15 Best RPG Games for Android in 2023

Want the top RPG games for Android in 2023? We’ve got you covered!

As mobile gaming continues to reach new heights, RPGs (Role-Playing Games) have found a comfortable home on Android devices. The purpose of this article is to introduce readers to the best RPGs available on Android, a genre that has something to offer for every type of player. Whether you’re seeking an immersive adventure or a casual, satisfying experience, the Android platform presents an array of RPGs that can captivate and entertain.

Role-playing games are an evergreen genre that transports players into different worlds, placing them in the shoes of diverse characters and allowing them to embark on incredible journeys. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, the RPG genre offers a unique blend of storytelling, character development, and strategic gameplay. From the emotional roller-coasters to retro adaptations of classic PC titles, the RPG category is rich in variety and depth.

The Android platform is no stranger to this beloved genre, hosting a plethora of games ranging from high-fantasy epics to innovative indie gems. Players can explore intricate worlds filled with challenging quests, engage in turn-based battles or real-time combat, develop characters through skill trees, and make meaningful choices that affect the game’s outcome. With options for every taste and budget, there is truly a game for everyone.

By delving into this list of the 20 best RPGs on Android, you’re opening the door to new worlds, diverse characters, and memorable adventures. The games featured in this list are the result of careful selection and evaluation, ensuring a mix of both beloved classics and innovative newcomers. Whether you seek the nostalgia of a retro game or the thrill of a brand-new release, you’ll find something that resonates with you in the vast and creative world of Android RPGs.

Individual Game Summaries

The world of Android RPGs is as diverse as it is expansive. With an array of genres and styles to choose from, there is truly something for every type of player. From narrative-driven experiences that pull at the heartstrings to action-packed adventures filled with challenges, the offerings are virtually limitless. The evolution of mobile technology has allowed developers to create intricate worlds that rival those found on more traditional gaming platforms.

In the following section, we will delve into the distinct flavors of several standout games, each providing a unique glimpse into what Android RPGs have to offer. Whether a seasoned gamer or a casual player, these titles represent some of the best in mobile role-playing gaming, catering to various tastes and preferences.

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Endling – Extinction is Forever

Endling – Extinction is Forever is an emotional and thought-provoking RPG that explores themes of survival and environmental consciousness. You take on the role of the last fox on Earth, guiding your vulnerable cubs through a post-apocalyptic world where humanity’s impact has ravaged the planet.

The game offers stunning visuals and a haunting soundtrack that complements the poignant storyline. Gameplay mechanics focus on stealth and resource management, challenging players to think critically about their choices. Endling – Extinction is Forever isn’t just a game; it’s a reflection on the fragility of our ecosystem and an immersive experience that resonates long after playing.

Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail plunges players into a space-faring adventure filled with action, strategy, and stunning visuals. The game is set in a universe teeming with alien civilizations, mysterious phenomena, and hidden dangers. Players control a fleet of customizable ships, engaging in real-time battles and exploring the vast cosmos.

The rich storyline keeps players engaged as they uncover secrets, form alliances, and face formidable foes. The game’s strategic depth allows for various play styles and offers a challenging and rewarding experience for both newcomers and RPG veterans. With continuous updates and a lively online community, Honkai: Star Rail promises countless hours of exhilarating gameplay on Android devices.

To the Moon

To the Moon is a unique and heart-wrenching RPG that has captivated players with its storytelling prowess. You take on the role of two doctors who travel through a dying man’s memories to fulfill his last wish. The gameplay is a blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and narrative-driven experience.

The 16-bit graphics provide a nostalgic feel, and the poignant soundtrack adds depth to the game’s emotionally charged storyline. The narrative unfolds in unexpected ways, tugging at heartstrings and offering a memorable and deeply moving gaming experience. To the Moon transcends typical game mechanics, providing an artful and introspective look at life, death, and the meaning of fulfillment. It’s an RPG that stands out as a true masterpiece on Android platforms.

Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a dystopian puzzle simulation game that offers a unique and compelling experience. As an immigration officer at a border checkpoint, your job is to review documents and determine who may enter the fictional country of Arstotzka. The gameplay might seem mundane at first, but it quickly becomes a moral and ethical balancing act.

Decisions are fraught with complexity, as you must consider the political landscape, the well-being of your family, and the desperation of the travelers you encounter. The 8-bit graphics and atmospheric soundtrack create a tense and immersive environment, making Papers, Please a standout game that challenges both intellect and empathy.

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories brings a different spin to the renowned Monster Hunter franchise, focusing on RPG elements and strategic combat. In this game, players become a “Rider” rather than a “Hunter,” forging bonds with monsters and fighting alongside them.

The game combines a deep story with vibrant, colorful visuals, creating a world full of adventure and excitement. The turn-based combat system allows for strategic planning, and the monster-raising element adds depth and replay value. A blend of exploration, battles, and puzzle-solving, Monster Hunter Stories offers a fresh and entertaining take on the monster-hunting genre, appealing to both newcomers and veterans of the series.

Doom and Destiny: Advanced

Doom and Destiny: Advanced is a humorous and engaging indie RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Playing like a love letter to classic RPGs, it features turn-based battles, pixel-art graphics, and a plethora of quirky characters and jokes.

Players control a group of nerds who find themselves in a fantastical world, battling everything from dragons to corporate middle management. The game is filled with clever references, strategic gameplay, and countless hours of fun. Despite its whimsical appearance, Doom and Destiny: Advanced offers a deep and rewarding RPG experience that both pokes fun at and pays homage to the genre’s tropes, making it a must-play title for RPG enthusiasts on Android.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is one of the most acclaimed RPGs in gaming history. Set in the rich universe of Star Wars, thousands of years before the original trilogy, players explore a galaxy filled with intriguing characters, ethical dilemmas, and intense lightsaber duels.

