The 10 Best Roguelite Games in 2023

In the realm of video games, roguelites hold a special place in gamers’ hearts. They challenge our skill, patience, and strategic thinking, mercilessly throwing us back to start with every mistake. And yet, the allure of groundbreaking discoveries and a nuanced gameplay experience keeps us coming back for more.

But as any seasoned player knows, not all roguelites are created equal. Here, embarked upon quite a quest, in the spirit of these games themselves, lies the list of the 10 best roguelites. Rest assured, the compilation of this list was as onerous as a roguelite itself—full of painstaking decisions, countless revisions, and a fair share of heartbreak.

10: Rogue Legacy

Trust me on this; the struggles to kick-off this list were as real as the challenges posed by the first entry itself—Rogue Legacy. Breaking away from the noise of the roguelite market, Rogue Legacy grabbed the tenth spot through its sheer grit. A mix of an action platformer and a roguelite, this charming title boasts a unique “genealogical” system.

Each resurrection has you playing as the previous character’s descendant. The innovative mechanic adds a blend of continuity and unpredictability, as each heir comes with their unique traits—some beneficial, others detrimental. With each demise predictably as frequent as in any roguelike, this quirky feature imbues the game with an addictive RPG depth, making it an heirloom of this coveted list.

9: Moonlighter

Moonlighter, gleaming in the ninth spot, serenely merges the roguelites action with a wholesome shop management system. Its dual-themed gameplay, weaving together the exhilarating monotony of dungeon crawling with the strategic demands of running a shop, is as refreshing as a cool breeze under a moonlit sky.

The art style is mesmerizing, lureing players into its intricate, procedurally generated dungeons filled with treasures, secret rooms, and potent foes. If you enjoy the rewarding grind of a roguelite coupled with a relaxing respite, Moonlighter is your game.

8: Undermine

Undermine, crowning the eighth spot, strikes the final nail in the coffin of monotony with its exquisite blend of action-adventure and roguelite gameplay. Its charming pixel art design and unforgiving dungeon exploration mimic the mining theme brilliantly—digging deeper only unearths more challenges and rewards.

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With a multitude of upgrades and unlockables that retain between runs, Undermine manages to keep the exploration enticing and the gameplay fresh—making every run as thrilling as the first.

7: Darkest Dungeon

Brooding in the seventh spot, Darkest Dungeon embraces the grueling essence of roguelites and amplifies it with its unique affliction system. It’s more than just combating eldritch horrors in grim dungeons—it’s about managing the psychological stresses afflicting your team of ill-fated adventurers.

While the permadeath mechanic may seem unforgiving, it’s fairly balanced by the intricate character development system. Darkest Dungeon is not for the faint-hearted—the relentless tests of your strategic prowess and morale management are sure to push you to the precipice of despair. Yet, it’s this very reason that warrants its place on the list.

6: Slay the Spire

At spot six stands the formidable Slay the Spire, blending deck-building and roguelite elements masterfully. This gem stands as testament to the intricacy a card game can offer, with its carefully crafted balance and engaging gameplay.

The procedurally generated levels and distinct fighting styles for each character ensure no two runs are the same. If you hold a penchant for strategic card games, Slay the Spire is a peak worth scaling, promising a view (and experience) unlike any other.

5: Spelunky

A classic among classics, Spelunky seizes the fifth spot as no less than a tribute to the roguelite genre itself. Despite its seemingly cute, cartoonish design, don’t be fooled—beneath its facade lies a game waiting to challenge even the most veteran players.

Its deceptively simple design hides a plethora of mechanics, secrets, and varying encounters, making every run feel fresh and exciting. Much like delving into a mine, Spelunky’s appeal lies in the unexpected treasure (Ahem… experience) it offers with each play.

4: Faster Than Light

Surging ahead, Faster Than Light (FTL) claims the fourth spot. Shifting the roguelite action from a dungeon to a spaceship, FTL offers a diverse, multilayered journey through a vast, hostile galaxy. The variety of choices, narrative events, and the constant need for strategic decision making engage the player on a cerebral level that is truly rewarding.

Besides the intense battles and RNG gods, FTL also excels in creating a profound sense of loneliness as you navigate through space, making the whole experience seriously immersive and definitely unforgettable.

3: The Binding of Isaac

Ascending to the third spot without hesitation is The Binding of Isaac, a game as compelling as it is harrowing. Its dark themes, challenging gameplay, and an overwhelming number of potential power-up combinations earned it a rightful place in the top three.

It presents a haunting metaphorical journey of a young boy in a horrifying world blended with religious imagery—a grotesque portrayal that is strangely endearing. This once-little indie game, with its immense replayability and deep symbolism, has left an indelible mark on the roguelite genre.

2: Hades

Barely missing the throne, Hades reigns supreme at no.2. It’s a game that intertwines fast-paced combat, captivating storytelling, and satisfying character development—all wrapped in a visually stunning package. With a plethora of weapons, abilities, and boon combinations, Hades ensures every attempt to escape the Underworld is a unique experience.

The vibrant cast and the compelling story that unfolds with each run make your repeated deaths somewhat more bearable. In the pantheon of roguelites, Hades stands as a near god-like figure, brimming with innovation, challenge, and appeal.

1: Crypt of the Necrodancer

Dancing its way to the top spot is none other than Crypt of the Necrodancer, a game expertly crafting an unlikely union between rhythm mechanics and roguelite elements. Its distinct, pulse-pounding concept allows you to slay monstrous beats—quite literally—making every dungeon crawl an energetically rhythmic delight.

Coupled with a catchy soundtrack, the heart-thumping synchrony of music, combat, and dungeon exploration offers a gameplay experience that stands unmatched, thus earning its much-deserved leading position in this roguelite ensemble.


Phew! Navigating through this list of exceptional roguelites was indeed a journey filled with arduous debates and numerous revisions. Each entry possesses a charm of its own—a unique melody in the roguelite symphony, a facet of the genre’s creative diversity. Whether they pulled at heartstrings with nuanced narratives like Hades, entranced us with rhythmic tapping like Crypt of the Necrodancer, or pushed the limits of our strategic prowess in games like Faster Than Light, each has indelibly imprinted its essence on the roguelite canvas.

While our adventurous traipse echoes the trials of roguelites—constantly reshuffling, overcoming challenges, refining strategies—it was nonetheless as rewarding and enlightening. Remember, this list is but one interpretation of the roguelite genre, and the beauty of these games lies in their subjective appeal. The charm of these games persists eternally, inviting us to plunge into their depths time and again in search of treasures untold.

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So, brave reader, keep exploring the vast and varied scape of roguelite, embracing each game, each run, as a fresh encounter—filled with the thrill of discovery, the joy of strategies well-executed, and of course, the grueling yet fruitful ordeal of starting anew after every defeat. Happy gaming!

In the epic words of roguelikes: Live, die, learn, and repeat. Just remember to enjoy the ride. After all, it’s all about the journey and not exclusively about the destination, isn’t it?

Paul Bellow

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