4 DND 5e Pirate Character Backstory Ideas

Ahoy! If you’re looking for D&D pirate backstory ideas, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got several examples below created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop, a set of 14 RPG generators I built using the GPT-3 API from OpenAI.

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D&D Pirate Backstory Ideas

Here’s just a few different D&D pirate backstory examples. Feel free to use these DND plot hooks in your tabletop RPG campaign.

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Zezel Hufferhassle

Male Halfling Swashbuckler

Born in Beren (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 16 INT 9 WIS 16 DEX 17 CON 15 CHA 7

Pirate Backstory:

Zezel grew up in the Sussurian Jungle where his tribe lived. They kept to themselves, as halflings do, and defended their territories when necessary, worshiping the spirits. Zezel was a determined young halfling, always pouring his full effort into everything he did. He enjoyed his life and was particularly fond of hunting.

A seasoned ranger took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew. Over the years, Zezel became well acquainted with the ways of rangers. Over the years, Zezel became well acquainted with the ways of rangers. He hopes to one day find his spirit animal and protect the wild lands throughout Grabisco.


Zezel is a fun-loving fellow, but he feels a great deal of pressure to live up to his family name. He feels like he must live up to the expectations of his father and the rest of his tribe. In reality, he has an easy-going nature, which makes him a pretty nice guy to be around. Unlike his father, he is more interested in helping others than in hunting. He loves to throw around insults, but he’s pretty quick to forgive and forget.


Zezel has short brown hair and green eyes. He is rather muscular and talented in the ways of the bow. His green and brown clothing allows him to blend in with the forest.

Start of Character:

Zezel has been traveling the world for many years now. He has found his strength and courage, and he’s determined to never back down from a challenge. He is looking forward to seeing his father again and fighting alongside the rest of his tribe.


Male Ogre Swashbuckler

Born in O’lashadon (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 10 INT 4 WIS 10 DEX 12 CON 15 CHA 13

Pirate Backstory:

Jorggk was a simple ogre. He plied the seas of the world, raiding and pillaging the cargo of unsuspecting merchant ships. He was mighty in his own way, proud of his power and his girth. He fought in the Great Ogre civil war, rooting for the queen. In the end, when the king lost, Jorggk was captured and enslaved. He was sold off to a witch in the kingdom of Grabisco, who turned him into a swashbuckler. He now sails with his new crew, stealing what he needs and taking no prisoners.


Jorggk likes to tell stories of his exploits and make up lies about who he is and what he’s done. He’s so fond of talking he tends to get into arguments with others. He doesn’t mind a good fight and does all he can to avoid losing one.


With a green tinge to his skin, Jorggk is a powerful-looking ogre. His green-tinted red hair is braided and coiled on top of his head. The length of his hair, tied in a knot, is almost as long as he is tall. He wears green pants and a tunic of the same color. His boots are made out of leather and look sturdy. He wears a sword strapped to his back and an axe on one hip. A holster for his darts sits on his other hip.

Start of Character:

He is here to find a crew of rowdy pirates to join his cause. He’s looking for someone to replace his previous captain, who was killed in a mutiny.

Q’olga Tresosa

Female Kobold Swashbuckler

Born in The Capital City of Ledale (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 12 INT 16 WIS 12 DEX 16 CON 16 CHA 14

Pirate Backstory:

After traveling across Grabisco for a few years, Q’olga has found herself in the city of Ledale. She has never been the most noble of kobolds and prefers the company of humans and other non-kobolds. She was a street lord with her gang – known as the Dirty Rags – for a long time. They made a nice fortune but eventually, the group disbanded and Blo took off with all the money.

Q’olga returned to the docks with nothing but a trusty rapier, and a reputation for killing. She’s hoping to find some more followers and new opportunities while in Ledale, and then make an even more respectable name for herself.


Q’olga is a kobold, so she is naturally malicious and cunning. However, she does her best to hide these traits and fake a smile when it’s necessary. She can’t hold a grudge for very long, but she tries. When she gets mad, she can be really scary and intimidating, which she usually does to show off.

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Q’olga is green, with yellow and brown stripes all over her body. She has sapphire scales for eyes and her black hair is tied up into a ponytail that stretches from the base of her neck to the tip of her tail. She wears a black leather vest and a leather skirt that she got from a human. She is also very muscular and has a long tail that she uses to keep her balance.

Start of Character:

Q’olga’s goal is to find a new crew or start her own and sail the seas of Grabisco in search of treasure. (We have plenty of other kobold backstory ideas if you’re interested.)

Fawn Eyebright

Female Minotaur Swashbuckler

Born in Oeldar (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 18 INT 11 WIS 18 DEX 10 CON 17 CHA 13

Pirate Backstory:

Fawn’s family ran the local tavern in Oeldar. She grew up in its basement and helped her parents with their business. Her father got in a lot of trouble in his younger days for his association with famous pirates, so Fawn grew up surrounded by tales of treasure and adventure. She loved to listen to her parents spin their yarns late at night.

She knew that her calling was to become a pirate. She secretly made her way to a distant city and met a group of pirates who took her under their wing. She trained hard so that one day she would be the captain of a crew of her own. The time has come for her to set sail and make her way across the seas.


Fawn is feisty and loves to drink. She can be a bit of a wild child when her ship is in port. She helps anyone in need, but she’s not afraid to scare anyone into doing what she wants. Everyone just assumes that she’ll grow out of it.


With long, flowing hair down to the middle of her back, Fawn captivates men everywhere she goes. Her large breasts make it difficult to wear a corset. She prefers pants and looks good in them. Her armor is always clean and well-manicured. She prefers to wield a sword and buckler both in combat.

Start of Character:

Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Fawn got tired of her pirate crew and decided to venture to Grabisco to seek her own fortune. She’s unsure of who her true friends are, but she hopes that she’ll find them here.

D&D Pirate Backstory Generator

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