D&D Magic Item Generator with GPT-3

Included with LitRPG Adventures Workshop is a D&D magic item generator that will create rich, detailed magic items with descriptions and history. I’m working on improving the stats included, but for now, it’s a wonderful tool to create all sorts of magic items with GPT-3 API. Below you can read some examples of the output from the tool.

Magic Item Generator Examples

Here’s just a few of the different types of magic items you can create at LitRPG Adventures Workshop.

Lyre of Pudu

Created by Pudu the Bard

Item Type: Lyre

For Levels: 1 – 5

Rarity: Common

Special Abilities:

(Illusion) (Meteor) (Meteorites)

Magic Item Description:

The Lyre of Pudu is a finely made lyre that has seen better days. Its extensive repairs are easily seen in the worn paint. The only thing that makes it identifiable as a Lyre is the tuning peg in the top side of the instrument, the hole that the strings are supposed to pull taught through. The chipped tuning peg allow the strings to slide through and the instrument is now of no use to anyone.

Magic Item History:

This Lyre was created by a Bard known as Pudu. He crafted it for his wife, who loved to strum her own lyre to her hobbit children. This particular lyre sat in their bedroom for years, until Pudu took on a contract to steal from a rich gnome.

The gnome caught Pudu in the act and mortally wounded him. The only thing that Pudu knows he did was to try and steal a magic scroll of Disguise Self. The only thing he obtained was this lyre. His wife bore him three children and none of the children cared for him too much. He died alone and bitter.

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The Moonblade

Created by Duro, the Orc

Item Type: Weapon (Longsword)

For Levels: 3 – 44

Rarity: Common

Special Abilities:

(Restore Mana) (Stat Bonus)

Magic Item Description:

This sword has a dark green handle with a silver cross guard. The blade is a dark gray color and is curved slightly. The end of the blade is rounded. The pommel is black and has a silver spike in the center.

Magic Item History:

Duro was half-orc and was a barbarian of great strength and honor. He was also very intelligent and had a great wisdom that was rare in his people. He lived in the mountains of Etheos and was a great warrior. He trained in the mountains and practiced with a sword everyday.

He was eventually able to summon the ancient blade of the great Wizard Achine. He carried it with him always and it became a part of his very being. When he died, the sword was able to sense that its master was no more, so it returned to the place where it was forged.

Drum of the Brown Dragon

Created by Kajak

Item Type: Drum

For Levels: 3 – 44

Rarity: Common

Special Abilities:

(x4 Damage) (Smoke)

Magic Item Description:

This drum is a large wooden drum with many small holes all along its perimeter. It looks like it would make for a decent drumset if one could find a set of drum sticks to accompany it. This drum is a unique magic item that has some rather unusual effects on any enemy it is used against.

Magic Item History:

This drum was created by a group of small wanderers in the ancient Kranu-Lo country. They were a lost tribe that nobody knew about until some adventurers discovered them and opened up trade with them.

Staff of the Lightning Avenger

Created by Bparm

Item Type: Staff

For Levels: 3 – 44

Rarity: Rare

Special Abilities:

(Electrical Damage) (x4 Damage)

Magic Item Description:

This staff is made of a sturdy blue oak and is completely straight. The tip of the staff is either a single sharpened tooth or a single cross-sectional blade. This staff is a great bow-like weapon that can be used in multiple ways. It can be used for distance attacks and close range attack. The staff can also be used as a magical weapon in the form of a blunt weapon. It is also rumored that this staff can be used to aid magical beings during magical combat.

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Magic Item History:

This staff was found in a tomb far north in the Ice Mountains of the Dragonspike Mountains. The tomb belonged to an ancient wizard who once lived in the mountains. He had been a master of lightning magic and his tomb remained undisturbed for around one hundred years.

It had been used since that time as a rest stop for the rare traveler who would visit the Ice Mountains. One man who had passed through the mountains named Bparm found the tomb hidden at the base of a mountain. The tomb was guarded by an undead storm giant.

Bparm also found the tomb of a giant bird that had been caught in a lightning storm. He decided to take both the staff and the chest as souvenirs. The staff was so heavy that he left it in the chest. It was his intention, however, to return at some point in the future and use the staff.

Sonic Gauntlets

Created by Xogen the Conjuror

Item Type: Armor (Gauntlets)

For Levels: 3 – 10

Rarity: Rare

Special Abilities:

(Sonic Damage)

Magic Item Description:

These gauntlets are made of a strange metal. Anyone who wears these gauntlets will find that they will emit a sonic wave that will damage any one and anything that it comes in contact with.

Magic Item History:

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These gauntlets are from the realm known as Mystara. They were made by a powerful sorcerer named Xogen. He created these gauntlets and gave them to his followers in order to help them in their fight against evil.

These gauntlets were named after a mythical creature that was covered in black fur and had large claws that it used to cut things apart. This creature was known as the sonic cat.

The creature was said to be able to create a sonic wave that would shatter anything that got in its way. No one knows what happened to the sonic cat, but there are still stories of it being seen from time to time. Xogen was a powerful sorcerer who was not afraid to go out into the world and fight the creatures of true evil.

He was a warrior at heart and was willing to face any creature that would get in his way. He was strong enough to stand against any evil and was willing to sacrifice everything he had in order to protect the innocent people of his realm. The gauntlets he created have been passed down from generation to generation.

GPT-3 Magic Item Generator Online

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