D&D Rogue Backstory Examples: GPT-3

A collection of example character backstories for a variety of rogues generated by GPT-3 at LitRPG Adventures Workshop and edited by me, Paul Bellow. Enjoy!

Rarrgh Barrowjumper

Male Halfling Rogue

STR 15 INT 12 WIS 16 DEX 17 CON 15 CHA 13

Born in The Town of Blinkenberg

D&D Rogue Backstory:
Rarrgh Barrowjumper – Male Halfling Rogue

The small town of Blinkenberg was once an active trading crossroads between many of the surrounding towns. People would come from miles around to get a bite to eat, to stock up on supplies, or to trade goods. Unfortunately, the Minotaur Wars made such travel dangerous and the flow of people stopped overnight.

After the wars, the towns and villages that were once proud trading partners were now bitter rivals, each one suspicious of the other. After the kingdoms of Grabisco and Craggs were established, people once again began to travel to Blinkenberg, but they had a hard time getting past the front gates of either town.

He usually has a sword on his left hip when in combat, and his rapier on the right. He will occasionally wear a dark green cloak when traveling or just wandering around looking for an adventure. He used to be typically seen wearing a lighter green cloak, but it disappeared for some reason…


Rarrgh is a little on the quiet side and can sometimes take a while to break out of his shell. Once he gets to know someone, he is easy to talk to. He is a bit of a prankster and likes to fool around with others from time to time.


Rarrgh is tall for a Halfling, although he is still a bit shorter than the average human. He has a bushy black beard and long, black hair down to his shoulders. He is never seen without his swords which he keeps tucked in his belt at all times. He wears a green bandana that he wears around his head, keeping his hair out of his eyes.

When in battle, he is serious and wears black leather armor with red highlights, bearing a letter R on his back. He also wears red gloves with a good amount of protection and brown loose-fitting pants. He stands around 5’5″ and has two swords. One normal sized short sword with a green handle (Lupe Sword) and one slightly larger long sword that he uses with both hands.

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When out and about the town, he usually wears a black shirt with a few buttons at the bottom of it, with a pair of well worn pants and leather walking boots. He’s not much for fashion, but he doesn’t look like a slouch either. His appearance is similar to many halflings of his age; short and tends to have a bit of a pudge to him. His hair is dirty blonde and is usually just left to do what it wants. His eyes are a bright blue.

Start of Character:

Rarrgh travels the lands of Grabisco and beyond, looking to make a name for himself. He has recently been hired as a caravan guard by the wealth elves and dwarves who wish to make a living trading with the humans and the elves and dwarves of the Mulan Kingdoms.


Female Ogre Rogue

STR 14 INT 15 WIS 13 DEX 19 CON 12 CHA 15

Born in The City of Wink

D&D Rogue Backstory:
Cylena – Female Ogre Rogue

Cylena was born in the city of Wink, which lies in the Kingdom of Grelzia. She had a difficult childhood, as her parents frequently argued, and she was often forced to pick up the pieces. In the end, she decided the best way to take care of herself was to leave. She worked for many months, saving up enough money to quit her job and leave the city.

Since then, she has traveled far and wide, visiting many small towns along the way. She settled in the tiny village of Smalldale, which is on the borderlands between the Kingdom of Grelzia and the Kingdom of Ladale. She has a variety of skills and is constantly searching for ways to expand her skillset, as she has no idea what her future holds.


Cylena is a bright, cheerful woman despite her troubled past. Her optimism has helped her overcome many trials in her life. She doesn’t speak often, but she always has something insightful to say.


Cylena has long black hair and dark brown eyes. She’s petite, but strong with firm muscles. She wears brown and black garments to blend in with her surroundings.

Start of Character:

After recovering from the terrible wounds she sustained during the Zanosk attacks, Cylena has decided it’s time to rejoin the world, as the the group needs help in defeating him and his acolytes.


