7 Dungeons and Dragons Villains You Will Love to Hate

When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons villains, there’s quite a few out there in one form or another. I’ve got a list of seven D&D villains you’re going to love. This might mean you enjoy defeating them or that you respect the heck out of them for being badasses.

Not all of these will be new D&D villains. Some of these have been around for as long as Dungeons and Dragons. While some are new, all are worthy of your respect. If you’re going to play D&D, then you’re going to need to know who you’re up against. You’re going to be wanting to know what you’re up against. These are the bad guys or gals that you’re going to be fighting against.


This foe of the present has a past that is almost as deep and dark as the realm the character dwells in.

Demogorgon is the product of two powerful demons. He is the child of a demon named Orcus and another named Demogorgon. Even by demonic standards, Demogorgon was a power to be feared. He was a powerful leader of the Abyssal forces. He was a brutal and cruel lord who loved suffering and chaos.

In 1st edition of Dungeons and Dragons, Demogorgon was called the Prince of Demons and he is, without a doubt, the worst of the worst in the demonic category. The Prince of Demons, who was also known as The Father of Demons, was a ruler over the Abyss and his most infamous for his three heads that spewed foul gasses and other injuries on the poor fools that did not try to flee in time.


Orcus is not a man to be trifled with. He is known as the Prince of Undeath and has a sinful temper that could only be described as monstrous. In the Dungeons and Dragons universe, Orcus is described as “a towering giant with a twisted and evil face, goat’s legs, small vestigial arms, and small horns.”

Orcus is a brutal foe who causes agonizing pain to others and has a love of torture. He enjoys the anguish of others and is a master of undeath. This is not a demon that you want to be trifling around with.

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Orcus is a master of undeath and has a great deal of control over it. In 2nd Edition, he is also known as the God of Death, Darkness and Loss.


Vecna is a powerful wizard who has a history with gods, heroes and other powerful beings. He is powerful and extremely evil. His faces are no longer original and he is often described as having a face that resembles a beautiful woman.

Vecna is the epitome of evil wizard. This foe is known to use ancient dark magic that he learned from a group of evil gods known as the Seven Lost Gods.

In many campaigns, Vecna is a villain that is referred to constantly and is often the most treacherous of all the foes. He is a powerful wizard that does not rest until he has completed his goals, no matter how vile.

Iggwilv, the Witch Queen

Iggwilv, the Witch Queen was a rival of Demogorgon at one time. Manipulative and intelligent, she is the type of villain that you do not want to get on the wrong side of. She has a band of loyal followers who will do whatever she says. She is a powerful mage who looks down on weaker mortals and anyone who she deems beneath her (and that is just about everyone) and enjoys destroying them.

The Witch Queen is an older woman who has earned her own place in the pantheon of Dungeons and Dragons. She does not follow just Orcus or any other god or demon. She is a self-made woman of power and talent.

As a villain, she is unpredictable, deadly, and very powerful. Even today, she is the inspiration for a great number of characters in the D&D universe.


As one of the oldest dragons in D&D lore, Ashardalon is feared by many. With his multiple wings and the ability to breathe fire, the dragon is the biggest threat to the inhabitants of Faerûn.

Ashardalon is known for being cruel and cruel beyond measure. He is known to cast hateful spells of destruction and evil will with the flick of his bat-like wings.

The dragon, who is known to be cowardly, is also a master of trickery and deception. Just one glance at his myriad of eyes and you will feel that you are being watched. This is the perfect intimidation tactic when the dragon finds himself on the losing end of any fight.

The Dungeons and Dragons creature is chaotic evil and an adversary for anyone who thinks that they are powerful.

Manshoon, the Manyfaced

A mage than even Elminster wouldn’t want to face, Manshoon, the Manyfaced is a powerful and evil sorcerer who has a habit of playing with people’s minds. He is known to be a thief, a deceiver, a murderer, a leader and a master of magic.

Manshoon is a character that many players will often end up being forced to face. This is the guy that you do not want to have to fight because if you win, you will have to take Manshoon over the edge of the world and into the sunset. He will not stop. He will not give up on his goals or his lust for power.

He is considered as a consummate narcissist who cares about no one but himself and few can match his power for that reason. He possesses a number of personalities that he uses to mess with people’s minds. He is a powerful foe and one that players will often struggle with at the game table. If a player faces Manshoon, the odds of the player surviving are not good.

Lareth the Beautiful

Lareth the Beautiful is another powerful wizard that many people struggle with. He appears both in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module T1: The Village of Hommlet, as well as the video-game adaptation of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

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He is a cleric with many cultists who follow him. This can make him a challenging foe. He is known for sowing fear and cruelty and is the epitome of evil.

Lareth is a cruel man who enjoys watching others in pain and agony. He is not afraid to die and he will not show mercy to those that he decides need to die. He is known to be kind to one thing, though, and that is his hatred of anything good.

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