Players can customize their character, choose a moral alignment, and make pivotal decisions that shape the story’s outcome. With deep gameplay mechanics, an immersive narrative, and a timeless appeal, KOTOR remains a must-play title, especially for fans of Star Wars and classic RPGs.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an addictive farming simulation game with RPG elements that have captivated players across various platforms. Players inherit a run-down farm and are tasked with restoring it to prosperity by planting crops, raising livestock, mining, fishing, and building relationships with the neighboring townsfolk.

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What sets Stardew Valley apart is its heart and depth. There’s always something new to discover, and the seasons change both the scenery and the gameplay. Whether it’s the thrill of a bountiful harvest, the satisfaction of a well-designed farm, or the joy of making friends in the valley, Stardew Valley’s charm is boundless. It’s a game that you can sink hours into, finding new joy and contentment each day.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Night Road

Vampire: The Masquerade – Night Road is a text-based RPG that plunges players into the dark and alluring world of vampires. You are a courier, driving through the American Southwest to deliver secrets and supplies between mysterious and competing vampire clans.

Your choices shape the story in this interactive novel, where you must manage your thirst for blood, navigate political intrigue, and maintain your hidden identity. The writing is rich and atmospheric, pulling players into a world of danger, seduction, and supernatural power. Vampire: The Masquerade – Night Road is a unique experience within the RPG genre, offering a blend of compelling storytelling and strategic decision-making, and is particularly suited for those looking to immerse themselves in a deep and dark narrative.

Siege of Dragonspear

Siege of Dragonspear is an expansion to the beloved classic RPG, Baldur’s Gate, and serves as a bridge between the first and second games in the series. It features a fresh and engaging story where players must rally their forces against an ominous new threat.

This expansion reintroduces players to the traditional Dungeons & Dragons mechanics and ruleset, providing a nostalgic experience filled with strategic combat, extensive character customization, and complex dialogue choices. Whether you’re a fan of the original Baldur’s Gate or new to the series, Siege of Dragonspear offers an intricate role-playing experience that celebrates the old-school RPG tradition.


Eternium is an action RPG that stands out for its intuitive touch controls and engaging gameplay. Unlike many mobile RPGs, Eternium allows players to draw symbols on the screen to cast spells, adding an immersive and tactical layer to combat.

With a variety of classes, a vast array of gear, and numerous enemies to battle, Eternium offers a solid and enjoyable RPG experience without overly complicated mechanics. Its attractive graphics and free-to-play model, which avoids aggressive monetization practices, make it an appealing choice for casual RPG fans and veterans alike.

Portal Knights

Portal Knights is an action-packed RPG that combines elements of exploration, crafting, and building within a 3D sandbox environment. Players can explore randomly generated islands, gather resources, craft tools, weapons, and build structures, all while battling enemies and bosses.

What sets Portal Knights apart is its cooperative multiplayer feature, allowing friends to team up and explore the game’s vibrant world together. Whether you’re fighting formidable creatures or building grand structures, Portal Knights provides a fun and creative platform for RPG fans looking to embark on an exciting and collaborative adventure. Its blend of RPG elements with crafting and building mechanics results in a distinctive gameplay experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a timeless classic RPG that has found its way to Android, allowing a new generation of players to experience its captivating storyline and innovative gameplay. Developed by a legendary team, including the creators of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, it’s a game that stands as a high mark in RPG history.

The story revolves around time travel, where players can explore different eras, from prehistoric times to a post-apocalyptic future. The game’s turn-based combat, intriguing plot, and unforgettable characters have secured Chrono Trigger’s place as one of the best RPGs ever created. Its Android version retains the magic of the original, making it a must-play for RPG enthusiasts.


AnimA ARPG is a dark and atmospheric action RPG designed specifically for mobile devices. Drawing inspiration from genre classics like Diablo, AnimA offers a grim, immersive world filled with intricate dungeons, fearsome enemies, and tons of loot.

The game features responsive touch controls, beautiful graphics, and a compelling progression system that allows players to enhance their character with new abilities and equipment. If you’re a fan of hack-and-slash gameplay and love to explore creepy, atmospheric settings, AnimA ARPG is a great choice for your Android device.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a turn-based RPG inspired by classic console RPGs and based on the popular “Battle Chasers” comic book series. With its stylish art, well-designed characters, and engaging combat system, it offers a modern take on the traditional RPG formula.

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Players can explore diverse environments, solve puzzles, and engage in strategic turn-based battles. Crafting, upgrading equipment, and managing a party of unique heroes adds depth to the gameplay. Battle Chasers: Nightwar successfully blends nostalgia with fresh mechanics, delivering an enjoyable RPG experience that pays homage to the past while offering something new for today’s audience.

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Conclusion: Android RPG Games 2023

The Android platform in 2023 is brimming with a wide variety of RPGs that cater to every taste and preference. From timeless classics like Chrono Trigger to dark and intense experiences such as AnimA ARPG, the options are almost endless. Whether you crave nostalgic turn-based adventures or innovative, action-packed titles, the world of Android RPGs has something to offer.

These games demonstrate how far mobile gaming has come, with intricate storylines, beautiful graphics, and gameplay that rivals many console or PC titles. They also provide opportunities to dive into different worlds, explore diverse characters, and face challenging scenarios that require strategic thinking and skill.

I encourage you to explore these titles, each of which brings its own unique flavor to the RPG genre. Whether you’re a seasoned RPG veteran or new to the genre, there’s likely a game on this list that will resonate with you and provide hours of entertainment.

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