group of adventurers who had just come out of the Sussurian jungle. Celandra told them about the White Caste, and they agreed to join with her to fight them. They’ve been together ever since.


Celandra is a very lighthearted person. She is often the first one to crack a joke, but her friends know better than to take these jabs too seriously. If you know her, you’ll know what she’s like. She can be very intelligent, but is also easily distracted. This can be frustrating to her allies, but they’ve come to accept it.


Celandra is very strong for her age. She has small breasts and has curly, black hair that reaches her neck. She wears leather armor and carries a greataxe with her at all times. Her voice is light and airy, but her laughter is deep and rumbling like thunder.

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Start of Character:

Celandra is on a journey to find the White Caste and avenge the death of her parents. She will not rest until they are stopped.

Male Dark Elf Ranger

STR 15 INT 13 WIS 15 DEX 16 CON 11 CHA 6

Born in Ookthmor (Grabisco Kingdom)


Born of a Dark Elf mother and a Ranger father, Luthier was raised in the isolated forest of the elven kingdom of Ookthmor. It wasn’t until Luthier’s mother was killed by a band of orcs that he followed in his father’s footsteps. He was already skilled with a bow by this point, but with the aid of his father’s wisdom he became even more skilled.

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He was only fourteen when he was assigned to be a part of the ranger division of the Grabisco Defense Corps. He was extremely close to his father, and even after his father’s death in battle against the forces of the Crizic Elves, Luthier still wants to bring justice to the people of Grabisco.


Much like his father, Luthier is a bit of a loner. He doesn’t really like getting close to people, but if you’re nice enough to him he will open up. He’s also very straight-laced and serious about his job, but when he’s off the clock he likes to play around. He’ll never admit it, but he actually enjoys the company of others.


Luthier has long dark hair that is usually kept in a ponytail. He has the typical eyes that Dark Elves have, but they’re a bit more defined with circles under them. He has a very dark complexion, and is the tallest of the group (he is about 6’4).

Start of Character:

Luthier is currently traveling the Kingdom of Grabisco with his companions.

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