5 Fascinating DND Monk Backstories

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D&D Monk Backstory Contents

Here’s a short list of the monk backstories you can read on this page. You can get a monk background 5e compatible. These are really meant to be idea starters – sources of inspiration for your monk background.

D&D Monk Backstory Examples

Here’s the monk backstories!

Larkin Eddison

Male High Elf Monk

STR 7 INT 12 WIS 7 DEX 10 CON 12 CHA 10

Born in Bantam (Grabisco Kingdom)

Monk Backstory:

Larkin Eddison – Male High Elf Monk

Larkin was born in the Kingdom of Grabisco to a family of clerics. He was taught to read and write at a young age, but was always the runt of the litter. He learned to use his size to his advantage, however, and became an excellent thief.

He spent his youth stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. When he grew older, he began to learn the ways of the cleric. He studied the gods and their holy texts, learning to use his abilities to heal the sick and wounded.


Larkin is quiet and reserved. He is also incredibly loyal. He will do anything for those he loves. He can be somewhat passive aggressive at times, but he is never malicious.


Larkin has short black hair and brown eyes. He has a thin build and is only about five feet tall. He dresses in dark colors to help him blend in. He carries a quarterstaff, which he uses to defend himself when necessary.

Start of Character:

Larkin has decided to travel throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco, spreading the word of the gods and helping those in need.

Bekus Muffin

Male Halfling Monk

STR 12 INT 13 WIS 12 DEX 15 CON 16 CHA 9

Born in Raggentia (Grabisco Kingdom)

Monk Backstory:

Bekus Muffin – Male Halfling Monk

Bekus was born in the city of Raggentia, a peaceful city-state within the Kingdom of Grabisco. The people of Raggentia lived under the watchful eye of the clerics of the Goddess of Love, Lausala.

Bekus was a well-liked member of the community, and he enjoyed helping others. He was a kind and gentle soul, but he wasn’t very strong. This didn’t stop him from living a life of adventure, unlike many other halflings.

One day, he was mugged by a gang of thugs. When the clerics of Lausala came to his aid, he was ashamed that he couldn’t fight back. He began to study the ways of martial arts and the healing arts to better help others.

He took to his studies and became a well-respected member of the community. One day, he was approached by a mysterious man who offered him a job in the royal court of the Kingdom of Grabisco.

Bekus was hesitant at first, but he was persuaded by the generous pay and the promise of adventure. He took the job and was sent to the City of Zagam. He arrived in the city and immediately set out to meet the rest of the royal court.

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Bekus is a kind and caring soul. He is very much like a mother hen, taking care of his friends and trying to keep them out of trouble. He doesn’t like to see people in pain, and he will do anything he can to make them feel better. He is a bit naive and tends to be a bit too trusting of others.


Bekus is a short halfling with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. He is slightly overweight, but he is not ashamed of his body. He wears simple robes of brown and tan, and he always carries a wooden staff with him.

Start of Character:

He has recently arrived in the city of Zagam, where he is trying to make a name for himself. He has been hired by the royal court to protect the city from the growing number of bandits that are plaguing the countryside.

Ximena Hucklebottom

Female Gnome Monk

STR 15 INT 15 WIS 15 DEX 6 CON 15 CHA 9

Born in The City of Kordam (Grabisco Kingdom)

Monk Backstory:

Ximena grew up in the mountains of the Kordam kingdom. Her parents were miners who took great pride in their work. She had a happy childhood, even though she had to endure the mines from time to time.

Her parents were killed in a cave-in when she was just a teenager. She was left alone in the world, forced to fend for herself. She didn’t know what to do, so she joined a monastery. The monks taught her how to use her body as a weapon.

She became a monk and a priest, able to fight and heal the wounded. Ximena’s sense of self-reliance was a byproduct of her upbringing. She doesn’t need a lot of people to make her happy. She’s content with her own company.


Ximena is a very reserved person. She’s always been that way. She doesn’t like to talk about herself or her past. She’s a loyal friend, but she tends to keep her distance.


Ximena has short, dark hair and large brown eyes. She wears brown robes and a necklace of bones around her neck. She is a strong, beautiful woman who is proud of her Gnomish heritage.

Start of Character:

She has decided to adventure throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco and beyond, intent on becoming a well-known priest and finally defeat the acolytes of Zan.

Yasharah Amoura

Female Human Monk

STR 18 INT 12 WIS 18 DEX 14 CON 17 CHA 16

Born in Halkand (Grabisco Kingdom)

Monk Backstory:

Yasharah was born in the Kingdom of Grabisco, and grew up in the City of Ladale. She had a comfortable childhood, and was raised by her parents and grandparents.

She lived a simple life until she was old enough to decide her own path. Her mother had been a priestess, and Yasharah decided to follow in her footsteps.

She studied under a priest for several years, learning the ways of the clergy. Her mentor was a priest of Beldaroon, and she became a priestess of the same faith. Yasharah is now traveling the world, spreading the word of Beldaroon.

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Yasharah is a kind and generous person. She is also a bit naive and a bit of a dreamer. She is a natural leader, and others follow her because they know she will lead them in the right direction.


Yasharah has long brown hair and green eyes. She wears a simple white robe with a golden sash. Her most prized possession is a golden holy symbol of Beldaroon.

Start of Character:

Yasharah is currently traveling the Kingdom of Grabisco, spreading the word of Beldaroon.


Male Human Monk

STR 6 INT 13 WIS 6 DEX 14 CON 10 CHA 14

Born in Jargan (Grabisco Kingdom)

Monk Backstory:

Glam was born in the city of Jargan, the capital of the Kingdom of Grabisco. His parents were farmers, and he spent his childhood working in the fields. He enjoyed it and was always eager to help out. One day, he was returning home from the fields when he heard a voice. He stopped and listened. The voice told him to follow it.

Glam didn’t know what to do, but he followed the voice anyway. He walked for miles, but it led him to a small, hidden cave. He went inside and found a small boy, who he assumed was the voice. The boy told him that he was an angel sent to earth to teach Glam the ways of the divine.

Glam listened to the boy, and learned all he could. He eventually became a priest and left Jargan to help the people of Grabisco.


Glam is very kind and gentle. He cares deeply for his friends and family. He can be a bit overbearing, but he is always trying to help people. He is very calm and relaxed, but he is very passionate about his faith.


Glam is tall and thin. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears simple brown robes. He carries a staff with him at all times.

Start of Character:

Glam has decided to travel throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco and spread the word of his faith.


Here’s some frequently asked questions and answers about playing a monk in Dungeons & Dragons.

Best DND 5e Monk Races?

Hill Dwarves, Stout Halflings, Wood Elves, and Variant humans are the best DND races for a monk in DND 5e based on both their bonuses and their racial features. An elf monk 5e style is really decent… If you disagree, find me on Twitter and let me know!

What is the shadow monk subclass?

These monks deal in subterfuge and sneaking around. You know, like a rogue! In all seriousness, monks who go in this direction will have a few buffs to being able to get around quietly and unnoticed which is a good thing in D&D!

Some monk abilities you get with a shadow monk character are Shadow Step and Cloak of Shadows. There’s more, but I don’t want to give away all the surprises if you decide to look this up officially. Let’s just say it’ll be worth your time.

What is the drunken master subclass?

This allows your monk to sway and bob and move around, tottering on unsteady feet in order to present as an incompetent combatant who proves frustrating to engage. This could be further from the truth. Great subclass if you want something different, but it is extremely situational.

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What is a martial arts damage die?

This is the amount of damage you do with your bare fists. At low levels, it’s 1d4, but as you level up, you get more powerful and your martial arts damage die increases too.

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