DND: Swamp Encounters: D100 List + AI Generator

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100 Non-Combat DND Swamp Encounters

Roll 1d100 until you find something suitable for your party or campaign.

1) A loud  noise startles the party. In the distance, they can hear birds chirping. If the party moves in the direction of the noise, they find a large nest swarming with ravens and crows. Someone, or something, has disturbed the birds.

2) Two corpses, each impaled on a large stake, are suspended from a thick branch of a tree. The victims were either pinned up alive or tortured or mutilated before death.

3) A large man-eating plant, with fleshy leaves that hang over the narrow trail, watches the party.

4) The mood in this area seems calm and peaceful. In the distance, the party can see an old wooden canoe with a glossy, black color, gently drifting down a natural current through the swamp.

5) The party discovers a small flat-bottom boat beached next to a pool of stagnant water. The boat is covered in mildew and algae — but its sides and bottom appear to be sturdy enough to hold up in the water.

6) A massive toad, standing on its hind legs, is busy digging up a dead raccoon with its thick front legs. The corpse lays on the ground next to the toad, waiting to be devoured.

7) When the party comes into view a group of dogs, running in a pack, excitedly tries to greet the strangers with affection and attention. The dogs may or may not have an owner, but they clearly have not been spayed or neutered.

8) The swamp feels very creepy and foreboding, almost malevolent. The party can hear a voice, but they can’t make out what is being said. It’s like listening to a recorded message on an answering machine, but too far away to understand the words.

9) The swamp is completely covered in black, wiggly slugs. A massive swarm of the slugs is giving one end of a tree branch a good workout as a massive colony of the slugs struggle to free themselves from the tree.

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10) A flying creature, appearing to be a winged humanoid, flies low over the ground. The creature has a slim body with two arms and a trailing tail, but no wings. The creature has dark eyes and long white fangs.

11) A swarm of swamp mosquitoes are attracted to the party, but they never show any signs of aggression.

12) The party discovers a crude, wooden cross, or a fallen tree (with a mushroom growing on it), decorated with two severed hands nailed to it. The skin around the hands is bloated and greenish-blue in color.

13) A deer, completely covered in matted fur, lies in wait by the side of the path. When the party approaches, the deer suddenly charges the party. When the deer is close enough, it leaps into the air, transforming in mid-flight into a large raven then flying away.

14) A flock of ducks, sitting on an algae-covered pond, stare at the party. Their heads move sharply to one side when they spot someone or something out of the corner of their eyes. The ducks immediately fly into the sky when the party steps into their line of sight.

15) Two rotting corpses, missing their heads, are suspended upside down over a small pool. The walls of the pool are covered with a thick moss, and the bottom is soft with sludge.

16) A man-eating plant with many spindly vines and thick leathery leaves, is hanging from a tree branch. The leaves are large, with sharp, barbed thorns.

17) A giant frog, with bulging eyes and greenish-gray skin, floats on the surface of a pond. The frog occasionally spits out a mouth full of water. The frog does not seem to notice the party.

18) Huge, carnivorous, black beetles are crawling around the muddy bank of a stream. The beetles are nearly the size of a human hand, and they’re picking over a dead and decomposing body laying on the ground.

19) A family of raccoons, surrounding a young raccoon, move quickly in the direction of the party. The parent raccoons do their best to protect the young raccoon from harm. The party can see the young raccoon struggling to keep up with the rest of the family.

20) Two boars scurry past the party in a hurry, disappearing into the underbrush.

21) Three large, black swans, paddling quietly in an algae covered pond, stare at the party. The swans do not make any aggressive movements, but they are fiercely protective of the water they call home.

22) A flock of crows, perched on nearby tree branches, squawk and take off suddenly, flying over a nearby pond. The crows are alarmed because they have spotted a large, flesh-eating black beetle slowly patrolling the shore of the pond.

23) A large, black, bipedal beetle, with yellowed teeth, clamps its mandibles around the head of a small deer. The beetle viciously devours the deer, ignoring the party.

24) A group of dogs, all of them the same breed and size, get into a scrap. The dogs bite and tear at each other until one of them falls to the ground, unable to get back up. The others stop fighting and loudly bark at the fallen dog, and frantically run around it, trying to help their friend.

25) The sound of metal scraping against rock, as the party moves down the trail, attracts an excited mink. The mink pops out of a shallow pond, preparing to attack the party. The mink is not impressed by any opposition.

26) A family of raccoons, carrying heavy sticks, defends their home against the party. The young raccoon, previously seen by the party, is nowhere to be found.

27) A swarm of bright red insects, with green wings, flies around in a frenzy and lands on the soft, mushy ground. The insects immediately begin to feast on the carrion.