Male Troglodyte Rogue

STR 18 INT 11 WIS 9 DEX 14 CON 18 CHA 15

Born in The City of Tauda

Rogue Backstory:

Iceshard was born into a circus family. His mother was a claw performer and his father was a juggler. They both wanted the best for their son, so they sent him to the best schools and they encouraged him to train as hard as he could. He learned a lot, but he felt like he was missing something. When he learned about the acolytes of Zan, he felt like he had found his calling. He left his family and relatives to become an acolyte himself.


He is incredibly serious and disciplined, refusing to let his emotions get in the way of his training. He is not a huge fan of small talk, preferring to get right to the point of conversation. He also tends to take on jobs without asking questions, and he’s not the most creative of people.


Iceshard is slender with pale skin and short white hair. He normally wears a black and white mask. His eyes are completely white. He also likes to wear loose fitting black clothing, though he also wears loose fitting white clothing when he is in a different mood.

Start of Character:

He currently works as an acolyte of Zan. He has many responsibilities, and he plans on making sure he is doing everything that he is supposed to be doing. While not entirely evil, he is leaning more and more in that direction.

Saphira Underbarrel

Female Wood Elf Rogue

STR 15 INT 14 WIS 12 DEX 18 CON 15 CHA 17

Born in The Village of Kallos

Rogue Backstory:

Saphira lived in Kallos as a child, enjoying the days playing in the boggy marshes, swimming in the river, and exploring all the nooks and crannies of her village. Her mother and father were busy with their own endeavours, however, and never had much time for her.

As she grew older, Saphira began to wander, climbing the trees to look out over the ocher-colored hills and the salty ocean beyond. The first thing she noticed about the outside world was the difference in the people. The villagers of Kallos had long necks and short legs, with lanky growths of hair coming from every possible crevice.

The outsiders were taller and sported hair so short it was often bald. She was fascinated by these differences and determined to see more of the world. One day, while exploring in a village on the coast, Saphira made a mistake. She tried to steal a stick of saltwater taffy from a shop.

She was caught. The shopkeeper chased her into the streets, but she was able to find a place to hide and escape. That night, she lay awake, fearful of discovery. The next day, she fled Kallos.


Saphira is feisty and independent. She is quick to say what she thinks, but she’s not a complete idiot. She will try to avoid a fight even if she can use it to her advantage. Saphira is loyal and will often do things to help a friend. While she loves to do good, she isn’t above breaking a few rules.


As a halfling, Saphira is short. She is also thin, with a skinny frame and stick-like limbs. Her hair is short and black. Her dark brown eyes are covered by a pair of sunglasses.

Start of Character:

Saphira is continuing her career as a rogue, addicted to the adrenaline rush of being caught. (Note: If you’re not happy with the name, you can try out our free wood elf name generator at ARNAMGEN.

Cherel Wintringle

Male Dark Elf Rogue

STR 16 INT 13 WIS 8 DEX 18 CON 17 CHA 9

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Born in Varda (Grabisco Kingdom)

Rogue Backstory:

Growing up in the streets of Grabisco, Cherel was a bit of a scoundrel and a pickpocket. He eventually got caught and sent to the Prince’s Jail. While there, he met a priest of Ixion who took him under his wing and taught him how to serve the deity. Now, his life is dedicated to preaching the word of Ixion. He hopes to become a priest himself and to spread the word of Ixion.


Cherel is a free spirit, but he has a knack for getting into trouble. He is calm under pressure and relies upon his friends to pull him out of difficult situations. When he’s on a mission, he becomes devoted to the task at hand. He is a terrible liar and can’t hide his emotions.


He has long black hair that is neatly tied back. His skin is a pale grey, and his eyes are a striking red color. He wears simple brown robes that are always free of stains. He carries a simple short sword. And he wears a mask that covers his lower face to conceal his identity.

Start of Character:

Cherel has recently been called to the city of VonDanu to go on a quest for the priests of Ixion. His ultimate goal is to become a priest himself and to spread the word of Ixion throughout the kingdom.


