9 Deadly DND Undead Enemies + Monsters Generator

On this page, I’ve got a list of 9 deadly DND undead enemies for your fantasy tabletop RPG campaign. They were created with LitRPG Adventures, a set of advanced RPG generators I built with the powerful GPT-3 API from OpenAI. (You won’t find these in the D&D 5e Monster Manual!)

Using one of the world’s largest neural net language models, I’ve been able to create D&D undead enemies and a vast trove of other fantasy tabletop RPG content, including all sorts of undead enemies and undead creatures.


Male Dark Elf Bard (Ghoul)

STR 16 INT 19 WIS 16 DEX 9 CON 16 CHA 12

DEATHSTORY: Gere was a powerful bard and wizard, a talented singer and a fine warrior. He was a true man of the arts, a true man of the sword, a true man of the people. He served as a member of the Night Council, a powerful group of dark elves. As a result of his position, bad things started to happen to Gere. The Night Council was an evil group.

They killed indiscriminately, bringing chaos and destruction to the land, bringing famine and plague to the people. Gere could no longer stomach the atrocities he had to commit to prove his loyalty, and finally he fought back against his fellow council members. He was killed and became a ghoul. Gere hid out for a while and eventually decided to venture out and do some good.

His first thought was to go to the Black City and destroy the Night Council, but he had to make his way there first. As a ghoul, he discovered that he had many new powers and magical abilities. He trained and he trained. He relied on his bardic powers as well as his magic abilities as a ghoul to help as many people as he could, including the mummy lords.

Once he learned he could regain his humanity, he apprenticed himself to a Zaidan wizard and learned as much as he could about magic and other magic skills and abilities. Gere plans to continue to train and master his magic and to master other magical skills and abilities. He currently travels and practices magic and magic skills and other abilities he might need to become a master wizard and master bard.

Vampiric Rose

Female Human Sorcerer (Lich)

STR 10 INT 16 WIS 10 DEX 14 CON 15 CHA 15

DEATHSTORY: When she died in the kingdom of Grabisco, Rose awoke in the Dark Lands. She found herself a vampire and an unliving lich. From the day her eyes opened, she has been searching for a way to live again. Over time, she has learned to use various magical abilities to help her achieve her goals, but she has not yet awoken her vampire spawn.

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Having developed her goals, Rose began to look for new sources of magic to use on her quest to become alive again. One day she will return to Grabisco, but she has made it her mission to learn new magic in the meantime. Rose dreams of one day being able to travel throughout the world and learn all the secrets she can find, including more about her vampire spawn.

She has learned that she has some sort of future role to play. It is her destiny to learn all the magic she can, then she will return to the world of the living. She hopes the realm of the undead will be ready for her. She takes the life force of will o wisps daily to increase her dark powers. She’s looking for an adventuring party to kill to steal their souls.


Female Human Wizard (Lich)

STR 17 INT 14 WIS 17 DEX 11 CON 14 CHA 15

DEATHSTORY: Ydris the jealous princess of the kingdom of Pullow was cursed along with her entire kingdom when she tried to kill her younger sister. She awoke in the Dark Lands after being killed in the process. Ydris was an evil princess, but she had suppressed her bad side in order to become the most popular princess in the kingdom of Pullow.

Once in the Dark Lands she started feeling her dark side slip back in. She began to practice her darkest magic. She has become very powerful at magic that turns people into zombies, skeletons, or ghosts. She is in the process of learning how to become corporeal, but she hasn”t had any success yet. Ydris enjoys using her magic to make the living suffer.

She”s grown more evil, though she hasn”t given in to her dark side completely. Ydris seeks to become one of the most powerful undead of her time. She dreams of someday returning to Grabisco and taking her revenge upon the people of Pullow. She also dreams of one day turning them all into zombies to keep her company. She had a death knight friend, but he left her.

Ydris has given herself over to her dark side. She enjoys the power that the Undead Archwiz has granted her, but many people are afraid of her. Ydris is building her army. She has discovered the secret of the undead, life eternal. If she can return to life, she can live forever. Ydris is building her army so she can have servants who are very loyal to her – unlike the death knight who betrayed her.


Male Minotaur Fighter (Ghost)

STR 20 INT 9 WIS 20 DEX 8 CON 12 CHA 6

DEATHSTORY: Bucky awakened a ghost after a violent death. He didn’t know what to do or how to move around. He began training to become a ghostly Underlord. This has made him a powerful combatant. He’s hard to hit, hard to hurt, and hard to kill. The more he learns the better he is. He’s just about reached his full potential as a ghost.

