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Have you ever wanted to make your own video games? If you’ve ever looked into it, you know that it’s not exactly an easy process. You need some very high-level computer skills and a lot of money behind you just to make a product that most people will ignore. If you really want to make RPGs, though, there’s a great game/tool out there for you. RPG Maker XV Ace is an interesting product that gives amateurs all they need to create their own RPGs. While you won’t be making the next Dragon Age with this tool, you might make something that will capture the imagination of the gaming community.

Improving on Success

The RPG Maker series is, by this point, one that’s got a fairly storied legacy. While it might have humble roots, the truth is that it’s now become something that really almost resembles a professional-level product. While it doesn’t give you access to the newest engines on the market, it does give would-be game makers a chance to make their own games. RPG Maker XV Ace is the latest iteration, an improvement on RPG Maker XV. While you’re mostly looking at graphical improvements here, it’s still an impressive iteration for a series that really has nothing less to prove.

Fully Featured Games

As one might expect from the title, RPG Maker XV Ace is all about making RPGs. More specifically, it’s a tool used for creating games in the old-school mode of JRPGs. While you won’t find any cutting-edge cut-scene tools or high-end graphical monstrosities here, what you will find are the tools you need to make complete role playing games. It takes a surprisingly lengthy amount of time to actually put together a fan game, but once you’re done you might find that what you’ve made is indistinguishable from some of the indie games you might find on Steam.

What’s impressive about the games made on this system is how fleshed out they are. While the combat systems tend to blur together without some serious under the hood tweaking, it’s really possible to make a game using these tools that is entirely different from anything else that anyone else has ever made. What makes that particularly amazing is that it doesn’t seem like there are really that many tools available. It’s the sheer number of different ways you can use what RPG Maker offers that really makes it so impressive.

A Leap Forward

RPG Maker XV Ace is a huge leap forward from the previous iteration of the game. By making use of a new, advanced scripting system, designers can add in almost any game function they can imagine. They can also modify almost anything that is already in the game, giving them a chance to really play around with the design. It’s the closest a commercial product has come to letting players behave like real designers, even if the end products aren’t quite as advanced as what’s available within the industry.

Everything has taken a leap forward in this iteration of the system. The mapping system is new, the battle system is easier to modify, and even the way that text is implemented in games has been improved. This isn’t to say that the game is perfect, but that it’s come a surprisingly long way in just one new entry. It’s very clear that this series is making an attempt to blur the line between professional development and fan development, especially with its use of new high-level tools. Some of whwat can be made in this game is amazing.

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Making Life Easier

Of course, the RPG Maker Series has never been known for being particularly easy. Since it’s a fairly deep game making tool, there have always been would-be designers who have been left behind by the complexity of the games. Fortunately, there are now tools in place to help novices put together events quickly. These tools won’t give designers everything they need to make a fully-featured game, of course, but there’s plenty there for those who want to slap down a quick event and get moving on the other aspects of design.

The Quick Event Creation Tool is a lovely addition that allows inexperienced designers to throw down events for various items quickly. It might not seem like much on the surface, but it’s a huge leap forward in terms of ease-of-use. Those who don’t want to go through an script every door and chest event will find themselves using the tool over and over again.

There’s also a Random Dungeon Generator, which is perhaps the best tool in the world for those who want to add randomized dungeons to their otherwise bespoke games. This tool is a great fit for those who are looking to make something a bit more story-focused while still giving potential players a place to search through for loot.

RPG Maker XV Ace isn’t for everyone, of course. The learning curve is incredibly steep and getting everything you want out of the engine takes more than most are willing to give. What the tools do, though, is put the ability to create basic RPGs in the hands of anyone. If you have ever wondered if you had what it takes to create an RPG on your own, RPG Maker will give you a chance. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you might find that creating video games is a passion you should pursue.

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