28) A flock of ducks, nervously pecking at the ground as they follow the party, suddenly takes off and flies away.

29) A mated pair of deer, quietly grazing on a patch of fresh grass, calmly gaze at the party. A nearby patch of fresh grass, however, is disturbed. It’s clear to the party that two intruders are hiding in the dense undergrowth.

30) A group of carrion beetles are crawling along a rotting log. As the party passes by, the beetles pause and stare at the party.

31) A black bear, digging energetically with her forepaws in a small patch of land, suddenly looks up at the party. The bear stops digging, and looks at the party with its mouth open and its tongue lolling out. The bear is delighted to have some new friends. This bear was tamed long ago. Old and frail, it can’t help much in a fight, but it will follow the party if fed.

32) An enormous, man-shaped bird, with a sharp beak and long curling feathers that resemble a cocks tail, takes off from a tree branch and flies over a wide pool of water.

33) The party is nearly scared out of their wits when a group of dogs, running in a pack, erupt out of the underbrush and start barking at them. If the party has food, the dogs surge forward and beg for a treat.

34) A group of swans, paddling through a misty pond, take off and fly away. The sound of flapping wings is all that remains to suggest that the swans were ever there in the first place. They are extremely shy and do not make any aggressive movements.

35) A large black beetle, three feet long, with a greenish-blue glimmer, flies in the direction of the party. When the beetle is close enough, it transforms into a large raven and suddenly flies away.

36) A pack of large, spotted dogs, with short hair, is digging up a dead raccoon. The dogs are attracted to the smell of the decaying carcass.

37) The party stumbles across a tree trunk in the middle of the trail which is being used as a bridge by an extremely large serpent, easily twenty feet long, sliding its way across the swamp.

38) A black snake slithers down from a tree branch. The snake bites one of the party members as it falls back to the ground.

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39) Loud croaking noises are heard coming from a nearby patch of reeds. The sound of splashing water is heard shortly afterwards. An enormous toad, more than ten feet long, jumps out of the water and lands on a nearby branch. The toad is seeking a meal.

40) A single yellow-crowned night heron, standing on the shore of a large pool of water, gently pecks at a fish. Suddenly, the heron takes off and flies away.

41) A mated pair of otters, carrying a large fish back to their den, takes note of the party. The otters’ smiles fade as the party approaches. They run off, returning the fish to the water.

42) A group of snapping turtles, three feet long, are sleeping in the sun. The turtles make a snapping motion with their three-foot long jaws, as the party passes.

43) A slow moving, black, serpentine creature, nearly twenty feet long, gently slides its way through the water, leaving a trail of tiny bubbles and aquatic debris in its wake.

44) A flock of coots, a species of waterfowl, gently swim across a shallow pond. The party hears a loud squawk and as the coots clear the water from their sight, the party sees a large black bird, with a strong beak, flying away.

45) Several large alligators, each one close to fifteen feet long, are resting in the sun. The alligators stare at the party with their cold, reptilian eyes.

46) A large black rat with a long tail and tiny sharp teeth suddenly pops out of a hole in the ground. The rat scampers into some nearby bushes.

47) A porpoise leaps out of the water. The porpoise rolls over and over in the air before landing back in the water.

48) A small group of frogs, sitting on the water’s edge, sit silently and watch the party as they walk by.

49) A group of lizards, three feet long, armed with sharp teeth and claws, pounce out of the dense underbrush. One of the lizards is the size of a lizard; the other two are twice its size.

50) A group of squirrels, with bushy tails and fierce beady red eyes, scurry silently through the underbrush and race past the party.

51) A small, grey, horse-like creature leaps out of the water. The creature gallops quickly up a sandy bank, and disappears into the underbrush. The creature is likely a gatori.

52) A flock of seagulls, squawking loudly, fly out of the salty ocean and land, one by one, on the coast of the swamp. The guulls take off again, and circle above the party.

53) A group of more than twenty turtles, large and small, are laying on the ground. The turtles all share one rather scary feature: each one is missing a leg. The party can see that the leg is missing because of several puncture wounds. It is likely that a group of raccoons or another predator is responsible.

54) Two male deer, having a violent altercation, are fighting with their antlers. The fight is over a doe.

55) The sound of crunching bones is heard from across the swamp. A group of hill giants are fighting over three dead alligators. The party can easily sneak by.

56) A loud “swoosh” noise is heard behind the party and suddenly the smell of burning leather fills their nostrils. Apparently, one of the party members has accidentally walked into a half-flaming log.