Now he’s waiting for the day to start his rampage in the land of Grabisco. As a ghost, he’s learned that he can shapeshift into a ghostly mist, then change into a ghostly Lich. He can move throughout the Dark Lands, but he can also move through locked doors. He’s even learned how to use the most potent of weapons, but he prefers his own claws and teeth to do his bidding.

Bucky is an untrainable combatant, but he has proven himself to be a great leader. He knows how to lead an army of ghosts. He also has an eye for magic, and knows how to become resistant to magic. He trains his new recruits, teaches them how to use new powers, and then commands them to gather more recruits. (Including a crawling claw and skin kites. The crawling claw is a special project of his.)

He plans on doing this until he can gather enough power to return to Grabisco with the biggest army he’s ever led. Then he will do whatever it takes to become the most powerful. Bucky is a beast of a man, with slow slow speed, but great combat prowess. He’s always looking out for his family even if they are undead. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect them.

He has a lot of respect for the undead, even if the living find them terrifying. It is his goal to inspire others to view the undead positively. He’s not done with Grabisco yet, but he is ready to move on with his undead family to bigger and better things. Whether he becomes a Lich or an Underlord is not yet clear, but he is confident that he will become the most powerful undead ghost of all time.


Female Satyr Rogue (Haunt)

STR 12 INT 15 WIS 12 DEX 12 CON 10 CHA 16

DEATHSTORY: After her death in a vicious battle in O’Grain’s Hold, Wethrax awakened as a Haunt. At first she was confused, but she soon got accustomed to haunting people. Gradually, her powers increased. She’s still not sure how she became an undead Haunt, but she intends to figure it all out. For the meantime, she plans on haunting the living and having fun in the Dark Lands.

Over time, Wethrax has gained more power and has learned to use the all sorts of powerful magic artifacts. She has grown her powers of telekinesis and works to get new abilities such as becoming corporeal. She drinks all the potions she can get her hands on and continuously works to become ever stronger, growing her army of undead creatures.

Wethrax wants only one thing, to return to Grabisco and take revenge on the Kingdom she was taken from by the Kingdom of O’Grain. Wethrax will not live without power or violence. She hopes to find an army of undead and return to the Kingdom of Grabisco with an army of undead monsters. Her goal will not be accomplished easily with so many enemy types against her.

She wants to find players to help her get revenge on the Kingdom of O’Grain, but she will not hesitate to use her tricks to get what she wants. While Wethrax hates the Kingdom of O’Grain, she hates the Kingdom of Grabisco even more. She will not rest until she is successful in destroying both Kingdoms with her army of undead creatures.

D&D Undead Enemies
D&D Undead Monsters


Male Goblin Fighter (Zombie)

STR 18 INT 10 WIS 18 DEX 11 CON 11 CHA 9

DEATHSTORY: Aneurysm had just gotten himself into the base of the White Spider when he was killed by an exploding potion. He awoke in the Dark Lands just in time to see himself get incinerated by fire. The last thing he saw was the White Spider he had been after. Aneurysm awoke as a Zombie. After the pain of his burning died down, he tried to get up, but his legs had gone dead.

He rose to his feet, but his legs remained dead. He decided there was no use for them anymore, having left them on his corpse. He began walking with his arms instead of his legs. He didn’t need his eyes anymore. Everything was dark. He was dead. Aneurysm’s death was the turning point in his life. His new goal became to get revenge on the White Spider.

He will also use his new form to protect himself so he can continue his mission. He is not sure if there is a way to return to life, but even if there is, he has decided he prefers being a zombie. He will spend his days haunting the living and terrifying them until he learns the the location of the White Spider and other undead creatures.

Along the way, he will look for ways to increase his power. He started by collecting magic artifacts and performing experiments to find new ways to increase his powers. He would like to find a way to be able to become corporeal at will. He wants to become one of the most powerful undead in the Dark Lands. He dreams of journeying to the surface and bringing the White Spider and undead creatures to justice.


Female Halfling Assassin (Iron Wight)

STR 15 INT 9 WIS 15 DEX 11 CON 10 CHA 15

DEATHSTORY: Daltresca is a wight, but unlike Hethrax, she enjoys being dead. Even in her mortal life she enjoyed collecting objects. As a wight, she is obsessed with collecting things. She also is in the process of acquiring corporeal powers. She is excited about the creatures she will possess in the future. Currently, Daltresca is intrigued with the idea of an intelligent weapon.

Her goals are to be able to possess living creatures, including players, in order to learn about the world. She also hopes to travel throughout the world in order to gather special artifacts. If she can possess a living creature, she can experience the world in a new way. Daltresca is not content to sit around and wait for her next targets.

