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Need a D&D guild generator for a thief in your fantasy tabletop RPG campaign? You can use the one at LitRPG Adventures, which is powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI. I’ve got some D&D thieves’ guild examples on this page that you can check out and use in your campaign if you want. If you want more, check out LitRPG Adventures and join the thousands who have already joined.


Guild Size: Huge (100+ members)
Guild Leader: Iryaal
HQ Location: Faun (Small City)
Guild Symbol: Sword
(Anarchists) (Thugs) (Negotiations)


This thieves guild is the only guild of it’s kind. It was started over a hundred years ago by a man named Iryaal. The man was the son of an abusive father, who was a prominent Guildmaster in the empire.

Iryaal was angry with his father for a lot of things. He was not skilled in fighting but was skilled in talking. He was a convincing speaker and very likable. He found his way into the players guild. He had to fight many times to prove his worth. After a few years he had his first son. His wife was in a very poor condition.

He then had the idea to overthrow his father and take over the empire. He started the guild about a year after this. He used the guild to gain support for his cause. The guild quickly grew in size and power. After the guild got very powerful, he then started to organize a coup and overthrow the emperor.

He succeeded in his task and once he was in charge he disbanded his guild and executed all of the members, including his wife and son. He went on to rule the empire for a long time before being accidentally killed. The guild was revived 20 years later by a dwarf named Kurgun.

Kurgun was a former bodyguard to Iryaal. Kurgun lost all of his savings while being away. Kurgun remembered that Iryaal’s guild was powerful and with enough hard work he could revive it. He regained his lost fortune and was able to regain the leadership of the guild.

The guild has been around for a long time and has survived many close brushes with the empire. The guild has a weird and odd mix of members.

Many of the members have been extremely powerful and influential. There have been many assassinations by some of it’s members.

Foe Masons

Guild Size: Large (51 to 100 members)
Guild Leader: Zureka Simhand
HQ Location: Yvallan (City)
Guild Symbol: Skull
(Assassins) (Professionals) (Contracts) (Aristocratic)


These thieves are known for coming out of nowhere, killing whoever they are hired to and disappearing into the night. Nobody has been able to catch one of these shady individuals.

The Foe Masons guild was founded on the outskirts of Yvallan by an assassin named Zureka Simhand. They were hired to kill a nobleman in the city of Dyan, who was a rival of the Yvallan noble families. They did their job and left the city.

The Foe Masons are named that because of the way they work. They are usually hired to commit violence against enemies of their employers. Simhand believes that from the shadows is the way to be.

The mages guild is growing stronger every day and the Foe Masons are starting to run out of customers. They are getting desperate and will kill anyone for the right price in order to get more jobs.


Guild Size: Large (51 to 100 members)
Guild Leader: Farida of the Hills
HQ Location: Yozgad (Kingdom of Grabisco) (Village)
Guild Symbol: Scales
(Anarchists) (Thugs) (Mob)


This thieves guild started when Farida of the Hills stumbled upon the tomb of a ancient dwarven king. The tomb was deep in the crypts of a dwarven palace with a thousand traps and miles of passages.

Farida was a skilled thief and was able to creep through the complex and make it to the tomb. Inside she found a huge ruby scarab. She took the scarab and left the room where the scarab was.

Several dozen tomb robbers had been waiting for her to come back so they could rob the tomb. However, when the left the room there were no tomb robbers out in the hall waiting for her.

Instead there were two dozen armed dwarves. The dwarves were all dead. Dwarves are very tough to kill. Farida quickly pulled a dagger out of her boot and put it to her throat.

At the same time she said “I am Farida of the Hills, a thief. I have the scarab. It is mine. Now do you dare try to take it from me?”

The dwarves just stood there with their weapons aimed at her.

Farida then said the magic words “I challenge you to a fight to the death!”

The dwarves then lowered their weapons and the dwarf in front said “We have decided to let you live. We have decided to give you the scarab. However, you must promise us that you will protect it. If you do not protect it you will die.”

Farida accepted the challenge and was given the scarab. She then returned to her country, got a few of her friends, and started a thieves guild.

D&D Guild Generator
D&D Guild Generator


Guild Size: Small (11 to 20 members)
Guild Leader: Ulric Ironheart
HQ Location: Erebor (Campsite)
Guild Symbol: A black diamond
(Anarchists) (Chaotic) (Rebellion) (Chaos)


This guild is a rebellious thief’s guild that is constantly fighting the rule of the dwarves of Erebor. Originally founded by Ulric Ironheart, who was exiled for crimes in his homeland. He is half-elven, half-dwarven. His mother being a dwarf, his father an elf.

He has since moved the guild to live in The Forest of Erebor. He is a lawful evil character who is constantly against the rule of the dwarves. He believes that they are oppressive and that they are using their prosperity to control the area around them.

The guild is made up of mostly human members; some half-elven as well. They are known to target dwarves and human supporters of the dwarves. They believe that they should be in control of the area and refuse to follow the wishes of the dwarves.

They are highly aggressive and are constantly in a state of rebellion against the dwarves.

Babbage, Incorporated

Guild Size: Large (51 to 100 members)
Guild Leader: Ernest Babbage
HQ Location: Xamanagore (Village)
Guild Symbol: White pawn
(Pickpockets) (Funny) (Aristocratic)


The bumblers had always been a nomadic group. One of the first groups to form, they had no formal name. As it turns out, they originally roamed the countryside and forest of Xamanagore and they would pick pockets while they were on the move. Eventually their movement sort of became a trademark and people began to call them “The Bumblers”.

Even though they were a group of nomads, they were actually quite a powerful group. They had a complex and organized system where each member was given a number based on skill. They would take numbers in and out of service, adding them to the rolls of active members. When a number was retired, it meant that person would no longer be able to perform his duties. Of course, as much as these people were trained, there were still the occasional mistakes.

The bumblers were more than just a group of nomads, however. They had a code of honor and honor was very important to them. If one of their members was killed, injured, or just touched in their camps, then they would respond with 100 mercenaries to deal with them.

They had very strict rules and they were disciplined quite harshly if they broke any of these rules. Often times, these punishments came to the form of something called a “slinging”, which was a leather strap that was wrapped around the right wrist.

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The sling was always an exact number of lashes, always in the same position and width. These slings were used as a means of discipline and they were used as a form of punishment when needed.

The bumblers were very powerful in their prime but history tells of their downfall.

They eventually became too big for their own good. Once they began to have too many members to count, they eventually absorbed smaller factions and began to move into the cities.

They began to become more aggressive and more men became less disciplined. Eventually, the bumblers split into two factions and the following decades those factions lost most of their power.

In the early years, the bumblers were organized around the idea of numbers. Each bumbler was given a number based on their skill. Those who were skilled and moved up would see their numbers increase. Those that were killed or injured would see their numbers drop. They had total control over who would be active or inactive.

They had a complex and organized system of numbers. They set up a system where each number had a specific set of duties.

If a number was equal to another number, they were called “equal numbers”.

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