5 DND Cleric Backstory Ideas You Will Love

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D&D Cleric Backstory Samples Table of Contents

Here are several cleric backstories for D&D that you can use.


Male Dark Elf Cleric

STR 13 INT 19 WIS 13 DEX 13 CON 10 CHA 8

Born in Eirentheia (Grabisco Kingdom)


Aedan was born and raised in the city of Eirentheia. He was raised by his great-grandmother, who was a priestess of the goddess of love and beauty. He always enjoyed helping his great-grandmother and he was always eager to learn new things. He spent most of his time with his friends, and spent some time at the temple of his great-grandmother.

He was wondering if he would ever be worthy of becoming a cleric of his great-grandmother. Aedan always dreamed of one day becoming a cleric and spreading the word of his goddess. He always felt that he was destined to become a cleric and spread the word and ways of his great-grandmother. One day he found a scroll that he thought would be useful, and he set out to learn more about it.

He went into his great-grandmother’s room and read the scroll. He saw the word “Fregard” and began to read it. He read the entire scroll and decided that he would leave the next day and let his great-grandmother know what he was doing.

He didn’t know how she would react, but he felt that he had to leave. He packed everything he could fit into his back pack and headed to the city of Fregard. He wanted to learn all there was. He wanted to learn the ways of a level 15 cleric.

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Aedan is a helpful person who always wants to help others. He has a good heart, but he can also be cocky. He is usually up for an adventure, especially if it will help him become a cleric faster.

He isn’t very inspirational, but he can bring hope. He is usually very open about what he thinks. He has a very strong belief in his faith, but he doesn’t always have faith in himself.


Aedan has long brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue robe and brown sandals. He has a tattoo on his right arm depicting his goddess, Mielikki.

Start of Character:

Aedan is traveling to the city of Fregard with the hopes of becoming a level 15 cleric.


Female Human Cleric

Born in The City of Seravain (Grabisco Kingdom)


Brielle was born to a powerful and respected noble family in Seravain. Her father was the local lord’s chief advisor and an accomplished wizard; her mother was a powerful cleric and a respected scholar. When Brielle was 8, her mother died and her father took a new wife: an evil and spiteful woman.

Brielle’s father became arrogant, drunk, and cruel. He began treating his daughter as a servant and often beat her. Brielle endured, but she couldn’t stand for her new step-mother to mistreat her new half-brother. She was torn between her love for her father and her desire to protect the child who was also her half-brother.

She convinced her father to let her go to an academy of magic in a nearby city. When she returned a year later, she found that her father had been killed by a demonic power. Her step-mother was gone, but Brielle’s half-brother was also gone. Brielle vowed to do whatever it takes to find her brother and return him to his family.


Brielle is a noble, courageous, and determined young woman. She is very loyal to those she loves and respects. Brielle is a very talented wizard, and she is even stronger as a cleric. She’s a very skilled wizard and cleric, and she’s a strong fighter as well.


Brielle is a tall, willowy young woman. Dark red hair flows to her shoulders, and she has penetrating brown eyes. She often wears a purple robe over her white blouse, and she wears her father’s magic ring on her right index finger. She carries her holy symbol in her backpack, along with her spell books.

Start of Character:

Brielle has joined the Order of the Shining Lance. She is determined to find her half-brother and return him to his rightful family.


Female Dwarf Cleric

STR 11 INT 13 WIS 11 DEX 15 CON 15 CHA 14

Born in Zarkon (Grabisco Kingdom)


When she was thirteen, Lidda’s village was attacked by hobgoblins. Though most of the villagers were killed, Lidda was taken prisoner and beaten into submission. Wishing to escape, she agreed to fight the hobgoblin leader, who had several scars on his head and upper body.

Lidda summoned her goddess and channeled raw energy through her axe, destroying the hobgoblin leader. After being rescued by the other villagers, Lidda’s abilities were praised by her people. She agreed to become a cleric in service of the goddess of her village.


Lidda is witty, but also kind. She is respectful of her fellow clerics, but she is not afraid to speak her mind. She is determined to prove herself to her fellow clerics, but can sometimes be over-zealous in her pursuit. She is very charismatic and loves to talk to people, especially ones who are travelers.


Lidda is small, with short black hair and green eyes. She wears a plain gray robe with a long green cape. She wields a wooden staff that has a single green feather attached to it.

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Start of Character:

Lidda is currently studying under the cleric Cryso. She seeks to do good for all around her, but secretly hopes to one day become a cleric herself.


Male Minotaur Cleric

STR 19 INT 4 WIS 13 DEX 16 CON 11 CHA 13

Born in Ihan’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)


Ihan is a cleric, who was born in a small camp in the mountains of Ihan. He was brought up by a cleric named Danus. Danus taught him everything he knew. Danus was a kind and gentle person who loved to help others. He was a great teacher and a great role model for Ihan.

Danus was a very religious person, and he taught Ihan about the gods and how important they were. Ihan grew up with Danus, and he became a very good cleric. He was a follower of the god of healing, and he would go around to other camps and help the people who were sick and injured.

Ihan was a very good person, but he was able to hurt others if they were causing harm. One day, they came to the camp and killed Danus and took Ihan prisoner. They locked him in a cage and kept him locked up for years.

He was fed only enough to survive, and he was brutally beaten on a regular basis for his disobedience. After years of this, Ihan became very bitter and angry. He took out this anger on the guards who kept him locked up. Eventually, one of the guards was killed, and Ihan was freed.


He is very jolly and upbeat. He enjoys helping others, and he loves the sound of laughter.


He is short and fat with a hunchback. His face is covered in stubble, and he has long, dirty, wild hair.

Start of Character:

He lives near the border of Grabisco Kingdom. He is hoping to find Shal, an orc warlord who once attacked his camp.


Female Gremlin Cleric

STR 5 INT 12 WIS 15 DEX 18 CON 14 CHA 10

Born in Xoloth (Grabisco Kingdom)


Arelat was born in the evil town of Xoloth, the capitol town of Xoloth Kingdom. Her mother was a human, and her father was a gremlin. However, she was born with the body of a gremlin, but with the head of a human.

Her mother was killed by the cruel king of Xoloth. Arelat was left to die, but an old gnome named Tanya took her in and raised her as her own daughter. Tanya taught her the values of justice and goodness.

One day, the old gnome died, and Arelat inherited her magical dirk, and she intended to use it to defeat the evil king of Xoloth. Arelat has now returned to Xoloth to defeat the evil king once and for all.


Arelat is a very tough and strong woman. She can’t stand it when she sees an injustice, and she wants to do anything to stop it. She’s a very courageous woman, and she’s willing to do anything to protect the happiness of those that she loves. She’s a very brave and noble woman. She’s also very friendly and easy to get along with.


Arelat looks like an average Gremlin. She’s very strong. She has a large axe for a weapon.

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Start of Character:

Arelat has traveled to Xoloth Kingdom to defeat the evil king.

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