D&D Fighter Backstory Examples

If you’re on the hunt for D&D fighter backstory examples, I’ve got a handful on this page that should give you some interesting ideas. The samples were created by LitRPG Adventures Workshop, a collection of advanced RPG generators and a growing library of already generated tabletop content. Check out the example backstories for all sorts of fighters below then head over to LitRPG Adventures to join hundreds of others in our growing community of tabletop gamers.

D&D Fighter Backstory Examples

Here’s a short list of fighter backstories created at LitRPG Adventures Workshop.

D.A. Hufferhassle

Male Halfling Warrior

STR 15 INT 12 WIS 8 DEX 18 CON 8 CHA 14

Born in Vrell’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)

Fighter Backstory:

As the second son of a respected warrior clan, D.A. never had much to look forward to in life. His father was grooming him to take over the family business, and he was more than happy to oblige. He never had a real passion for fighting and killing, but the business of it intrigued him.

He set out with his father and his older brother, and it was everything he expected and more. His father and brother were heroic figures, and D.A. wanted to be just like them.

He learned everything he could from his father, and when his father passed away, he took over, training others to take over after him. He continued to do this until an assassination ruined his life. With his family gone, he went to the only place he knew he could get help.

He went to the last place he wanted to go. He went to the kings of Grabisco for help. They got what they wanted, and he got what he needed.


He’s a fighter, but not a killer. He thinks that the world would be better if people would just get along, but he knows that the world won’t change without a fight. His favorite thing to do when he’s not killing people is to drink his way through the bar in the local tavern.


He isn’t the prettiest halfling you’ll ever meet, but he isn’t the ugliest either. He has a little bit of stubble on his chin, but not much. He has a paunch that gives him a fatherly appearance, but not in a good way. His eyes are grey, but they aren’t scary or sad or anything like that. He looks like an average kind of guy.

Start of Character:

His life is what he makes of it.


Male Human Paladin

STR 18 INT 10 WIS 12 DEX 12 CON 19 CHA 8

Born in Jintra (Grabisco Kingdom)

Fighter Backstory:

As a young man, Mikhael was taken in by the church of Jotus, the god of the crossroads. The priests there taught him how to read, think, and fight. While Mikhael never had the best grades, he excelled at combat. He was especially skilled at putting rogue thieves in their place.

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Mikhael grew up to be a great warrior and leader. His combat prowess was so great that he was asked to join the elite Paladins who protect the city of Jintra. He accepted the position and while serving his city, he noticed the plight of the rest of the world. He decided to leave.

Mikhael figured that if he was leaving, he might as well spread the word of Jotus to the other kingdoms.


Mikhael takes his worship very seriously. He’s very friendly and polite, which allows him to get along with people of all types. While he’s incredibly well-liked, he tends to go overboard when it comes to protecting the innocent. He’s known to charge into danger without a thought to his own safety.


Mikhael is tall, with well defined muscles. He has long brown hair that is slicked back. He wears the armor of his faith, forged by the great smiths in Jintra. He wields a greatsword that is easily four feet in length.

Start of Character:

Mikhael plans to travel to the other kingdoms to spread the word of Jotus. He’s eager to find out what challenges he’ll have to face.

Zafra Quickfoot

Female Wood Elf Fighter

STR 16 INT 17 WIS 16 DEX 10 CON 13 CHA 13

Born in Koring (Grabisco Kingdom)


Zafra was born on the shores of the Kingdom of Grabisco to a middle-class family. She was a happy little girl with a quick wit and a kind heart. She loved the outdoors and was always playing outside with her dog, a Great Koring named James. Her parents encouraged her love of nature and taught her how to protect it. Zafra always knew she would be a warrior someday. She trained hard, learning everything she could from her father, a soldier in the Kingdom of Grabisco.


Zafra is a very straightforward person who sometimes lacks tact. She’s a bit of an introvert that isn’t comfortable with being around large groups of people. She enjoys being isolated in the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. She is a very loyal friend and will do whatever it takes to help a friend in need.