Male Snow Elf Rogue

STR 10 INT 14 WIS 10 DEX 5 CON 14 CHA 10

Born in Wintroft Village (Grabisco Kingdom)

Rogue Backstory:

Dremmel was born in the northern reaches of the Kingdom of Grabisco, Wintroft Village, to a tavern owner and his wife. His family was a large, close-knit group. Dremmel’s childhood was filled with fun times and mischief. He showed an aptitude for thieving early on and was caught trying to steal from a merchant at a young age.

The merchant took a liking to the young Dremmel and trained him in the arts of stealing and hiding. It was the merchant who gave Dremmel the nickname “Scribbler” as the elf was always drawing pictures and writing stories. He became an adventurer because it sounded like fun and his parents and brother disapproved of his profession.

He was exploring the Kingdom of Grabisco as well as the surrounding lands when he happened upon a group of adventurers just outside the village. (Actually he was just trying to get away from his family and on this day had run into the adventurers by accident.) Dremmel joined up with them and became an adventurer.

In his travels with this group, he encountered a young cleric known as Brelaxin. Dremmel began to notice that she was quite skilled in healing and use of the divine magic. He began to talk with her on their travels, which is not something he would do with other members of their party. From time to time, Dremmel would speak with the cleric about her faith, but she never talked about herself very much.

She did tell Dremmel that she had never been on a quest before, and that if she ever got the chance she would go on a quest to find some item or person or something or another. This kind of thing happened all the time, her party going off in different directions after some treasure, some evil beast, or some fabled place left off by an ancient clan of elves long ago. The cleric was not sure where she wanted to go, but she wanted to be on a quest at some point in her life. This conversation was one of many that took place between Dremmel and Brelaxin during her travels with this party.

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When the group disbanded, it was up to each member to find new people to go adventuring with and Dremmel decided that he would travel with Brelaxin. It wasn’t long before they parted paths again when Brelaxin accepted a cleric offer from an order known as The Sacred Order of The Dawnlight (SODL).

Later, while wandering around searching for a group of people to adventure with, he ran into Brelaxin once again. The two agreed that they would travel together for a while. Dremmel also learned that this time Brelaxin had taken up the cause of her order and was going on a quest to rescue a priest from a cult that had kidnapped him.

During this quest, Dremmel had time to talk with the cleric abit more about her faith and all the things she was doing to help him become a better cleric, even though he was not formally a member of her order. Brelaxin showed kindness and compassion to everyone she met. While she was recusing the priest and protecting the towns they were staying in, her demeanor to everyone else was very kind and good natured. On top of being so kind and compassionate, she showed Dremmel that she had a good sense of humor, too.

After this quest, Dremmel decided that he wanted to join up with Brelaxin in her order and signed on as an initiate during the rest of this quest. Now, after passing numerous tests of his faith and other things performed at different times during his time adventuring with Brelaxin (and after her initiation into the ranks of the SODL being held), Dremmel is well on his way to becoming a full fledged cleric in his own right although he’s secretly keeping up with his training as a rogue.

Dremmel enjoys adventuring because it allows him opportunities to get away from the people that think he’s strange or want something from him or he wants something from them…or just because sometimes he wants to draw pictures or write stories…or just because it’s fun! He considers Brelaxin his best friend as they share their stories and adventures together. It was during these travels that the two agreed upon names for themselves: Dremmel Elfagor, Scribbler

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Dremmel is very carefree and doesn’t worry about what others think of him. He’s always enthusiastic and ready to sneak around, explore, or get into trouble.


Dremmel has long, shaggy, dark brown hair. His eyes are a dark shade of green. He wears leather armor and wields two daggers with matching green hilts. As his name implies, Dremmel is an elf and looks the part. He’s very muscular for an elf and can run fast for long distances.

Start of Character:

Dremmel is on a quest to explore as many ruins and tombs as possible. He doesn’t like to travel or adventure alone. He got into a lot of trouble when he was younger, so he’s hoping a group of adventurers will help him stay out of trouble for the future.

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