D&D Minotaur Character Backstory Examples

Need some D&D minotaur backstory ideas? I’ve put together several on this page. They were all generated with LitRPG Adventures, a set of advanced RPG generators created with GPT-3 API from OpenAI. Check out the backstories below then head over to the workshop to create your own. Members also get access to our growing libary of thousands of already generated monsters, items, characters, cities, governments, and more.

D&D Minotaur Backstory Examples

Here’s some D&D minotaur backstories and DND plot hooks for your fantasy tabletop RPG campaign.


Male Minotaur Cleric

STR 16 INT 13 WIS 16 DEX 8 CON 12 CHA 12

Born in Lutea Happiness (Grabisco Kingdom)


Sarn grew up in the land of Cinegle. He was born to a farming family, but he wanted more than just working the fields. He wanted to prove himself, to prove that he was better than everyone else. He knew that he was strong. He knew that he was capable of more than just farming. He spent his days wandering the village, looking for way to prove himself.

He wanted to prove that he was strong, so he began training to become a gladiator. He trained hard. He put his body through rigorous exercises. He became very strong, but he was still not satisfied. He wanted to be number one.

He wanted to prove his strength, so he decided to find a way to the south. He wanted to find the arena of the Realm of Glory, where the best fighters went to prove themselves. There, he would be able to prove himself.


Sarn is headstrong and confident. He is determined to prove himself.


He is extremely muscular. His muscles bulge, and he is covered with scars. He is very tall and wears few clothes.

Start of Character:

Sarn has recently arrived in the Realm of Glory. He is the newest gladiator at the arena.


Male Minotaur Warlock

STR 20 INT 8 WIS 20 DEX 16 CON 16 CHA 10

Born in Eryd (Grabisco Kingdom)


Maelstrom was raised in Eryd. He was raised by his uncle, who is an adept wizard. His uncle supported Maelstrom in becoming a wizard himself. Maelstrom loves his uncle and is respectful of his abilities, but he is not driven to be a wizard. Instead, he became involved with the Order of Beldaroon, where he learned to use his magical talents for good.

Maelstrom specializes in summoning. He’s traveled the lands looking for new creatures to summon. He eventually found the Dimensional Fort in the Great Waste. The Fort proved to be a boon to his magical talents. He also became good friends with the Fort’s caretaker, Ragnor. Maelstrom has never known much about his parents.

He has heard rumors that his father was a wizard in the Order of Beldaroon. He has heard other rumors that his father was a great warrior. Maelstrom doesn’t know which is true. Maelstrom is restless. He likes to travel and is always looking for new places to see. He doesn’t have much of a home since he visits his uncle infrequently.


Maelstrom is friendly and outgoing. He has a gift for seeing what’s in front of him. He doesn’t have much experience with the world beyond Eryd, so he’s willing to believe most anything. He’s generally happy with his life.


Maelstrom is not very tall or broad. He’s lean and strong. He’s only slightly taller than the average human. His eyes are red, and his hair is long and fiery red.

Start of Character:

Maelstrom is traveling the lands and searching for knowledge and new experiences. He has recently heard rumor of a new race — Halflings — and is intrigued.


Male Minotaur Barbarian

STR 18/32 INT 12 WIS 18 DEX 11 CON 15 CHA 6

Born in Caves of Disaster (Grabisco Kingdom)


Esmos was born in a small group of caves near the Kingdom of Grabisco. His father was a strong and talented barbarian warrior. His mother was kind and wise, and took care of their family. He grew up with a love of adventure and a strong sense of justice. He eventually left his home, where the dangers lurked in the dark, and joined the Kingdom of Grabisco. He fought in the war against the kobolds and helped his countryman, King Grabisco, rally the troops and take back their kingdom. He left the Kingdom of Grabisco and went on a quest of self-discovery. He hopes to find his own tribe and settle down and raise a family of his own.