She is currently growing in power and has already attacked the Castle of the Dead and the Castle of the Dead. Daltresca is not a friendly wight and is not interested in making friends. She is interested in the undead and the dead, but she does not want to be their friend. She does not get along with her own kind. She has no plans to form alliances with other undead creatures.

Unlike Hethrax, Daltresca does not want to return to life. She enjoys her ghost status. She plans to remain a ghost permanently. She is completely bored with life and has no desire to return to the land of the living. Daltresca expects to die many more times and plans to find ways to make her deaths interesting.

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She is not afraid to volunteer to be killed in order to learn about the world. She plans to continue her path of destruction and theft while traveling and collecting artifacts. She does not care for the idea of becoming a ‘good’ wight and has no plans to do such a thing. She is not interested in other wights. Whether she decides to ally with the living or the dead, only time will tell.


Male Hill Giant Necromancer (Demilich)

STR 18 INT 11 WIS 18 DEX 11 CON 16 CHA 14

DEATHSTORY: Zatar was once a powerful necromancer who lived in the Dark Lands. He was so powerful, he discovered the secret to become an undead demilich. He learned this secret through his studies of the Netherese Empire during the Netheril Wars. He has gained ultimate power. Now, he has returned to Grabisco to seek revenge.

His plan is to use his powers to raise an army of undead. He will summon them to the land of Grabisco and use them to wreak havoc. He will also seek to find other powerful artifacts that can help his cause. Only time will tell if Zatar will accomplish his goals. Zatar has many goals. He wants to use his powers to raise an army of undead.

He also wishes to come to the realization of his ultimate goal, which is to become an undead Netherese Overlord. He also wants to use his powers to defeat the forces of the White Spider. He will use his undead army to do this. If he succeeds, he will be the first to become an undead Netherese Overlord. Zatar awoke as a demilich in the Dark Lands.

At first he was surprised, but he soon got used to being an undead creature. Over time, his powers have grown. He’s still not sure how he became an undead demilich, but he intends to figure it all out. For the meantime, he studies ancient Netheril magic and learns new powers. He also studies ancient Netherese Empire, trying to learn the ancient Netherese language.

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He is studying these ancient things so he can eventually understand the power of the Netherese. He hopes that one day he will become a Netherese Overlord. Zatar seeks out magic items that will help him become a Netherese Overlord. He also seeks artifacts that can give him powers. He has not yet found many items that will help him, but he plans on continuing his search.

For now, Zatar dreams of ruling the world as an undead Netherese Overlord. He plans to use the undead army he plans to raise to help him accomplish this. Even though he is undead, he still has remnants of his old personality. He has not yet given up on his plans to turn Grabisco and its people undead and/or to destroy them and conquer the world.

He plans to rule over the living and the dead. He has not yet abandoned his plans for Grabisco and his own people. Zatar has no friends. He does not trust anyone.


Female Human Ranger (Vampire)

STR 10 INT 17 WIS 10 DEX 16 CON 13 CHA 18

DEATHSTORY: Jocasta was a ranger of legendary status in the kingdom of Grabisco. Her skill with the bow was well known, but her sanity was called into question when she claimed to have seen a vampire. Her claims were proven correct when she was killed by the creature in the ruins of Raggentia. Jocasta awakened in Grabisco as a vampire.

She found it difficult to adjust to her new undead life. She was still a ranger, but she had many new powers, such as being able to teleport, create shadows, and changing her form into that of a bat. She was an adrenaline junkie in life, but that has only increased in the Dark Lands. Jocasta is not sure how she became a vampire, but she has forced herself to adapt her new undead powers.

She has learned to use both the sword and the bow in combat. She has amassed a collection of unique weapons and no longer has to worry about ammunition. Jocasta has also learned to use her skills in stealth, to hunt alone in the dark. More time has passed in Zaidan, but Jocasta has not yet gained any new powers.

Jocasta is still the same stealthy ranger she was in life, but now she can teleport to any location in Zaidan. She doesn’t see much need to explore anymore, though she does enjoy traveling. Jocasta’s goal in the Dark Lands is to increase her mastery of her vampiric powers and to acquire new abilities.

She wants to be able to live forever in the Dark Lands, but she also wants to be able to return to life. The longer she spends in the Dark Lands, the greater her need to return home becomes. She’s friend with a skin kite who helped her when she first arrived in the land of the dead. The skin kite is still helping her, and Jocasta has a soft spot for that skin kite and others.

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