RPG Weapon Generator Examples w/GPT-3

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Below are some example from the RPG weapon generator at LitRPG Adventures Workshop. I built the tool using GPT-3 API, one of the largest language models in the world currently. (I’ve also used it to create a number of D&D Random Encounter Tables you can check out for free.) If you enjoy these magical weapons, be sure to keep reading. At the end, I explain a bit more about the tool I used to create them. Enjoy!

RPG Weapon Generator
RPG Weapon Generator Ideas

RPG Weapon Generator Examples

Here’s some output from the RPG weapon generator I created with the GPT-3 API. There’s some swords, bows, and more.

Short Sword of Black Jade

Created by J.D. Salinger a Half-Elf Sorcerer

Item Type: Weapon (Short Sword)

For Levels: 1 – 5

Rarity: Uncommon

Special Abilities:

(Chaos Magic) (Grow) (Big)


The Short Sword of Black Jade is a dull green color and looks to have been through many battles and encounters over the years. This sword can grow in size when needed, but its effect is unpredictable. Made from an unknown metal alloy, it is very light but durable.


The Short Sword of Black Jade was created by J.D. Salinger a Half Elf Sorcerer. J.D. discovered the sword when he was exploring an old cave deep in the Western wood. He was exploring because he had heard rumors that many of the local Halflings had heard the rumor that there was a treasure there. The treasure was supposed to be worth a kingdom in gold, but rumors are like that.

J.D. decided to go and check out the cave for himself. He arrived and found a large open cavern. It was clear that the cave had been used for many different purposes over the years and that the rumors of the treasure were likely true. J.D. wanted to find the treasure, but he didn’t want to share it with anyone.

While exploring the cavern, he came across a large creature. He had never seen anything like it before, but he knew that if he didn’t kill it, he would be killed. He battled the beast as best he could and finally killed the creature. When he got up, he noticed that it had been killed by a single sword. This sword was dull in the light of day, but shone brightly in the darkness of the cavern.

He picked up the sword and began to investigate it. The sword fit his hand perfectly and was light in his hand. He was able to swing it with ease, his movements matching perfectly. He was able to feel that it was going to be a powerful weapon in his hands.

He looked around and found another large sword which had once belonged to the creature. He took this sword as well and went on his way. He carried these swords of the creature all the way back to town.

He went to the town blacksmith and found that the sword could be made into one fine weapon. The sword was to be called the Short Sword of Chaos. The black statue found by J.D. fits into the hilt of the sword giving the weapon a variable range of 1′-7′.


Xobaru’s Mace

Created by Xobaru

Item Type: Weapon (Mace)

For Levels: 100 – 101

Rarity: Legendary

Special Abilities:

(x2 Damage) (To Hit Bonus) (Sonic Damage)


The Xobaru mace is a massive weapon, with a shaft made of hardened bone, and a jeweled head. The head was crafted by Novenchuck, and its worth is far greater than that of the unenchanted mace. The shaft has been broken in several places, but the weapon still has additional magical abilities due to its enchantments.


Xobaru and his men fought many a battle against the Elves. The Elves at that time were great warriors. Xobaru and his men were always outnumbered and had to rely on the magic they learned from the High Druid Zulkar to win fights.

The High Druid Zulkar didn’t like the way that Xobaru was using the magic to defeat the Elves. The High Druid Zulkar was a great sorcerer but he was getting old. He wanted to retire from the wars and wanted the Elves to stop fighting other people.

He decided to cast a spell on Xobaru and his men so that they could never battle the Elves again. After this spell was cast, a member of the Xobaru clan who was working with the High Druid Zulkar was murdered by Xobaru.

Xobaru knew that he had a traitor in his clan and he vowed that he would kill the High Druid Zulkar. Xobaru was able to find the High Druid Zulkar and he killed him. He found the head of a dead Elf and Xobaru used the head for the head of his mace. He and his men never had to battle again.



Created by Nulgreth

Item Type: Weapon (Longbow)

For Levels: 100 – 101

Rarity: Epic

Special Abilities:

(Electrical Damage) (x4 Damage) (Accuracy) (Accurate) (Animate Item) (Zan) (Zan the Wizard) (Zanite Cult)


This magic longbow, originally created by Nulgreth for his fight against the Warg, has a +2 enchantment and is considered a martial weapon. Constructed of the finest Ash, the bowstrings are made from the rare and almost impervious bond of pure magical energy and dragonhide.

The bow is +2 because of the enchantment, and also because it is considered a magical weapon. The magic created by Nulgreth will not allow anyone but him to use it. If the character has a composite bow, treat this weapon as a Longbow with a range increment of 60 feet and a maximum range of 480 feet.


Once again, Nulgreth had been called to action by his people. This time, however, it was not one foe but rather many who were threatening the lives of his people. They were the Grendelfolk and they were a race of 13 feet tall, human-like creatures who were yellow of skin and hair. They were a cruel and evil race of humanoids that lived only to fight and cause pain.

For years the Grendelfolk had been terrorizing the lands across the seas from the lands of Nulgreth. These creatures killed whomever they came across and manipulated the evil powers of the Earth to create new tunnels so they could invade new lands.

Finally, they decided to send an army to invade the kingdom of Nulgreth. The army attacked and pillaged the land for several weeks, killing and destroying everything in sight. The only thing that kept a few of the surrounding villages alive was the fact that Nulgreth was away on a hunt.

Nulgreth did not return until the third night when he saw that his people were being killed and destroyed. He immediately jumped down from his great steed and ran to the battle.

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With the help of his men and his longbow, Nulgreth rushed the enemy and laid waste to much of them, but it was not enough. Even with his mighty bow, Nulgreth couldn’t stand against the hordes of the Grendelfolk. He fell that day, but his longbow lives on.

DnD Soldier Backstory Idea
DnD Soldier Backstory Ideas

Gnomish Crossbow

Created by Jolda

Item Type: Weapon (Crossbow)

For Levels: 3 – 30

Rarity: Rare

Special Abilities:

(Accuracy) (Accurate) (Good Luck) (Smoke)


This gnomish crossbow is a lightweight crossbow with a wooden stock and steel string. It has a +10 bonus to hit and does 1d8+2 damage. Its has a range increment of 80 feet. When firing the weapon, a puff of smoke appears in the back end of the weapon.


A gnomish smith named Jolda helped improve the crossbow. After helping the gnomes, he used his crossbow to help defeat a group of ogres. He brought the crossbow back to his people and word of his deeds spread like wildfire through the tribe. Word spread to the kingdom and Jolda was asked to bring his crossbow with him to a kingdom. He gladly accepted as he felt honored to be invited. The king and his people were impressed and after a short ceremony, Jolda was given a reward for his deeds and released a hero.

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