3 Ways RPG Video Games Can Educate You

For years, lovers of games have had to live with all the scrutiny from older generations. Especially if you’re an RPG fan, pouring hours every day into a fantastic story game. People just don’t get it, and they often say you’re wasting your time. Parents will also look at your gaming sessions from the perspective of your education. Why are you wasting time on a game when you should be studying?! 

Well, that last point is very interesting. Obviously, make sure you study and do any homework you need to do before gaming! But, when that is done, you’ll be surprised at just how educational many RPG games can be. Here are three ways you can use them to teach you more about certain topics: 

Get a fresh perspective on history

Look, there’s no denying you will find countless RPG games out there to play. A lot of the time, they are based in fictional lands with fictional stories. However, you also get a fair few games that are based in the real world and the story somewhat stems from things that happened. As such, there are many historically-accurate RPG games that can teach you a lot about periods in history. 

The Assasin’s Creed franchise is one that springs to mind, delivering fresh perspectives on eras such as the Vikings and Ancient Egypt or Greece. You get to see what the world looked like during these times, and even learn cool things about the culture and historical figures! These are the type of things that history books don’t always show you. 

3 Ways RPG Video Games Can Educate You
3 Ways RPG Video Games Can Educate You

Learn a new language

The cool thing about RPGs is that they have rich storylines with lots of dialogue. So, why don’t you take advantage of this as a chance to learn a new language? Non-English speakers are often encouraged to play games or watch films alongside reading their ESL for newcomers books to learn more English. It gives them a chance to hear English in different ways, using the subtitles in their main language to translate. 

If you’re an English speaker, you can do the exact same! Choose whatever language you like in-game, then pop English subtitles on. By the end of a 40-hour campaign, you’ll be stunned at how much of a foreign language you pick up on. 

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Improve your problem-solving skills

A lot of RPGs do have some sort of combat-based system. Mainly, you create your character, work on your attributes, and fight other characters in the game. However, there will almost always be an element of problem-solving at the core of the game. This could include missions with an actual puzzle for you to do, but the leveling up system in many RPGs is a puzzle in itself. 

Trying to figure out what attribute points to give yourself in which departments require a great deal of thought and problem-solving. Generally, this genre of games provides the most problems for you to solve, which will translate to other areas of your life. 

Video Games Can Educate: Final Thoughts

See, RPG video games are more educational than you think. It will surprise everyone just how much you can learn when playing these games, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad for playing them!

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