Zafra has long, white hair and dark eyes. She dresses in a mix of leather and chainmail. Her most prized possession is a chainmail shirt she forged herself with the help of her father. In battle, she wields two swords, a long sword and a short sword that she’s had since she was a child. She looks young for her age.

Start of Character:

She’s been traveling the Kingdom of Grabisco for the last few years, looking for adventure, but she’s settled down for a bit to adventure with her friends, hoping to make a name for herself.

Harsk Rockstone

Male Dwarf Soldier

STR 12 INT 12 WIS 12 DEX 5 CON 15 CHA 11

Born in Yondor’ (Grabisco Kingdom)


Tamberlaine was born to a middle class family in Yondor’, a large dwarven city in the far northern part of the Grabisco Kingdom. His parents worked as miners and smiths, a standard occupation for a dwarf.

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When Tamberlaine was old enough, he worked as a miner alongside his father. His mother died before he was born, so he never knew her. After laboring for two decades, Tamberlaine’s father was killed in a mining accident.

Tamberlaine took it upon himself to provide for his father’s unfinished work as well as his own. He devoted his life to the underground mines until one day, when he was digging, he found a large vein of gold ore.

With the money he gained from selling his find, he purchased a mine of his own and began to carve out a modest living for himself. It was at this time that Tamberlaine started his drinking habit.

He used it as an escape, a way to quiet his mind and forget his troubles. Eventually, he came to like the drink quite a bit, and made it a habit of visiting the local tavern each evening to drink with friends.

It was at one of these temples to alcohol that Tamberlaine met Blackhawk. Blackhawk was the representative of the Phoenix Blades, an elite group of mercenaries, spies, and soldiers.

He offered Tamberlaine a chance to join, to be part of something grand, something important. Tamberlaine, who had grown weary with his life, jumped at the chance.


While Tamberlaine is reckless, he is also very careful. He trusts few people and keeps everyone at arm’s length. He is not afraid of anything, but he does fear that he will never be able to provide the same for his son that he was able to provide for his father.


Years of work in the mines have left him thick and muscular. He has a full beard and long brown thick hair. He sports a large scar across his right eye.

Start of Character:

Tamberlaine is currently one of the “hidden” soldiers of the Phoenix Blades. His primary duties are unknown to him. He is currently serving as Harsk’s bodyguard.

Izza Skullscryer

Female Snow Elf Warrior

STR 15 INT 14 WIS 10 DEX 12 CON 15 CHA 14

Born in Jhola (Grabisco Kingdom)

Fighter Backstory:

Izza grew up in the ruins of a fallen temple of Dao, a goddess of the Sky. Her family was a clan of Sky Priests, a secret religion dedicated to Daoism, founded by a group of Sky Priests who could bend the powers of the Sky for their own personal gain.

The Sky Priests discovered a technique that locked the power of the Sky into a single person, thus allowing them to enter other planes of existence. However, the power of the Sky bonded with one Sky Priest, and his other Sky Priest followers were unable to use the power anymore.

They dispersed from the temple and told no other Sky Priests how they did it. The Sky Priest, who took on a new name, Skaer, eventually died. He left a child, a daughter named Izza, who did not have the power of the Sky.

After Skaer’s death, Izza was taken in by a group of wandering people. They taught her the ways of the land but did not teach her to fight. When she was 18, she met a travelling warrior named Melon Heart who took her under his wing and taught her the ways of a warrior, how to wield a sword and wear armor.

Since then, she has been traveling from town to town trying to find a group of people that will accept her skills.

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Izza is usually calm and composed, even in tense situations. She is quite introverted and prefers to be alone, but she is loyal once she forms a bond with someone.


Izza is unusually tall for an elf, standing 6’2”. Her curly, black hair is usually tied in a ponytail. She wears leather armor and wields a greatsword when dealing with combat.

Start of Character:

After serving in the Grabisco Army for three years, Izza retired to the town of Dvarr. Having nothing better to do with her time, she became an adventurer. She hopes to find a group of people that will accept her for who she is and help her to become the best fighter she can.

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