57) A group of walking trees, with brown, rotted-out bark, are seen standing on the edge of the swamp. The trees suddenly turn to look at the party. One of the trees makes a loud screeching noise with its mouth.

58) A huge, bright red bird, with long wings, lands on a nearby branch. The bird plants itself firmly on the branch, bowing deeply at the party.

59) The party sees a large tree, with misshapen, pale-green leafs, on the edge of a small patch of grass. The tree, with a large trunk and pointed branches, has its roots planted in the ground. It lurches up and falls to the ground, hitting a patch of dry leaves that instantly catch on fire. The tree, now a burning torch, slowly lumbers away from the party.

60) A group of white-tail deer, feeding in a patch of tall grass, take note of the party.

61) Three doppelgangers, assuming the forms of animals, are walking through the swamp. The doppelgangers split up to cover more ground.

62) A group of moles, with pink, puffy eyes, and long, slender claws, pop out of the ground. The moles begin digging a tunnel.

63) The party hears the sounds of someone vomiting in the distance. The party discovers a half-orc, bent over and violently vomiting, on the edge of the swamp.

64) A group of deer, startled by the party’s appearance, run away.

65) The party hears a loud thrashing; the group turns to see a large, white snake, five feet long, slithering through the water.

66) A group of flying lizards, three to four feet long, have a nest on a branch. The lizards pick some berries, and then leave.

67) A group of snails, with shiny shells and long tentacles, moves slowly across the water.

68) A frog doesn’t have time to hide before a group of hungry ducks crash into the water. The ducks catch the frog and gobble it down whole.

69) A group of small birds, with long beaks, are seen eating some berries.

70) A group of ducks, with large webbed feet and sharp eyes, are flying towards the party.

71) Two human males stumble out from behind nearby trees. They appear to be three sheets to the wind. One of the humans sings a song with coarse lyrics and lots of “bastards,” while the other one grunts when the singing stops.

72) A snake, three feet long, lands in the water, and swims away.

73) A nearby tree has a rope tied to its trunk. Close to the tree, the party sees a man’s body, with two arrows in his back.

74) A group of four turtles, four feet long, are hiding in the underbrush of a nearby bush.

75) A flock of birds, with large, prominent eyes, are seen flying around a nearby tree.

76) A rabbit, hopping on the ground, suddenly notices the party. The rabbit hops over to a nearby thicket.

77) A group of twelve barrels, stacked in a pyramid and full of fish, stand, their owner one of the dead  bodies in another encounter.

78) The party hears a loud crash as nearby trees fall to the ground. The party spots a male elf, with a large sword, hacking away at trees. His name is Ronni, and he is an escaped slave. Ronni will offer to join the party.

79) A group of raccoons, with pink eyes and sharp claws, are rummaging through the shell of a nearby turtle.

80) A group of faeries, coins in their hands, are flying away, laughing.

81) A lone gator, twelve feet long, is sunning itself, sitting on the bank of a river.

82) A group of ravens, with large beaks and sinister eyes, are hovering over a patch of grass. The ravens spot the party and fly away.

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83) A group of frogs, with slimy skin and slimy legs, are hopping away from the party.

84) The party hears the sound of someone whistling. The party discovers a young half-elf, with silver hair, wandering around; he is unaware of the party. The half-elf will ask the party for directions to civilization.

85) A group of rats, tiny and squeaky, are exploring nearby bushes.

86) A group of bats, tiny and black, are sleeping in a cave.

87) The party hears a loud splash as a nearby alligator jumps into the water.

88) A group of snakes, long and thin, are sunning themselves on the ground.

89) The party hears the sounds of a loud argument from a nearby area. The argument is between a group of kobolds and a group of human bandits. The kobolds will not be in the swamp long;

90) A group of brown hounds, with long muzzles, are chasing a squirrel.

91) A family of raccoons, with dark pelts and pinched looks, are scavenging for food.

92) A group of bears, two females and one male, all with charcoal fur and white snouts, are relaxing near a river.

93) A group of bats, with large, leathery wings, fly quickly away.

94) A group of wolves, with dark fur and bright eyes, are howling in unison in the distance.

95) A group of spiders, with red abdomens and eight legs, are scurrying up a nearby tree.

96) A group of white owls, with large black eyes, are resting in a nearby hollow log.

97) The players hear the sound of panpipes, music from the birds, coming from nearby swamp. A group of pixies, with pointed ears and green hair, are playing nearby. The pixies will become upset if the party tries to harm them.

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98) A group of mosquitoes are buzzing around the party.

99) Two red birds are sitting on a nearby rock.

100) A group of red squirrels, with large bushy tails, are running in the branches of an oak tree.

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