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Conjuration spells 5e?

Looking for the best DND 5e conjuration spells for wizards? Everyone has an opinion, and here’s mine. When it comes to playing mages specializing in conjuration, it’s important to make sure you have the right spells available. From level one to twenty, I’m going to give you what I think is the smartest spells to have for your character. Let’s go!

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Here’s some interesting conjuration spells for DND 5e.

Acid Splash

Conjuration Level: Cantrip

While this isn’t a powerful spell, it’s useful because it’s an AoE – Area of Effect spell. The splash in the name is a hint at the usefulness of this spell, especially at lower levels. It doesn’t do a ton of damage, but the ability to hit more than one creature at a time is invaluable for a low-level mage.

Mage Hand

Conjuration Level: Cantrip

Another low-level mage spell that can be indispensable. Yes, it doesn’t sound like a lot – woo a magic hand. However, if you think about it, you can begin to realize that a magical “robot” hand can be useful in a lot of situations.

This is one of the reasons I like this conjuration spell so much – utility. No matter what type of adventure you’re on, there’s a good chance this spell will come in handy. (No pun!) The cantrip spell level makes it even more handy.

Find Familiar

Conjuration Level: 1

Another mainstay of the low-level wizard, Find Familiar is a way to “conjure” up an animal companion of sorts. You’ll want to check with your DM to see if they have any special rules for familiars, but this can be a very useful spell. Not exactly summon creatures, but close!

When cast successfully, you’ll be able to “find” your familiar which can then help keep you alive at lower levels. You’ll not need this spell a lot (hopefully!), but it’s good to have to get your familiar as early as possible to help you stay alive.

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Floating Disk

Conjuration Level: 1

Another low-level utility spell that can be super helpful at the end of an adventure. You know, when you’re hauling all the loot back to your headquarters – or someplace nearby to sell. It’s simple conjuration spells like these that really make playing D&D fun sometimes.

Yes, it’s a basic spell that doesn’t do damage, but it can be so useful when you actually do need it. There’s times your fighter or cleric won’t be able to carry everything, and you, the wizard, can be the hero with this spell.


Conjuration Level: 2

Yes, this is another basic spell, but it’s also another AoE spell. That means you can get more bang for your buck if you’re smart. The hardest part about playing a wizard is keeping them alive at lower levels.

Web can be used offensively – to give attack opportunities to your fighters – but if can also be used defensively, allowing you to escape if needed. Overall, this conjuration spell should be used by every wizard who wants to stay alive.

Sleet Storm

Conjuration Level: 3

Speaking of defensive spells that can help a low-level wizard escape is necessary, Sleet Storm is a great conjuration spell to have at your disposal. It can make your enemies and the creatures in a wide area prone if you’re lucky when you summon the storm.

This can give you enough time to escape or give your teammates time to beat up the monster you knocked prone. Conjuring up weather is always a good look for mages. In all seriousness, a powerful lower level conjuration spell when used correctly.

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Conjure Minor Elemental

Conjuration Level: 4

While the word minor is in the name of this spell, don’t let it fool you. Even a minor elemental can cause some damage. Being able to conjure one up on the battlefield can be a way to turn the tide of the battle.

While some spells have more direct damage up front, summoning an elemental for multiple rounds can do more overall damage if you play it right. Yes, it’s a minor elemental, but it can still do some damage after you summon it.

Conjure Elemental

Conjuration Level: 5

What’s better than conjuring a minor elemental? Summoning an even larger elemental. This high level spell can help you control the battlefield by giving you a tough elemental to control. A fifth level spell like this one can be useful.

It only lasts for one hour like a minor elemental, but a normal elemental can do a lot more damage in that time. This is one of my favorite conjuration spells for D&D. Conjure elemental can’t be beat. (Okay, okay, Wish beats it…)

Teleportation Circle

Conjuration Level: 5

Speaking of defense and escape, this is a way for a high-level wizard (and his friends) to get away in style. Definitely more of a defensive spell, it could be used offensively if you teleport your team into a battle – or behind enemy lines.

This is one of my favorite conjuration spells in D&D because of it’s overall utility and usefulness. Fast-travel in D&D? Sign me up! Seriously, this is a great higher level spell for getting around the world you’re in.

Summon Fiend

Conjuration Level: 6

When you absolutely must control the battlefield and have a beefy bodyguard, Summon Fiend is the way to go. Your enemies might run in fear if you manage to get this spell off correctly without any problems.

Yes, other schools of magic have more direct damage, but summoning a fiend to the battlefield can cause a lot of damage over time. You’ll have the fiend for at least an hour then you need to rest before you can summon again.

Magnificent Mansion

Conjuration Level: 7

Conjuration spells and utility go hand in hand as you’ve seen, and it’s no different with Magnificent Mansion. Being able to rest in middle of an adventure can help give you an advantage in battles. Plus, what’s cooler than having access to a safe place to go in a pocket dimension.

With 50 cubes of space to play with as far as a floorplan goes, you can have the coolest hideout / fort ever. As far as high-level school of conjuration spells go, this is one of my personal faves in Dungeons & Dragons.


Conjuration Level: 9

Yes, there’s a lot of great level eight spells in the conjuration school of magic, but how can you not add Wish as the final spell on a list of the best conjuration magic in D&D. I mean, really. Seriously, this is a powerful spell that can help you if you’re careful and don’t get too greedy.

You’ll want to check with your DM to see how they interpret wish rules in D&D, but it can be a powerful spell that high-level wizards can use to show-off – or stay alive. Be careful if you summon creatures. This is not a simple conjure spell.

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