3 Decent DND Illusionist Backstory Character Examples

Coming up with a character backstory for an illusionist character doesn’t need to be difficult. Here’s three examples. Be sure to read to the end for a cool AI tool that was used to generate these backstories suitable for D&D, Pathfinder, or other tabletop RPG systems (MERPs for life!)

Illusionist Character Backstories

Here are three illusionist characters generated at LitRPG Adventures Workshop.


Male Gnome Illusionist

Born in The City of Niles

Illusionist Backstory:

Krad grew up in the city of Niles, a small gnomish settlement just outside the forest. His mother, an illusionist, taught him how to create powerful illusions from an early age. He was very talented and had a lot of charisma, even as he got older.

Krad spent much of his childhood in the company of his mother, watching as she opened up a shop and made a name for herself by using her illusionary powers to make people appear stronger, younger, and more beautiful.

She hoped that Krad would follow in her footsteps, but while he enjoyed her experiments with illusion, he was not as interested in performing. After all, he would get the same amount of money by simply creating the illusion as he would by performing it.

Krad continued to perform the illusions that his mother taught him, but he did so in private. The money he earned allowed him to live in relative comfort and keep his mother happy. Today, he still adventures to help her out with taxes and making her comfortable.


Krad is a quiet gnome who prefers to work alone, or at least with very few people. He has little interest in making friends, preferring to spend his time alone and working to improve his skills. He greatly enjoys the tricks and traps he creates, though he prefers to focus on illusionary magic.


Krad is often mistaken for a half-elf because of his size and coloring. . He has short brownish red hair and brown eyes. He wears common clothes and carries a few items on his person that are designed to keep his talents secret.

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He could pass for a merchant when he needs to, though he rarely has to do so.

Start of Character:

In addition to being a master illusionist, Krad also enjoys creating traps and exploring ruins for treasure. His father, an explorer, was lost in a cave years ago, and he thinks uncovering artifacts might bring him closer to his father.

Oenomeon Ilinvivi

Male Snow Elf Illusionist

Born in The City of Ledale

Illusionist Backstory:

Oenomeon was born to a well-off family in Ledale, a rich metropolis in the Kingdom of Grabisco. His father was the commander of the city’s army and his mother was a bookkeeper. While his life was decidedly uneventful for a young half-elf, Oenomeon dreamed of adventure, often playing make believe with his friends in his backyard. Oenomeon’s father died in battle when he was young, and he was sent to live with an uncle in Malakai. Oenomeon flourished as a student of magic in Malakai.


The half-elf is calm and self-assured. He always looks for the best in people, even when they might be a bit shady.


Though he is half-snow elf, Oenomeon has retained little of his pale skin. A light brown tone covers most of his body. He is on the tall side for a half-elf, with his forehead partway down his face. He has a small, red scar running through his left eyebrow.

Start of Character:

Oenomeon isn’t sure where he’s going or what he plans to do. But he’s traveling around the kingdom to seek out adventures and play with magic. Oenomeon Ilinvivi has a way with words, allowing him to persuade almost anyone to do anything.


Female Human Illusionist

Born in The Town of Cutty


Vava was born to a loving family in the Riverhead region. She was the youngest of three children and enjoyed her life. She was a late bloomer and while the other two children excelled in their studies, she struggled. She was a bit chubby, which made it difficult to run and play. She didn’t mind, however, as she was content in her life. Her parents were mildly disappointed, but tried to be supportive of her.

She loved them dearly. She was an adventurous sort and as a teen, Vava ran away from home to become an adventurer. She found her own way in the world and eventually found her way to the town of Cutty. There, she befriended a wizard who taught her the ways of the arcane. She remained there for several years, but something wasn’t right.

She discovered she had magical healing abilities and left one day to become a full-fledged priest. She’s spent the last few years traveling across Grabisco, helping people and learning what she can about the world.


Vava is a kind soul who cares deeply for her friends and family. She’s paranoid about people finding out her past, so she is slow to trust anyone she doesn’t know well. Once she trusts someone, she’ll do anything she can to help them.


Vava is a pear-shaped young woman with long brown hair. She wears a simple white robe and carries around a staff with a lantern strapped to it.

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Start of Character:

Vava has decided to adventure throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco and beyond, intent on helping people wherever she goes.

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