Esmos is a gentle giant. He tries to help everyone, and he always carries out his duties with the utmost respect. He knows what dangers lurk in the dark, and he can be quick to anger when need be. He fights with a surprising amount of strength, but his rage sometimes gets the best of him. He’s very much in touch with nature, and he always tries to help the plight of the downtrodden. He is faithful to A’ra, the god of nature.


Esmos is tall and strong. He has large horns protruding from his head, which are yellow-gold in color. His fur is brown, and his eyes are a yellow-gold. He has large claws, which are white with black tips. He carries a large, double-bladed axe slung across his back. He wears a suit of leather armor, which is painted with symbols of A’ra.

Start of Character:

He is currently making his way toward his camp.

Pox Scar Scarab

Male Minotaur Shadow Knight

STR 19 INT 11 WIS 18 DEX 17 CON 10 CHA 13

Born in Yozgad (Kingdom of Grabisco) (Grabisco Kingdom)


Solo was born in the kingdom of Grabisco, an event no one could have predicted. He was the sole survivor of a brutal attack by a man-eating creature known only as the Vulture. This creature came down from the mountains to Yozgad seeking food, and he found it in Solo’s family. The creature murdered everyone, leaving the boy for dead.

He was discovered by a passing healer, taken to her home, and nursed back to health. The healer’s name was Lestara, who was an older priestess of Baba Yaga. Lestara was the only family Solo had left, which ultimately led to him becoming a shadow knight, worshipper of Baba Yaga. Solo’s faith was well rewarded in time, when he received a vision in his dreams.

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He was guided by an angel into a church, where he saw the statue of Baba Yaga in the form of a snake. The angel explained that if he would devote himself to her will, she would guide him on the path to redemption for the sins of his parents. Solo allowed himself to be guided by the angel, and once a proper temple was built in the city, he became the first shadow knight in the land of Grabisco.

He took the name of Pox Scarab Scarab because of a small scar on his back from the attack as a child.


Solo is a cold and introverted young man. He has a reputation as a fearsome warrior, but he is surprisingly weak-minded. He doesn’t have a strong sense of morality, and he can be very dishonest.


Solo is a tall man with a large muscled frame. His green eyes seem out of place with his dark skin tone. His horns are nearly as impressive as his hoofed feet. He wears a black cloak with the hood drawn to conceal his face. He carries a large mace, which he uses as a weapon and a shield.

Start of Character:

Solo is still a shadow knight, but has found himself traveling the Kingdom of Grabisco. He searches for redemption from his sins, but he’s also looking for his calling.

Dorkach MacHitch

Female Minotaur Druid

STR 20 INT 13 WIS 18 DEX 10 CON 15 CHA 11

Born in Het’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)


Dorkach MacHitch is a part of a small herd of minotaurs who live in Northern Grabisco. When she was a youngling, a group of aasimar attacked the herd and abducted a female member of the clan. Dorkach’s mother told her that she needed to get stronger so that she would be able to rescue her clansmate.

Dorkach did exactly that, becoming the strongest of her generation. She grew up in the family business, which was selling goods to passersby on the road. Dorkach doesn’t know anything else, so she’s content with life as it is. She likes her life, but it’d be nice to see the world outside of her village.


Dorkach is very kindhearted. She rarely uses violence, preferring to talk her way out of tough situations. When she does, however, she’s very good at it. She’s the leader of the herd simply because she’s stronger than anyone else. She doesn’t like to fight, preferring to trade goods to make money for her people. She loves to eat.


She wears plain brown robes, hoping to blend in with the locals in Grabisco Kingdom. Her horns are always polished to make her seem like a more respectable merchant. She wears a gold pendant on a chain around her neck, the only thing she has from her family. She uses it to make sure he doesn’t get lost.

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Start of Character:

Dorkach has decided to travel to the Kingdom of Grabisco to trade goods. She’s convinced that people in the Kingdom of Grabisco will buy more goods than they will in the Kingdom of Het.

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