Decent DND 5e Multiclass Guide for New Players

So, you want to multiclass, and you’re wondering about the best DND character classes? No worries. This DND 5e Multiclass Guide has my thoughts on the five best classes for multiclassing, and how to do it effectively. I’ve based this on looking at the advantages, disadvantages, required skills and feats that each class comes with – and some other hidden factors.

Whether to multiclass is a very personal decision. I’ve played a few multiclass characters, and I’ve had two in campaigns with a group of friends. When you take the time to think about your multiclass character, you’ll make more informed decisions, and your DM will be in a better position to judge where the character fits in the overall campaign. (Trust me, he or she will thank you!)

DND 5e Multiclass Guide – Our Picks

Here’s my list of the best character classes for multiclassing

1 – Fighter

Yes, the basic fighter. This is a good “backbone” for any multiclassing character. With an emphasis on strength and staying alive, the fighter class can absorb a lot of damage while dealing out just as much in most cases.

When you choose fighter for the base of your multiclass character, think about the strength of the Fighter class, and how it might be able to support the other classes you may choose to add.

Fighter gets some superior skills for a warrior type. Anyone who’s played the fighter knows how deadly they can be with a two-handed weapon. The big question is what to multiclass with.

Personally, I like Fighter-Barbarian and Fighter-Ranger, but there are a lot of options. Why do I recommend these two? Let’s take a look.


Fierce and strong, this combo makes for a brutal and simple warrior who can tear through any foe, and shrug off a lot of damage. You’re going to want to pick up some special Barbarian Rage Abilities while multiclassing into Barbarian.


A ranger is, essentially, a fighter with some skills, with a few extra features here and there. I like this combo because you get some extra tools in your arsenal. You get some additional tactics with the Ranger’s special abilities.

2 – Rogue

This might seem odd, but there’s a lot to like about a Rogue class that’s worked into a multiclass character.

The strength of the Rogue is in their sneaky abilities, but they have some cool skills that give you an advantage. A rogue can be a great “kicker” or buffer in your party – they have you covered if you need to sneak into a room and take care of someone quietly.

What else do you get when you multiclass with the Rogue? The rogue has the highest stealth ability score of any class (Dex) and gets a second chance at staying quiet and unnoticed. It also comes with a skill that grants advantage on stealth checks, so it’s good to get in and out quickly. So, if you multiclass as a Rogue, which one should you choose?

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This was one of the earliest multiclass characters I played, and I think it’s the best of the Rogues. A rogue and a fighter are both straightforward warriors, and it creates a character with a lot of skills and abilities. Add in some free trap-finding, some great skills that come with this class, and it’s a solid choice for a multiclass character.


I’m going to be honest – I’ve never played this type of Rogue. I’ve never seen one played (until now), so I can only judge from the flavor text. From what I’ve seen, this seems like a fun class. The idea is that you’ll be able to add a bunch of special features into your rogue character, and you can get some good skills along the way. As a multiclass rogue, Ranger is solid, and probably an excellent choice.

3 – Barbarian

Barbarians are, by nature, deadly warriors. They have incredible rage abilities, most of which will make you stronger, faster, and more powerful for short bursts of time. Add to that their ability to go into rage at will, and you have a class with a lot of flavor and a lot of power.

You don’t want to multiclass with a barbarian if there isn’t another fighter type in your party. This makes you vulnerable to ranged weapons and spells (that deal psychic damage) which can do you in if you don’t have the right party members to back you up. You can’t fight everything by yourself, or at all if you aren’t careful.

But, if the party has a couple of fighters to help out in battle, then the barbarian will do just fine as part of the team. The barbarian comes with some drawbacks, of course, but they’re nothing a little planning can’t fix. But it’s important to know that there are a lot of options when you multiclass as a barbarian.


This is one of the most solid choices for multiclassing in DND 5e. You get to use your stunning rage abilities and have a solid foundation for staying alive in battle. If you have a couple of fighters in your party, barbarian can be the perfect choice.


This is an unusual pairing, to me, but it works. You get some of the special abilities of the ranger along with some special Barbarian Rage Abilities. This is an unusual multiclass, but it can work – as long as you have a party to back you up.

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This is an unusual multiclass that blends the rage aspect of the barbarian with a class that values honor and purity. It’s not for everyone – and it’s definitely a niche multiclass. You’ll want to ask your DM about how it works and how a Paladin in the campaign works with this type of character. If he or she is open to it, it’s a unique multiclass choice.

4 – Wizard

We all know wizards, right? They’re the iconic spellcasters, and they get a lot of flak. But they have some serious power in spells that can tear through any foe. As a multiclass character, it’s important to know what your wizard can do and what you’re taking on when you add another class.



A classic combo which became a favorite multiclass in DND 5e. This is a tricky combination, but it is powerful. The Rogue adds some skill to the equation, and the Wizard adds some firepower at later levels. This can be an excellent combination if you play your cards correctly.


It’s not a classic choice, but if you want to be a hard-hitting caster with some serious damage, then this might be the one for you. Sorcerers are similar to Wizards, and they have some of the same skills – so you can pick up some of their spells along the way.


This is a little weird, but it’s possible. Depending on how your DM wants you to use your spells in battle, this could be a great combination. Think about it: if your paladin uses their divine smite, then you can easily follow up on a solid hit and add some extra damage to the mix.


It’s not a combination I’ve seen, but it works. You get the power of a monk with the spells of a wizard. It means you have to stay smart and aware, but it gives you a lot of power.

5 – Bard

If you love song and you love story, bard is a great choice as part of your multiclassing in DND 5e. Bards have some incredible utility spells that can affect the battlefield. They have the ability to reinforce their allies, and cause the enemies some serious pain.

If you’re not a serious melee combatant, and you don’t have a lot of spells, a bard can be a must-have for any group. What’s interesting about a bard is that he or she can act as a buffer for the team – and by playing the right song at the right time, you can turn the tide.

But don’t forget that bard is a semi-front line character that’s vulnerable to melee attacks. Couple that with the fact that you may have to buff your team instead of doing damage, and you’ve got a character that takes some careful play – but it’s worth it. And bard is only one option when you want to multiclass.


The rogue options are wide and varied. You can go with a classic rogue or you can add some additional skills to your bard with this class. Add in some special abilities, and you could be just as buff as the two-handed fighter in your party.


Another interesting choice, Bard-Fighter gives you some solid melee strength in combination with the spells you need right at hand. You’ve got access to fighter skills, so this is a solid choice for someone who likes to sing and do some damage.


This is a weird combination, but it can work. If you want to buff your party with spells and also get some killer melee strikes, then this might be the choice for you. You’ll need to pay attention to how the monk works in your party – if you want to stay back and cast, then this could work well.

DND 5e Multiclass Guide: Final Thoughts

Now that you have five solid classes and some combos, what do you think? Is there a better multiclass than one of these, or do you have another preference? Heck, I have a great multiclassing build that I love – but it’s not on this list.

There are plenty of fun character options when you multiclass, and you don’t need to stick to one class. By going with a multiclass you can easily add some flavor to your character – and if you’re careful, you can create a character that’s unique and powerful.

And that’s part of the fun of Dungeons & Dragons.

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